NORYA – City of Love (Spotify)

“NORYA has just released her new single "City of Love". A very promising House vibe for the dancefloor fans. Enjoy the variety of beat sounds and her charming voice enriched by an echo effect in this endlessly fascinating song.”

Norya is a 24 years old singer, DJ, songwriter and producer. She's part of DeMoga Music team since 2016 and has evolved from a singer to a full music creator. NORYA prepares her first dance album and introduces herself to the world through City Of Love, while preparing her next dope radio single - Idk but ili (I don't Know, but I like it). Her DJ-ing skills have evolved and she has a full one hour set of original songs combined with catchy timeless hooks. Her first song was chosen as a soundtrack of the movie "Faci sau Taci", available on Netflix.