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The Connecting Dots – Dream Lover (Video)

“There’s always a new and fantastic creation for those who know how to look for the best sound. “Dream lover” offers a dose of nostalgic Indie Electronic gold that travels back and fills with an energetic power. The Sweedish artist duo has also enriched their work with super singing that exceeds our expectations!”

The Connecting Dots are based in Stockholm, Sweden, and make beautiful songs about life and longing, memories and big city dreams.

Kayex – Mindless (Spotify)

“We know what is in your music collections of songs that lift you up, and the new single -Mindless- is one of them. The pulsating rhythm of nu-disco, expressive bass line and the authentic sound of a drum machine making this joyful. ”

“Мы знаем, что есть в ваших музыкальных коллекциях композиции, которые поднимают вам настроение и новый сингл -Mindless- один из них. Пульсирующий ритм nu-disco, выразительная басовая линия и аутентичный звук драм-машины.”

Australia has such a rich pedigree of indie electronic acts and Kayex represent a new generation. Their music has that perfect fusion of pumping club tones and rock cool. Having already graced festival stages and garnered millions of streams, lifelong friends Palassi Kailis and Tom Derickx are maturing as an act and as songwriters.

Early this year, Tom and Palassi unexpectedly met urban street dancing pioneer Darrio Phillips. Captivated by his energy, Phillips became the motive for the new Kayex single Mindless, which takes listeners on a journey through the eyes of a man who lived in an era where dance ruled the world; “....Inspired by his never-growing-up attitude, we wrote Mindless. Though the song is written about a fictional character, we believe the piece is a depiction of Darrio's exciting mindset and attitude towards life.” Romantically textured with elements of robo-rock and disco over a powerful house groove, Mindless is an effortless amalgam by an act who have truly found their feet.

Gilligan Moss – Special Thing (Spotify)

“Gilligan Moss deliver a really "special thing". Original House vibe with some disco elements. Prototype ideas carefully presented and catchy title for the majority of listeners outhere.”

“Special Thing,” was written as an ode to our French predecessors - robots and monoliths alike. There’s something deeply hypnotic about a filtered vocal loop and chord progression, but it can sometimes feel like trying to bottle lightning. Simple songs are often the hardest, and in true collaborative fashion it’s a tune that Ben rescued from Evan’s trash pile - we’re glad he did. Grab yourself an ice cold ‘Pfizer and head down to the beach to listen to this one.

The 80s Kid – Roots (Spotify)

“The single -Roots- combines the mood and atmosphere of the late '70s with early '80s. classic synthesizer sounds, modern processed drums, bass and a unique voice from -The 80s Kid-. This music will never go unnoticed!”

“Сингл -Roots- соединяет в себе настроение и атмосферу конца 1970-х и начала 1980-х годов. Синтезированные звуки уже ставшими классикой синтезаторов, обработка современными ударными и басом и уникальный и такой искренний голос -The 80s Kid-. Такая музыка никогда не останется незамеченной!”

It’s hard to come across well-executed modern remakes of classic 80’s music, but The 80’s Kid - or James, as his friend knows him - is a major exception. Besides it being in the name, 80’s music it’s clearly in the blood of this incredibly talented, Swedish individual.‘Roots’, his new single - exemplifies this throughout. With Bee Gee’s like vocals, seductive synth pads, and uplifting guitar melodies set record to be played all throughout the summer. Despite this only being his sixth released record, The 80’s Kid has had his fair share of experience in the music industry. His most popular record, ‘You Get It But You Don’t’ amassed an incredible 50,000 streams on Spotify alone, remixed by Warner Music Group producer Penthox - who has amassed multi-millions of streams online. He hopes you enjoy his new single and looks forward to seeing the success his music generates over the years to come.

Wave Point – Feeling (Spotify)

“What comes after a tiring day? Some kind of favourite music of course! Imagine a natural scenery by the beach with some colours of the setting Sun in the horizon. This is the absolute Disco "Feeling". A perfect track just in time.”

For his third release under his new moniker Wave Point, Bryan Jones brings listeners “Feeling”, an upbeat track that features live instruments from six different session musicians. The record, which is available on all streaming platforms March 19, sees Jones layer bright horns and grooving strings over popping percussion sounds. A cheerful cut fitting for a sunrise set by the beach, “Feeling” is a slice of paradise in waveform.

