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myks – Storm

“A most fitting title for a deeply emotional song that carries you with faith and virtuosity through the vision of passing storms and tribulations. A haunting, repetitive piano, a heart gripping, lamenting trumpet with accents of hope, distant nature like effects, together they create a strong, cinematic, memorable experience.”

We have all been trough a few storms during our lifetime. Standing in the midst of difficult things does occasionally make it difficult to put words to describe your feelings and this track is a result of such circumstances. This song tells a story, from the first breath of wind, through the storm and out on the other side. With the amazing Espen Westbye on trumpet this track tries to tell this story in an interesting way that makes the listener come back for more.

Angelo Nicola Giuliano x Luca Mazzillo – Beyond the mind

“As its title reveals, this classic beauty can overcome the borders of human mind and offer a connection link with the divine. You can directly feel a stream of vibrating frequencies, penetrating the ears and reaching deep into the soul! Don't miss it.”

Roman Wróblewski x Weronika Kulpa x BlauBird – Lamento

“In an intensely dramatic atmosphere and passionate style, three artists express their opposition to the war. Seize this opportunity to enjoy a great combination of piano, cello and vocal performance of another level that won’t leave you unaffected.”

“Lamento” is an inter-linguistic journey into the depths of one of the oldest traditions of lament. “There, among our memories, among the fragments of songs, words, and prayers we carry with us, is that which is sacred, our love, our humanity, and our ability to live one more day, to try to love always.” The main inspiration was words written in the Jerusalem Talmud: “Latin is adapted for war, the language of the host country for hymns, Hebrew for discussion, and Aramaic for lamentation.”

Gianni Brezzo – Rising Of My Mind

“Pretty measured Rhythm Nu Jazz, which merges into a single palette of sounds - live tools, pulsation of deep bass, soft melody and the state of complete calm. There is everything you need for a good pastime. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Довольно размеренный ритм Nu Jazz, который сливается в единую палитру звуков – живой инструментарий, пульсации глубоких басов, мягкая мелодия и состояние полного спокойствия. Здесь есть всё, что нужно для хорошего времяпрепровождения.”

Third single from Gianni Brezzo LP “Tutto Passa” is the stunning, swirling, thematic track “Rising Of My Mind”.

Layers of harmonized brass, flutes, percussion ebb & flow, bubbling up to the acoustic surface like sonic ripples effortlessly bursting from Gianni’s auditory palette. Only crescendoing more than 2 minutes in, “Rising Of My Mind” is on that finest jazz tip, raising Gianni’s musical caliber into the skies.

"Tutto Passa" is a promising album with a sonic wave similar to some Matthew Halsall, Surprise Chef, El Michels Affair and BadBadNotGood all rolled into a beautifully luscious, career-defining work.

Stream / Pre-order:

Full album available May 6 via Jakarta Records.

Sonic Yogi – Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

“We begin with deep breathing. A swan extending its wings on a misty morning upon the shimmering pond of dreams. A voice carries us across as the natural shamanic beat embracing us warmly. A new day, a new life, we enter. ”

Intended for yoga or prelude to meditation. his is from the album "Breath into Being" to be released Feb. 2022 – This track featuring the lead vocals of Jeannine Scarpino (yoga teacher/vocalist). This track was recorded after a yoga class where I accompanied Jeannine's practice musically.

The album offering is based on many of the "live" online meditations that I offered in 2021 on the Insight Timer meditation app and Youtube.

Snatam Kaur – Ang Sang Waaheguru

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Melody with a shade of mysticism, for the amazing beauty of the vocals here sounds such a stunning challenge that it’s just a pleasure to listen and enjoy. Music that can be admired to infinity. Meditation in your original form!”

“Мелодия с оттенком мистицизма, ибо удивительной красоты вокал здесь звучит таким потрясающим тембром, что просто одно удовольствие слушать и наслаждаться. Музыка, которой можно восхищаться до бесконечности. Медитация в своём первозданном виде!”

Another powerful, transcendent song from Snatam! Sung in the sacred language of Gumukhi, the words Ang Sang Waaheguru mean, “In every cell and every limb and every fiber is the miracle of the Divine.” Deep and transcendent, the track begins with Snatam devotedly singing a poem by Guru Arjan that describes how to approach the mantra to come to a place of profound harmony and happiness. The music swells at 3:15, as the track grows into a spirited rendition of the mantra, underscored by exquisite tabla rhythms.

The world-renowned, devotional singer, musician, teacher, and author is known for her stirring, luminous voice and insightful Kundalini Yoga teachings. “Ang Sang Waaheguru”, out on Be Why Music, the track is from Snatam’s upcoming album Nirankaar, out May 13.

Snatam Kaur will embark on her Into the Light Tour in May with summer concert dates across Europe, the UK, and Israel. The tour corresponds to the release of Snatam’s 16th major album, Nirankaar, and a new Mantra and Meditation workshop series she is teaching live during the tour on Kirtan and Kundalini, her online school, and on YouTube. Snatam’s touring band includes Ram Dass (piano and vocals), Grecco Buratto (guitar and vocals), and Sukhmani, (percussion and vocals), the same extraordinary musicians who collaborated with her on Nirankaar.

An alternate version of the single will be released as a companion track on April 8, the third in Snatam’s newly launched music library, Mantra and Meditation, for students and practitioners. “Ang Sang Waaheguru Meditation” is for meditative chanting of this mantra. Snatam will teach an online workshop on the deeper meanings of this transformative mantra on April 13 at 1pm Eastern in her school of sacred music and yoga, Kirtan and Kundalini. For more information and registration, visit

Snatam has also released singles “Soul Prayer” and “Akaal” off her album Nirankaar.

Brian Field – String Quartet No. 1: II. —

“One would like to compare the melody of the violins with the singing of two invisible, but also tangible souls, who were lost in the commotion of events that were out of their control. Feel a little tension inside. This is your heart that speaks to you. Feel something crying inside you. It is your soul, trying to reach you.”

“Мелодию скрипок так и хочется сравнить с пением двух невидимых, но таких осязаемых душ, которые потерялись в суете неподвластных им событий. Почувствуйте лёгкое напряжение внутри. Это с вами говорит ваше сердце. Почувствуйте, как что-то плачет там, внутри. Это до вас пытается достучаться ваша душа.”

Bonsai Mammal – Blue in Green – Ambionic Remix

“Dive deeply in a sea of analogue synth samples, groovy patterns and Tribal atmosphere. This is the call of "Bonsai Mammal" which you cannot ignore. Its wide pads and hypnotizing vocals can further push you in this trip. Don't miss it!”

Jimmy Harry also known as Bonsai Mammal is no stranger to the scene. From successful productions for the likes of Autograf (You Might Be), Felix Jaehn (Book Of Love) to his originals, He continues to showcase his ability to produce and compose in a unique and distinctive, range of styles.

His new release Blue In Green (Ambionic Remix) Is a journey through Cool Jazz and Japanese Classical music swimming in a sea of minimal beats, moody pads and analogue synths will keep you swaying from side to side, hoping that the track will never end.

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