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“A classic dance beat laced with charming highlights and carefully crafted loops and vocals. The groove is addictive and full of bright colors. No sleeping on this one as your body s taken over by the funky breakdowns. Surprising us further with a great voice and proper lyricist skills. ”

“I’m the Boss” is currently playing on terrestrial radio in countries around the globe, including high-profile stations like 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles. Along with lyrics conveying a message of female empowerment, this pop song draws on styles including dance, funk, disco, and rap.

Nothing But Funk x Syndel – Ring My Bell

“A diverse combination of sounds, nu-disco rhythm, beautiful vocal vibrations and a melody setting positive tone. The track turned out to be excellent in all respects and, most importantly, it is nice to listen to it! Your mood is in good hands -Nothing but funk and syndel-. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Разнообразная комбинация звуков, ритм Nu-disco, красивые вокальные вибрации и задающая позитивные тон мелодия. Трек получился во всех отношениях отличным и, что самое главное — его приятно слушать! Ваше настроение в хороших руках -Nothing But Funk и Syndel-.”

Dutch DJ/producer Nothing But Funk and Italian femme fatale Syndel team up to deliver a 21st century version of the classic 'Ring My Bell'. Enchanting, sexy and definitely dance floor driven, Ring My Bell is a song which suits the discotheque just as well as the private after party between two secret lovers. The song will be released as the second single on Disco Tropicana Records - a Dutch disco collective known from festivals such as Paaspop, Pinkpop, Solar Weekend and more.

Per QX – Can’t Find My Way Home – Radio Edit

“There is no limit to perfection in this music and its level of bliss will always accompany you as you listen. This combination of rich groovy EDM and Nu-disco rhythms, warm vocals and solid synth sounds fits in perfectly with the overall atmosphere.”

“В этой музыке нет предела совершенства и уровень блаженства всегда будет сопровождать вас во время прослушивания. В сочетании насыщенного EDM и ламповых ритмов Nu-disco красиво вписывается в общую атмосферу тёплый вокал и жирные звуки синтезаторов.”

Next up on Walk Of Shame Records is a collaboration between Swedish vocal talent May Yamani and the label boss himself, Per QX.

Turning Blind Faith’s hippie classic ‘Can’t Find My way Home’ into a Precious Love-inspired house tune, expect some serious hands-in-air dance vibes this summer.

SeineSation – Muse

“In "Muse" elements that may be in contrast to each other, are connected with great artistry and the result has unpredictable flow. Our favourite Electro & Indie Pop style with a slight retro taste, which will drive you crazy!”

Muse is an ode to the whiplash of emotions that assault you when you meet someone special. It can be overwhelming and drive you literally "insane". The vibe of this song is very unique and raw. It's upbeat but dark, the song is a melting pot of contradictory vibes and genres that are harmonized.

FR3SH TrX x DJ Combo x B.Infinite – Whip It 2K22 – Radio Edit

“Get ready to party with “whip It 2K22”. A super uplifting Disco/House track is just out to shake the dancefloors. Old-school sound, which brings back memories from our past. Nostalgic moments of happiness appear in the mind and you can’t stop listening!”

Seeked & found: 2 producers, 1 DJ & producer, 3 musical visions. B.Infinite, DJ Combo and FR3SH TrX join forces to release ‘Whip It 2K22‘. The release contains a remix in two versions each of FR3SH TrX and DJ Combo as well as the original version of B.Infinite as a radio edit.

While FR3SH TrX chose to interpret the track in NU Disco style, DJ Combo created a classic EDM style version.

No matter what style, this collab of three always has one thing in common: a terrific track that immediately catches your attention and gets your legs moving. Let’s get ready to party!

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Per QX – The Time Is Now – Radio Edit (Spotify)

“Fresh and shinny, this House track carries all the energy that you wish to replenish. When we tend to persue a bright future life, we usually end up losing the present magic. The time for sound enjoyment is now! Will you grab this chance?”

Walk Of Shame's label boss, Per QX, is back with another banger. His recent releases have been supported and featured in the tracklists of none other than The Blessed Madonna, Jamie Jones, Fatboy Slim, Nicole Moudaber, David Penn, Horse Meat Disco, Mark Knight, and Illyus & Barrientos.

"The Time Is Now" is a thumbs-up to anyone who feels they're spending a crazy amount of time worrying about the future instead of enjoying what's in front of them.

Having faced a particularly challenging period himself, Per QX has dedicated this track to all those seeking to let loose again on the dancefloor finally.

SōMuch – Studio 54 (Spotify)

“Who let that funk in? We did and with open arms. Uplifting groove from a way back era that will never cease to be relevant. If this does not uplift your mood you are slim on options. The quality production is on point, never skipping a beat. ”

Studio 54 pays homage to the days of disco and dancing with a free spirit, under the silver light of a glitter ball.