Moodssupply – Touch (Spotify)

“"Moodssupply" brings the original Disco atmosphere directly into your... House! Are you a retromaniac? Maybe someone who has never grown up? You are not alone! "Touch" is all you were waiting for. Put on your headphones and travel back in time.”

It's time for love! Breaking through social distancing with our “Touch”, an old-school soulful disco track that will make you go hmmm! A touch of good old strings & horns to fuel that classic vibe right into your system, with powerhouse vocals to burn the dance floor up and fill your heart with natural high and make your spine shiver. This tasty track is jet another stone in the lake to pebble our way back to the dance floor where once the magic happened. Surely we'll meet you there again soon!

Moodssupply is a Dutch Studio Experience Extravaganza, using studio musicians from all over the world to compose songs. Mike Chandon is the producer, creates lyrics & rhymes and performs all male vocals. For completion, Mastering sound engineer and producer Noah Bryce adds his magic during Post-Production and Mastering, developing our unique Moodssupply sound.

Pastel Boy – Water (Spotify)

“Pastel Boy with his new electro fascinating pop - Water - please us with his solid production and a melodic groove flow that is hard to resist, like the power of water. Thirsty for good pop? Try Water from Pastel Boy! ”

‘Water’ is the debut release from queer artist Pastel Boy, a slinky number detailing the feeling of craving someone so much it’s a necessity, with laid back delivery giving space for the listener to bop to. A collaboration with DefStarz, ‘Water’ is the first of many releases from the UK-based artist, with a full length project being released later this year.

Pastel Boy is an emerging pop/synth-pop artist based in Leeds, UK. The introspective musician is poised to make waves with his unparalleled sound and vivid style, inspired by life, love, and heartbreak, pushing the envelope with his sound and creating a well-rounded, dynamic style. The queer artist seeks to connect intimately through his lyricism and have people dance and escape through his music, having listeners engulfed in the musical world he creates with his words and sounds.

Surrounded by the song-crafting of Glass Animals & Oscar Scheller, the vocals limitless of Caroline Polachek & Kimbra, the emotionally lyricism of Lily Allen & No Doubt and the production techniques of Gorillaz & Toro Y Moi, Pastel Boy’s eclectic taste has inspired the music he creates and imagery he conjures. Through his emotion-filled music and ability to paint a picture with his words, Pastel Boy is ready to tell his story while keeping us dancing, through bouncy rhythms and smooth instrumentation.

Young-Borra – U Get What U Pay 4 (Spotify)

“We can't resist at one more Nu-disco candy as the crystal synthesizer loops fill the air with energy bubbles! Don't miss this fabulous dancing vibe from Young-Borra. Truly special and proffessional.”

— NYC-based Young-Borra shares his latest offering “U Get What U Pay 4” on Casablanca Sunset Records.

Born in the Bronx and raised in New York City, Jonas Young-Borra (AKA Young-Borra) is today’s answer to yesterday’s pop-star. He believes in quality over quantity in a world that is flooded with the latter. He listens more than he speaks and speaks more when he needs to. He is well-informed and he is a much-needed character in a character business.

His new single, “U Get What U Pay 4” is an anthemic 80s-esque tune that features uplifting instrumentation highlighted by infectious sing-a-long vocals, groovy up-tempo rhythm, and dangerously energetic synth melodies. The song is also highlighted by an explosive guitar solo in the second half recorded by the legendary New York-based guitarist Paul Pesco. Pesco is best known for penning a portion of the guitar arrangement in Madonna’s “Lucky Star” and C+C Music Factory’s jock-jam “Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now),” in addition to working closely with a number of superstars like Hall & Oates, Jennifer Lopez and more.

As a singer-songwriter and artist, Young-Borra is no stranger to working alongside talented musicians. “U Get What U Pay 4” was produced by the NYC-based producer Alex Suarez (AKA LEFTI) who is known for his involvement in the band Cobra Starship. Borra's father is a jazz musician who played saxophone with a number of artists including shows with Phoebe Legere and Huey Lewis & the News. His mother was also a talented Broadway actress/singer.

