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Jop, Ben Thomas – Overload – Instrumental (Spotify)

“-Overload- can be likened to an early morning flower. As soon as the time passes, it opens the petals and stretches to the Sun. Amazing magic of improvisation, connecting jazz elements with electronic music.”

“-Mood Genesis- можно сравнить с цветком рано по утру. Как только восходит солнце, он раскрывает свои лепестки и тянется к солнцу. Удивительная магия импровизации соединяющая джазовые элементы с электронной музыкой.”

Written with live instruments (trumpet, piano, drums & percussion) and multiple synths including mellotron, prophet, farfissa swell as Rhodes and other plug ins. influenced by Jazz, Groove, Electronics, Soundscape and Pop music, with muted trumpet playing the lead melody, and a trumpet choir added at the peak.

Paul Jordanous on trumpet, piano and synths
Ben Thomas (drums & percussion)

Jazzy Chill Collective- Come To Me (Spotify)

“The charming performer of -Come To Me- has no limits. Jazz in its full splendor, vocal expression, improvisation and blues mood.”

“Очарованию исполнительницы обворожительной песни -Come To Me- нет предела. Jazz во всём его великолепие, вокальная экспрессия, импровизация и блюзовое настроение.”

Jazzy Chill Collective is a progressive jazz global music collective, led by American based singer Sofeeya. Their style fuses chill hop, funk, lounge, and modern jazz idioms to primarily explore lush soundscapes of love songs, breakup songs, sad songs, and songs about self-empowerment. Additionally, the quasi-band creates laid-back instrumental grooves, perfect for study or relaxation.

New singles "Come To Me" and "Never Break Your Heart" are out now on select digital platforms.

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Lo Marie – The Gap (Spotify)

“Looking for some serious Jazz music? Then you may be lucky with "Lo Marie". Discover the spontaneous tone changes in her silvery voice, followed by acoustic guitar harmonic notes. Excellent overall result with the signature of a true artist.”

“The Gap” is the latest single from Lo Marie that combines jazz and funk with neo-soul. It is the perfect girl anthem for anyone who has been conflicted about what to do when it comes to a guy who doesn’t want the same things as them. Lo Marie radiates girl boss energy and I can’t wait to see what else she has in store for this year.

When she was younger, Lo Marie wanted to be an opera singer, but when she saw the amount of self expression jazz music could let her do, she realized that she wanted to go down that route with artists like violinist Melanie Alvey and bassist and mix engineer Conrad St. Clair, both of which she has worked with during her career. Lo Marie is gifted when it comes to writing lyrics, having intense drive, and fulfilling what she desires to with her music. Her abilities as an artist inspire me greatly to fight for what I want as a female artist in the music industry.

Mythos – Progression (Spotify)

“"Progression" is the recent result from the already known "Mythos". High quality sound, made with craft. Instrumental and electronic samples in absolute harmony that only Lounge can offer. A short trip to inner peace.”

For 25 years, Mythos has been creating timeless, ethereal music fusing electronic beats with vocalese, piano, acoustic guitar, synths and sounds from around the world. 2021 marks the 25th Anniversary for the duo of Bob D’Eith (producer and piano) and Paul Schmidt (acoustic guitar) with special guest performances from Jennifer Scott (vocals), Jasmin Parkin (vocals), Rene Worst (bass), Pepe Danza, (percussion), Niko Quintal (percussion) and many others.

2021 is Mythos’ 25th Anniversary and this year we are pleased to release “XXV” a 14-track album including 5 new tracks and 9 fully remastered classics. “Progression” is a piece that evolves through the addition of ever complex melodies, all woven together into a tapestry of sound.

Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez – Better For You (Spotify)

“Jazz elements, funk and soul flavor and an impressive improvisation. -Better For You- is the successful combination of live and electronic music, in which the incomparable and exceptional vocals of -Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez- are just crazy!”

“Джазовые элементы, колорит funk и soul и впечатляющая импровизация. -Better For You- это удачная комбинация живой и электронной музыки, в которой бесподобный и исключительный вокал -Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez- просто сводит с ума!”

Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez is a singer/composer based in Brooklyn, New York. Born into a family of musicians, music was Raina’s first language and it runs deep within her veins. Rooted in Jazz and R&B, the songwriter invites us into her unique sonic world with harmonic nuance and lyrical poetry.

Raina’s cross-genre style is built from the bottom up. With improvisation as a starting point for her songs, Raina draws on her emotionality and leans into her perception of the world around, uncovering hidden depths within daily life and articulating personal truth with vulnerability and bravery. Songwriting is her way of processing and understanding life in all its complexity.

