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Marius Billgobenson – Wait and See (Spotify)

“A refreshing take on some sweet summertime Jazzy grooves. The fuzzed out Organ sounds so good. Very well produced by top notch talent. Balanced and matured. ”

Stockholm, Sweden-based singer, songwriter and guitarist Marius Billgobenson’s seeks to spread unity, compassion, understanding, hope and love in latest album offering ‘The Spirit Love’ - A refreshing, soul-stirring eleven song infusion of jazz, blues, pop, R&B and afro-beat that captures dynamic rhythms and vocal sounds indigenous to his homeland of the Congo. Whilst bending and blending the lines between genres, the globally conscious album also serves to empower and support his work as a compassionate and concerned citizen of the world, and strives to bridge the gap between deep-rooted cultural divides.

Speaking on the album, Marius explains “The Spirit Love is all about the way we experience the feeling of being alive, being ourselves and offering our unique gifts to others. We remember the life source of energy in The Spirit Love, because you exist just as a consequence of love. All of the positive impact you have had in loving and strengthening your loved ones may reveal memories that make you feel strong and happy.”

The album comprises eleven eclectic and deeply personal tracks that are grounded in his own words “in the completeness of gratitude in my heart”, whilst exploring love in it’s many different facets, with the goal of inviting and motivating more “Love Spreaders” for change.

Having written the most part of the album himself, Marius also called upon the musical talent of guitarist and hitmaker Paul Brown to produce both leading single “Joy” and “Wait and See,” as well as employing the production prowess of urban jazz chart topper Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis across 6 other tracks.

Abbacaxi – More Than I Need (Spotify)

“This is exactly the music that you turn on repeat wherever you are. Smooth, exciting Deep House & Nu-Disco rhythm, in which wandering vocals help you plunge in an amazing five-minute romantic journey.”

“Это именно та музыка, которую включаешь на бесконечный повтор где бы ты ни был. Ровный, возбуждающий ритм Deep House & Nu-disco, в котором блуждающий вокал помогает погрузиться на пять минут в удивительное романтическое путешествие.”

Irish multi-instrumentalist Abbacaxi (Thomas Garnett) has served a long and proper musical apprenticeship. Now he is stepping out on his own. He has a fresh and heartfelt sound that brings positive vibrations and good times. It draws on his love of jazz, funk and proper songwriting, harks back to a time when dance music was made by real musicians, but comes with very modern dynamics.

Abbacaxi contemplates the need for simplicity with his new single 'More Than I Need' which glides from funky 70s Disco to cool classic House.

"I wrote this track because I was getting tired of the unpredictability of certain things in my life, which had great value. Over time I started to feel that perhaps less is more. Maybe these things weren't as important as I initially thought, and life could be just as good without them."

Hailing inspiration from the wonky feel of old-school disco, Abbcaxi add’s simplistic liquid bass lines with a nod to artists of the 90s like St Germain and Laurent Garnier.

Abbacaxi is an intentional misspelling of the Portuguese word for pineapple. With that fruit's sweet a A and juicy associations, and the extra 'b' a subtle nod to Abba's sing-song disco sounds, you have a big hint at what to expect from Thomas's music. Though his fun, effervescent character is reflected in his music, he is just as able to break your heart with his melancholic acoustic guitar and neo-soul vocals.

Musicians as versatile as Abbacaxi don't come along too often, so strap in and enjoy the ride.

Mixed by Ross Fortune at The Love Nest
Mastered by Fergal Davis
Lost Decay - specialising in all things House, Electronica & everything in between

Flo Fi – She Whispers (Spotify)

“Minimalistic calm sound with measured softness and serenity. Here you do not need to look for a deep meaning, because the whole essence of pleasure lies on the surface. Just swim downstream and let the Chill-Hop & Lo-Fi rhythm take you on its waves.”

“Минималистичное звучание, звук седативный, размеренный, лёгкость и безмятежность бытия. Здесь не нужно искать глубокий смысл, вся суть наслаждения на поверхности. Просто плыви по течению, пусть ритмы Chill-hop & Lo-fi покачивают тебя на своих волнах.”

Flo Fi said: "Wrote this song after having a very chilling beach day on ile rousse ,a place like paradise on the island corsica"

Tauk – Chandara (Spotify)

“Far out sounds that seep through the chakras. Your pineal glad will respond if you allow it. A modern take on a classic trip of free rhythm and jazz vibes. ”

"Chandra" is a chill track from TAUK's latest LP, Chaos Companion.

Bella Brown & the Jealous Lovers – I’m Gone (Spotify)

“-Bella Brown & The Jealous Lovers- managed to release a catchy creation. Filled with freshness and experimental sound while preserving its unique, epoch style. -I'm Gone- is incredibly charged with positive energy and it should be heard at least once, so that become hostage of magic that is endowed right here.”