SōMuch is an Italian retro nūvō band of 5 members, based in Bolzano, northern Italy.
SōMuch was born in 2020 just before the pandemic, with the support of Ralph Rolle, drummer for Nile Rodgers and Chic.
After many years of playing together as a cover band (disco music took over in the band’s repertoire and the influence of the 70s and the 80s became the true guide and direction of the band's sound), the need arose to write their own songs that could have a retro flavor but with a new sound.

How did they meet Ralph Rolle?

November 2017 Roby (vocals) – scrolling through her Instagram feed – came across an advertisement: Ralph Rolle, the drummer for Nile Rodgers and Chic, was giving one-to-one classes in England. Roby decided to get a special Christmas gift for Francesco (drummer).
On the 7th of December 2017, Roby and Francesco flew to Manchester, England. They met Ralph and became friends.
October 19, 2019, magic happens. Roby and be Francesco asked Ralph to listen to a demo of a song written by Andrea G. called, "You gave me love". Ralph was literally thrilled by what he heard and asked if he could produce the song. He offered to fly to Italy to produce the track!
The production of the first two tracks, under Ralph Rolle’s guidance began January 2020. After the completion of production of those tracks, the global pandemic broke out and the realization of the album suffered a 20 month setback.
But the pandemic proved to be a musical positive for SōMuch. Great songs were written during the time at home and Ralph returned to Italy once travel was allowed and produced another three tracks for the band. The first track to be released is Studio 54, a dance floor filler that brings listeners back to the iconic New York nightclub. Studio 54 is now available on all streaming platforms.
You will be given the chance to hear more of the music of SōMuch very soon in an E.P. and you will find music that was born, made and produced from the hearts and souls of a group that believes that spreading love and happiness to the world is an absolute must.

What’s next?
The first EP of SōMuch and more new songs to be recorded and hopefully lots of live music.

Members of the band:
Valentina Salvi - vocals
Andrea Giovannini - guitar
Francesco Carli - drums
Roby Creazzo - vocals
Andrea Belloni - bass


“A stunning composition with memorable chorus and measured rhythm. Very melodic, soft and easily listened at any instance anywhere. High-quality R & B with NU-Disco charming elements, personality and special character!”

“Потрясающая композиция с запоминающемся припевом и размеренным ритмом повествования. Очень мелодичная, мягкая и легко слушается в любой атмосфере и в любом месте. Качественное R&B с элементами Nu-disco со своим шармом, индивидуальностью и непревзойденностью!”

‘LOVELIFE’ is packed with love and life.

C4SUAL transports you back to the hey-day of plush 80's disco-

pop. 'LOVELIFE' is a prime example of disco-pop of the 21st century. The funky bassline and sprinkled rhythm guitar will have you reminiscing over top 80s tracks from the likes of Lionel Richie or Luther Vandross.

The debut release from the North Lanarkshire R&B artist delivers a soulful summery energy swaddled with funky electronic accompaniments. Sensual layered vocal runs open the track, and you instantly know you’re in for a treat. Infectiously fun and full of classic swooner attitude, C4SUAL brings a romanticism and flirtiness to the party. His heartfelt lyrics of yearning love, provide a catchy hook bound to spur singalongs, while the groove will encapsulate feet worldwide.

It certainly packs a production punch with 80s inspired keyboard glissandos, syncopated string stabs and jazzy bass rhythms. Co- written and produced with Stuart McInnes [Alex Hobson, EMIAH, Tom Hall, Scott Forshaw], the charismatic pair created this fresh vibrant pop track which is dripping in a subtle swagger. A sign of great things to come.

Husko – Feel The Heat (Spotify)

“New dancefloor dynamite, out now from "Husko". Realize the power of this House vibe which can raise the temperature in hot levels. Steady beat, funky melody and uplifting vocals. What else do you need to start the dance?”

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen – but if you’re fly enough to ‘Feel The Heat’, you’ve got a hot one on your hands. Husko hits a summer house home run slash disco slam dunk, opening with a punkish bassline and then introducing a killer double act that cements the track’s status as absolutely boogiesome. Diva wisdom on vocals - keeping matters pushin’ on but never a pushover - and a gloriously glam Rhodes groove stuffed on soul food, get Husko’s beats cooking, the results earning chef’s kisses all round.

A conqueror of the local scene and now with global gains stacking up nicely, including hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams, Maltese producer Husko has worked his way into the record boxes and onto the hard drives of Amine Edge and DANCE, Dennis Sulta and Annie Mac, who gave strong backing to Husko’s ‘One Night Stand’ on her weekend-starting BBC Radio 1 show. Husko’s hold on house has seen him open live for the likes of Patrick Topping, Mark Knight and Mella Dee, and serve up club essentials for Toolroom Records, Glasgow Underground and CUFF.

Earlier this year Husko released ‘Love Can’ on Be Yourself Music, a pure piece of uplifting house showing his commitment to keeping core dance music values alive. Such attention to the groove means Malta’s main man is guaranteed a warm reception wherever he goes.

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