Recently doubling down on his artist career, Borra draws from his previous work experience as an event curator, DJ, doorman and promoter in some of New York’s best clubs. Many of these experiences influence the context of his music and lyrical input; nightlife, heartbreak, striving for love and success, relationships, sex, parties, breakups, makeups and living under the bright lights of the big city. Now, after several years of creating, producing and fine-tuning his sound, Young-Borra is releasing his original material; ushering in a new wave of music to accompany the start of the new decade. Look out!


Highschool Jacob – Open Sickness (Spotify)

“Funk and Nu-disco has long been a favorite of many music charts. And the music Highschool Jacob no exception. New single Open Sickness filled with vintage sound of analog and digital synthesizers, drum machine and quality samples.”

“Funk и Nu-disco уже давно стали фаворитами многих музыкальных хит-парадов. И музыка Highschool Jacob не исключение. Новый сингл Open Sickness наполнен винтажным звучанием аналоговых и цифровых синтезаторов, драм-машиной и качественными семплами.”

Los Angeles' Highschool Jacob is ready to share his highly awaited single "Open Sickness," the fourth release from his "HSJ 2020" collection. The series of singles each come with a corresponding video game (yes video game!) and have garnered praise from tastemakers worldwide.

The alternative-pop project based out of Los Angeles was started with the intention to combine elements from modern pop and R&B. Inspired by art pop, indie rock, and nu-disco, Highschool Jacob (HSJ) continuously delivers music that is both deeply personal and sonically riveting. Having mastered retro-inspired jams, HSJ shares feel-good music influenced by our favorite parts of the '70s and '80s.

"breezy, funky, alt-pop single du jour" - EARMILK

"HighSchool Jacob's retro synth soundscape is a breath of fresh air amongst the sea of hip hop and grunge" - Atwood Magazine

"full of soulful synths that pair well with its downtempo beat." - mxdwn

"Nostalgic in name and in sound this song hits all the notes." - Beat Lab Academy

"It's not hard to understand the magnetism to this curious alt-pop act." - The Music Ninja

HSJ takes it back to his roots with the gorgeous indie-pop tune "Open Sickness." A memorable guitar melody opens the track and leads you into soaring harmonies and echoing verses swirling in a dreamy, synth-laden soundscape. This elevated-ballad is an ode to moving on and accepting responsibility; Highschool Jacob embraces the hard conversations we need to have with ourselves in the wake of emotional grief.

He explains, "This song was written after a difficult conversation with an ex on a cold winter day in New York City when I was crushed with the realization that she had undoubtedly moved on. I began writing the song focused on how sorry I felt for myself, but then I realized I was the reason for the circumstances in the first place. How dare I approach someone I had been apart from for so long and expect them to feel the same way I did? How dare I meet their emotional maturity with tears? Often these sort of songs (especially from the male perspective) look to demonize and shift blame to the other person, and I wanted to draw attention to how that is often not the case. I wanted to write the angry breakup song where my ex was some crazy mean girl and make myself the victim, but in the end it was my fault. I couldn't make her the bad guy no matter how hard I tried."

Tastemakers like Atwood Magazine, Earmilk, and mxdwn have supported the project from the start and HSJ has climbed HypeMachine charts hitting the #1 Spot on the Popular Charts. Additionally, he has been featured on coveted Spotify playlists like Fresh Finds and more.

With every single release, Highschool Jacob and creative collaborator Jack Herzog created a flash game available on the Highschool Jacob website to coincide with the single release, giving listeners a chance to further dive into the world and ideas wrapped into each song. Inspired by vintage video game advertising, they carried that theme over to the artwork for each track release as well. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting quarantine, HSJ realized that everyone could use some fun until life gets back to normal.

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Eric Blake – Dance With Me (Video)

“With a top notch groove melodic catchy line, which mixed/mastered in a right way to stomp the dance floors. Layered with a right and beautiful minimal way to give space to the upbeat, positive soulful vocal performance of Eric Blake, inviting us to an endlessly fascinating dancing. ”

This is pure, undiluted disco deliciousness, delivered with panache by newcomer Eric Blake. The song delivers a cheerful disco-ready bassline just in time for the holiday

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