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La Need Machine – Killer Instinct

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“Fast paced song, with a great groove. Vocals are so good, specially the female one, that brings so much power with the chorus line. Electric guitar solo part is amazing, as well as the the bass layered one. Saxophone part is subtle, but really adds the mood within the song. ”

This song released by: Lead Backed Vinyl Records

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A Days Wait – Same Sense

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“Layers of guitar themes in this song will definitely left the mark while listening. Everything is somehow played and arranged around them. Vocals and smooth groove fits so great with other instruments. So well produced song with a great flow. ”

This song released by: Fall Back Plan Record

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Scott Rill, Plurr – Glow (feat. Stefan Celar)

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“The nostalgic atmosphere Synthwave with a rich barrel, which is trying to focus on the dynamics of the track. The melody shines and shines in the rays of its own spotlights, and the tube flair drives a huge dose of dopamine under your skin. This is the case when music serves as a real drug for your soul!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Ностальгическая атмосфера Synthwave с насыщенной бочкой, которая пытается сделать акцент на динамике трека. Мелодия светится и сияет в лучах собственных прожекторов, а ламповый флёр загоняет вам под кожу огромную дозу дофамина. Это тот самый случай, когда музыка служит настоящим наркотиком для вашей души!”

Metrolight – Stranger from Strangeland

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“The track that bursts into your consciousness with its colorful, melodic component and drives crazy the organic rhythm of the Synthpop genre. The sounds of vintage synthesizers, soft percussion and transparent, like water vocals. Such works forever settle in memory, leaving behind a good impression.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек, который врывается в ваше сознание своей красочной, мелодичной составляющей и сводит с ума органичным ритмом жанра Synthpop. Звуки винтажных синтезаторов, мягкая перкуссия и прозрачный, как вода вокал. Подобные работы навсегда оседают в памяти, оставляя после себя приятное впечатление.”

Sin Cos Tan – More Than I Can Love

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“In this Synthpop track, many of you will meet the familiar sounds of the old synthesizers of the 80s, with which -sin cos tan synthesized such a tube track and made it possible to make a time jump.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В этом Synthpop треке многие из вас встретят знакомые звуки старых синтезаторов 80-ых годов, с помощью которых -Sin Cos Tan- синтезировал такой ламповый трек и дал возможность совершить прыжок во времени. ”

”You Again” was the first single taken from the forthcoming Sin Cos Tan album “Living in Fear” and this second single “More Than I Can Love” is a lighthearted burst of energy to kickstart your summer too. Bouncy basslines and a catchy chorus – what more could you ask for?

Finland’s leading electropop duo Sin Cos Tan – comprising of singer-songwriter Juho Paalosmaa and artist/producer Jori Hulkkonen – is releasing its highly anticipated LP after a long hiatus. “You Again” is the first single from their upcoming fourth album.

On their next album “Living in Fear”, the band unleashes its uncompromising sound and energy for a world dealing with chaos and fear. The result is a gem of timeless pop music that proves the duo to be at the peak of their creative powers. Do you fear the dark, love, war, or yourself? Whatever the answer, you can be certain:

Fear is a powerful thing.

Matthew Pelli – She Hides Behind A Smile

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“The beauty of a woman is hiding behind her smile, but it is impossible to hide beautiful music and if she breaks out of the soul of a musician, then the wind spreads her around the world. If you read these lines, then this song performed by -Matthew Pelli is already ready to lull you with New Wave rhythms.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красота женщины прячется за её улыбкой, но красивую музыку спрятать невозможно и если она вырывается из души музыканта, то ветер разносит её по всему миру. Если вы читаете эти строки, значит эта песня в исполнении -Matthew Pelli- уже готова убаюкать вас ритмах New Wave.”

ABY IO – pain n pleasure

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“The new track -aby io- turned out to be very intimate, in the mood of which the organic notes of something mental and at the same time sexual are traced! The poisonous, burning rhythms of Indietronica and Alt Pop are already walking according to your blood flow. Do you feel this tension? Oh yeah! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Новый трек -ABY iO- получился очень интимным, в настроении которого прослеживаются органичные нотки чего-то душевного и одновременно сексуального! Ядовитые, обжигающие ритмы indietronica и alt pop уже гуляют по вашему кровотоку. Вы чувствуете это напряжение? О, да!”

Forenzics x Washington – Unlikely Friend (feat. Washington) (Video)

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“"Unlikely Friend" is one of those works that don't require adaptation, as it's pure music without unnecessary embellishments. The energy of Jazz flows like a warm stream, penetrating into the most secret corners of the human soul and leaving a bright mark there.”

“Это одно из тех произведений, которые не требуют адаптации, это — чистая, без лишних на то прикрас музыка. Энергетика джаза льётся тёплым потоком, проникая в самые потайные уголки человеческой души, оставляя там своей яркий след.”

"New Zealand’s Split Enz disbanded in 1984, but numerous reunions, classical collaborations and re-imaginings have always pulled former members – Neil Finn and Tim Finn among them – back into its orbit. Nothing, however, has been as musically ambitious as Forenzics, Tim and Enz keyboard player Eddie Rayner’s deep delve into the bands earliest days. Taking what the pair refer to as “shades” from tracks such as Walking Down the Road and Matinee Idyll (129) from their 1976, Phil Manzanera – produced LP Second Thoughts, and the later, should have been a hit Give It A Whirl, Finn and Rayner rebuild entirely new songs, alongside seven actual entirely new songs....

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