Her latest single “Better For You” grapples with the gaze, focusing on the experience of being objectified and the ambiguous response to this reality. The song is most explicitly about sex and the ways in which heterosexual dynamics often prioritize men’s pleasure. “Better For You” highlights the ways in which women contort themselves physically and emotionally to be more desirable. Raina shares, “It also depicts the flip side of this, where we become or can become hooked on being the desired one; the way we come to need it, the way our identity becomes tied to this positioning. This is the ambiguity, the grey.” Drawing on her Latinx heritage, the rhythmic piano phrases, dynamic instrumentation and a grooving rhythm section provide a hypnotic backdrop for Raina’s clear and concise vocals.

The accompanying video is a depiction of different aspects of self and their varied responses to the same encounter. The parallel progression of the character in the orange world untying the ribbons and the character in the yellow world becoming emotionally undone, represents an unraveling, a release from the constraint of the gaze, a coming into her own rawness and vulnerability, co-existing with her strength all at once.

With over 600k streams on Spotify and a budding global audience, RSG has packed rooms at prestigious venues such as Brooklyn Bowl, SOB’s, Rockwood Music Hall, MoMA PS1 and many others. Opening for artists such as Starchild and the New Romantic, Raina has a deep connection to the New York City music scene. She has performed for 3-time Grammy Award winning singer Marc Anthony, who took a strong interest in her music, as well as having had the honor of working with Jazz composer William Parker, performing with him on stage and appearing on his albums.

“Better For You” is the first single to be released off of the upcoming album IF THEY’RE MINE, due spring 2021.

Band Of Pockets – Feel Like Home (Spotify)

“Sometimes we all want to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle; spread your wings and dissolve in pleasant memories. It is at such moments we listen deeper and save to our playlists good music and the new album Band Of Pockets - Trust This Feeling is such an excellent addition.”

“Иногда всем нам хочется забыться и уйти от суеты; расправить крылья и раствориться в приятных воспоминаниях. Именно в такие моменты нас спасает музыка и новый альбом Band Of Pockets - Trust This Feeling станет отличным дополнением.”

A new band, founded in the eye if the pandemic storm, brings you soul and disco.

Feel Like Home is like a great Roberta Flack soul-number, with a gospel-choir, a beautiful flugelhorn, and some jazzy vibes, telling the story about finding that person that makes you feel at home.

Founded in the pandemic year of 2020, by songwriter and composer J.O. Nilsson, Band of Pockets will take you on a journey through soul, nu jazz, R&B, disco and funk. “Trust This Feeling” is their first release: an EP with 4 songs, created in situation where people can’t meet physically in a room, but instead share their talent and musicianship through the digital domain. Sending love, and files, via satellites into the magic heart of multitrack creativity. Thanks to this, Band of Pockets consists of members from all over the world; Sweden, USA, Brazil, Spain… They’ve come together, and they’ve nailed the vibe and the groove just like if they were playing together in a room. Who they are?

Rachel Marie Moore, also known as Yona Marie, born and raised in Maryland and parts of Washington DC, is a singer most known for releasing 'The Luv Exposure', featuring artists, producers, and singers from around the US. The lead single was featured on a Majormix release which included Chris Brown, Ace Hood and Tyga.

Jason Meekins is a drummer from Austin, Texas, and has worked with famous smooth jazz artists, and plays funk, soul and gospel in the Texas area.

Tomas Olsson, the Swedish keyboard wizard, who has been around the Swedish funk, fusion and pop-scene for decades.

Last but not least the famous bassist, “SV”, who, due to legal technicalities, is a well-kept secret. But the groove and the genius basslines might give him away.

All supervised by guitarist and songwriter J.O. Nilsson, composer of over 100 songs on Spotify. When asked what’s the point of putting a band together these days – a band that hasn’t even met for real – J.O. Nilsson answers: “We HAVE met. We have met in music. If you listen, you can hear it. And these are great times to engulf in creating new music.”

This is the foundation for Band of Pockets, then they blend with guests from all over the world, depending on the song, the arrangement and the feel. In that sense, Band of Pockets has a solid core, but a floating, curious and inviting soul. Welcome.

Monc – Cardboard Rocketship (Spotify)

“Does music heal? Oh yeah! Does she heal lonely, empty souls? Yes! And musicians and performers like Monc have a unique flair that helps them hit the right strings of our soul. Check out his new album, Sweet Songs of Survival. Healing is already on your doorstep.”

