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Waldo Witt – Love Like A Fire

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“Hot and burning rhythms Nu-Disco, a nostalgic melody and a state of love that will not leave you throughout the track. One of those works in which an important message is concluded for everyone who is in love or those who are still in search of the second half.” (Automatically Translated)

“Горячие и обжигающие ритмы Nu-disco, ностальгическая мелодия и состояние любви, которое не покинет вас на протяжении всего трека. Одна из тех работ, в которой заключён важный посыл для всех, кто влюблён или тех, кто ещё в поисках второй половинки.”

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Supertaste x Lazywax – Spins (Lazywax Remix)

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“Some perfect funk vibes can be heard here. Production is top notch, even thou it sounds like it came from the 80’s disco era. Vocals are well edited, with soft effects, just to add the atmosphere, love the piano theme/lead in the middle, amazing arrangement. ”

Per QX – Bottom to the Top feat Suki Soul

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“Symphonic parts, specially strings are so good. Pure cinematic experience with superb house groove. Amazing bass line, lush synth color. Vocals are beautiful, reminded me of En Vogue in singing style even with a totally different style of music, this song must go on repeat. ”

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Ace Buchannon – Breathe

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“The master of electronic “Ace Buchannon” continues to spread wonderful sound and once again attracted our attention. Characteristic synth lines are craftfully binded with vintage elements to create a Nu-disco atmosphere. Music which brings fresh air of support and confidence in tough moments.”

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Sweet Tempest – Giving It Up

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“Can’t get enough of this modern return to synth wave, sound of the 80’s that brought electronic music to mainstream world. Love the melodies here, so old school, so well produced. Same goes with all the vocals, that are filled with beautiful arp sounds, amazing song. ”

“Giving It Up” is the disco anthem of the early autumn that will bring all the cool kids to the big cities on the dance floors together. Drenched in 80s synths rewired for the 2020s SWEET TEMPEST created a giddy yet romantic track.

Francis Aud – Used To

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“"Francis Aud" strikes with a groovy Nu-disco production, made for all broken hearts out there. Alive and kicking rhythm, addictive bassline and vocals that easily catch your attention. Another gem for your music collection.”

“Used To” is a cheeky and groovy anthem for all of the broken hearts out there realizing that they’re the best their ex will ever have. Existing in the same sonic space as Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” and Amber Mark’s “Dance Alone” what “Used To” lacks in bravado, it more than makes up for in confident lyric delivery and swagger along with polished and slick production. With a catchy hook, infectious harmonies, and one of the grooviest basslines you’ve ever heard, “Used To” was made to dance to.

Sam Divine x Kormak – I Want You

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“The atmosphere of Nu-Disco and House music and a pulsating rhythm awaken in fantasy one single desire-to love and be loved. There is everything in the track to wake up at any time of the day and dissolve your consciousness in the rays of this positive and kind track!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Атмосфера Nu-disco и House музыки и пульсирующий ритм пробуждают в фантазии одно единственное желание — любить и быть любимым. В треке есть всё, чтобы разбудить в любое время суток и растворить ваше сознание в лучах этого позитивного и доброго трека!”

London sensation Sam Divine teams up w/ Sydney artist Kormak on debut single for Insomniac Records, a brooding piano house jam marked by fervent vocal croons and subdued house groove.

Bobby Marks – Run Wild

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“The Hyperpop genre has one feature - an incredible bass line on which absolutely the entire track is built. Add here a little nu-disco, sweet vocals -Bobby marks- and a beautiful melodic party and before you a hit of this season!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“У жанра Hyperpop есть одна особенность — невероятная бас линия, на которой построен абсолютно весь трек. Добавьте сюда немного Nu-disco, сладкого вокала -Bobby Marks- и красивую мелодическую партию и перед вами хит этого сезона!”

Growing up as a closeted gay kid, Bobby Marks has never been satisfied with leading a dull life. With his music career now taking off, Bobby has a a new collection of cerebral pop songs that offer more than meets the eye.

Coming up in the industry during the pandemic, Bobby's first performance was an online showcase in front of 22,000 viewers. He followed that up with two performances as a hologram - once opening for Migos during their latest album release show, the second at SXSW.

Now Bobby is back with his latest single, "Run Wild" - a shining example of why pop should be taken seriously.

The track immediately opens with a pulsing beat physically moving you along with the opening line, "I'd run a marathon to get to your body". It's a club anthem that provides the perfect soundtrack for winning over the one you've been eyeing across the dance floor.

As Bobby elaborates:

I released a song in 2020 called "Perfect For You", about meeting someone I was really into, but I was way too insecure to try and talk to. I think "Run Wild" is an answer to that. I'm not afraid to approach a guy like that anymore; I know what I want and I care more about getting it than about any of my personal flaws. It's dripping in confidence, and that's what yields success to me. I want people to feel this way when they listen to "Run Wild". It's a straightforward come-on to someone breathtakingly sexy. When you see that person in the middle of the club, you need to throw caution to the wind and shoot your shot. When you really want something, you can apply this kind of blind confidence to anything.

A singer, songwriter, and producer, Bobby Marks does it all. Growing up in a small suburban town and unable to be his authentic self, writing maximalist, fun tunes was his way to escape. This was the beginning of his journey in music.

He studied at Berklee College of Music where he spent years honing processes he began as a nine year old kid with a dream. This joy in finding his voice is tangible in his music. It's not a Bobby Marks song if there isn't a catchy chorus. He's not for album fillers - it is all about that fine-tuned pop perfection on every track.

And with his recent success working with other artists, Bobby Marks is ready to make a name for himself with his most personal music to date.

Crystal Rose – Thought I’d Say

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“-Crystal rose- created a beautiful sound canvas, in which the rhythm and melody of downTempo and nu-disco create a single and monolithic space of sound. Absolutely irreal sound, plunging into which you can melt as if in your pipe dreams.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Crystal Rose- создала красивое звуковое полотно, в котором ритм и мелодия Downtempo и Nu-disco создают единое целое и монолитное пространство звука. Абсолютно ирреальное звучание, погружаясь в которое можно растаять словно в своих несбыточных мечтах.”

"I love it when you hold my hand / I love it when you take command," sings Brooklyn-based artist Crystal Rose on her new single "Thought I'd Say." Soulful chords lay a foundation for Rose to ruminate on love and friendship. A reflective, shimmering mid-tempo disco-esque groove lifts off during the chorus, and propels the downtempo feel of "Thought I'd Say" to greater heights, while highlighting Rose's dexterity as an artist. "It is purposefully playful and light, depicting a trustworthy love connection and friendship," says Crystal Rose. "[The song] started out as an experiment of sorts, the chords and verses stemming from an old voice memo of mine, and the lighthearted chorus written by producer and co-songwriter Emi Trevena." There's earned wisdom at the center of the song, both reflected in Rose's vocals and in the patient production. Angular guitars bring "Thought I'd Say" to completion as Rose's voice echoes once more over heartfelt chords.

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