“Музыка лечит? О, да! Она исцеляет одинокие, опустевшие души? Да! И такие музыканты и исполнители, как Monc обладают уникальным чутьём, которое помогает им нажимать на нужные струны нашей души. Послушайте его новый альбом Sweet Songs of Survival. Исцеление уже на пороге вашего дома.”

Heart-wrenching and immersive, Sam Newton's new single 'Ground Me' paints a soundscape of longing. The track builds upon a foundation of acoustic guitar, elepian electric keyboard, pedal steel and theremin to support a lyrical yearning for normality and satisfaction.

The song represents a new creative freedom for Newton, as he continues to experiment with unique instrumentation, production and arrangement in his newly completed home studio.

Sydney country-folk songwriter Sam Newton is an artist who has clearly studied the greats, listening to and learning the meticulous craft of combining words and melody, mood and emotion, with raw and poetic honesty.

Newton is now three albums (Set in Stone, Violet Road, Stare Into The Dark) deep into his career and since the release of his first EP nearly a decade ago, he’s played a plethora of shows through NSW, QLD and VIC – in bars, pubs and on festival stages (Dashville Skyline, Tamworth Country Music Festival, Bendigo Blues and Roots Festival, Newtown Festival, Cully Fest) and been featured in Rhythms magazine (Nov/Dec 2016), Australia’s leading roots music print publication.

Whether solo or with his band, it’s the songs that take centre-stage, delivered with that high and lonesome voice that can equally convey fractured emotions and assured resilience as he sings about subjects such as infatuation, mental health and relationships – both damaged and on the ascent.

Fans of artists such as Townes Van Zandt, Wilco, Willie Nelson and Paul Simon will find much to admire in the music of Sam Newton. From recording albums to playing shows, filming videos and streaming live songs, he’s the epitome of the modern troubadour.

Justin Nicholls – Winter (Dancing Into Sleep) (Spotify)

“Justin Nicholls' music is unique. It is not possible to convey the feeling of being immersed in his works in words. Wye Valley Seasons is a multi-instrumental album where living instruments are woven together like tree branches. A true therapy for body and soul.”

“Музыка Justin Nicholls уникальна. Ощущение от погружения в его произведения словами передать не представляется возможным. Wye Valley Seasons - мультиинструментальный альбом, где словно ветви деревьев сплетены воедино живые инструменты. Настоящая терапия для души и тела.”

Winter (Dancing Into Sleep) is the third movement from Wye Valley Seasons, an exciting new pastural Jazz symphony. This piece was Inspired by the changing seasons of the Wye Valley which has been the composers home for the past 18 years. This 40 minute epic takes us on a breathtaking, kaleidoscopic journey into nature. As emotive as it is colourful, this high energy piece packs a punch live on stage and will unify audiences of all ages and musical tastes. Its aim is to reconnect us to nature through rhythm, melody and harmony. It received a rapturous response at its debut performance in August 2019 at the Pygmy Pinetum summer concert in Gloucestershire.

Justin says: This is my four seasons. Pulsing rhythms, rich saxophones & woodwinds, grooving bass, guitar & piano and lush tribal voices. This is my musical interpretation of the Wye Valley’s ever-changing light, colour and energy throughout the year. Living here has been a constant source of inspiration and renewal for me. This music is dedicated to Terry & Beryl Ellis - dear friends much missed and true natives of this magical river valley.

Once I Told You – Madhara (Video)

“- Before its over, let me give you all that’s mine – Madhara speaks to us in her composition Once i told you. The melody of live, jazz elements with a combination of styles such as funk and soul absorbs an ocean of emotions with each new and new wave.”

“- Before its over, let me give you all that’s mine – говорит с нами Madhara в своей композиции Once i told you. Мелодия живых, джазовых элементов с сочетанием таких стилей, как фанк и соул, поглощает океаном эмоций каждой новой и новой волной. ”

Madhara releases a brand new single along with a brand new video!

Swimming with dolphins in Pipa , showering in abundant waterfalls in Chapada, dancing through the carnaval nights in Olinda, meeting the love of my life…

This song is inspired by travels in Brazil. These authentic home videos are shot in Santa Tereza, following another lovestory. What is yours?

periklis biskinis x xenia gargali – Feel the Music (Spotify)

“Feel this Funk / Jazz tune from a greek duo. We liked the lyric combination of both artists singing together and the clarity of music instruments. Recommended creation.”

A romantic letter to energy of music

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