“-Bella Brown & the Jealous Lovers- умудрились выпустить достойный материал, наполненный свежестью и экспериментами и сохранить свой уникальный, эпохальный стиль. -I’m Gone- невероятно заряжает позитивом и её стоит услышать хотя бы один раз, чтобы на века стать заложником магии, которой наделено это произведение.”

Slower side of Mid Tempo, or faster side of Ballad. This is a “love gone wrong” Torch Song in a Soul/Funk vein. Add a Tenor Sax solo just to get the point across.

Täpp – Aquaria (Spotify)

“Equally suitable for relaxing, studying to, or turned up louder to exercise your body & mind to, ‘Aquaria’ by Täpp is a genre blending feast of a myriad of styles, skilfully crafted to retain your interest & capture your imagination, in a unique & exhilarating way.”

Taken from debut album 'i like what i do // i do what i like by'

Featuring musicians from London and Manchester, Täpp are releasing a twelve track, genre-defying debut album, that effortlessly blends influences from classical music, jazz, hip-hop, electronic music and folk/world music to create unique and exhilarating sound worlds that capture a listeners' imagination.

Lisabel – The Way You Look Tonight / Will Stay in My Heart (Spotify)

“Luxurious philosophical Neo-Soul and Jazz, in which the lyrics and melancholic ballad are intertwined. The mood of weightless party is an important component of usual -Lisabel- sound. The composition -The Way You Look Tonight / Will Stay in My Heart- succeeded in glory, becoming another fine creation for contemplation in your discography.”

“Роскошный философский neo-soul и jazz, в которых переплетаются лирика и меланхоличная баллада. Парящие в невесомости партии являются важной составляющей традиционного звучания -Lisabel-. Композиция -The Way You Look Tonight / Will Stay in My Heart- удалась на славу, став очередным прекрасным творением для созерцания в вашей дискографии.”

This is a cover of the 1936 jazz standard 'The Way You Look Tonight', it has an added song attached to it which was created as an added verse from Lisabel

Lisabel is a singer-songwriter whose intimate stories revolve around nature, love and unearthly beliefs.

Lisabel's sound is influenced by all genres mixed in a unique blend of soulful hazard, jazz harmony and contemporary production.

Warriors of the Dystotheque – Lost In Your Silence Ft Lydia Kaye (Video)

“An unusual and memorable combination of genres such as neo-soul, downtempo and nu jazz elements. The lyrically designed composition, the instrumental introduction gradually introduces into the track, and the first-class sound design does everything to stay in the listener’s memory forever.”

“Необычное, от того и запоминающееся сочетание таких жанров, как neo-soul, downtempo и элементы nu jazz. Лирически оформленная композиция, инструментальная интродукция постепенно вводит в трек, а первоклассное звуковое оформление делает всё, чтобы остаться в памяти слушателя навсегда.”

Conjure jazzy ethereal pop on LOST IN YOUR SILENCE ft Lydia Kaye

Taken from new EP LOST IN YOUR SILENCE due 18th June via Fly Beat Music

Warriors of the Dystotheque return to their own label Fly Beat Music for the release of the 1st track from the forthcoming new album, LOST IN YOUR SILENCE features the vocal talents of Lydia Kaye (Kalahara) and has been produced on a remote island off the coast of France by the self proclaimed musical nomad, the legendary HOWIE B (Bjork, Massive Attack, Tricky, U2).

LOST IN YOUR SILENCE see’s WotD return to their jazz influenced broken beat sound and immersive vocals with British singer Lydia Kaye.

Lydia explains: “I was thrilled to team up the Warriors for their new release and had an instant affinity with this track, I was inspired by the jazz tipped style, reminiscent of the music I grew up with, it’s the kind of music I always wanted to make. I felt a real sense of freedom working on this song. It was really fresh and exciting to work with a new palette of sounds alongside an awesome collective of musicians that let me do my thing.”

She goes on to add: “The melody came instinctively and led me into this unresolved feeling of unrequited love, We’ve all been there – when the pain of waiting to hear from someone, leaves you in limbo and can have a maddening and numbing effect on your mind. Now having worked on this track with the Warriors we’re gonna do a few more for the forthcoming album, which I’m super excited about.”

In addition to the title track is An Island Affair Ft Abby Oliveira, Abby delivers spoken word over a lush string laden downtempo groove where she reminisces of all the years gone by visiting the White Isle and how we would swap our current lives in lockdown for another trip to the island of Ibiza.

Lost in Your Silence and An Island Affair comes with remixes from Cartin and Ken Fan. Cartin is a 23 year old producer from Derry who has came to the attention of Jonny from WotD due to his successful Acid Flex nights in Derry & Belfast as well as releases on established Belfast label Extended Play, also emerging as 2020’s AVA festival producer & just this month AVA festival have announced the 2021 line up with a live show from Cartin for their live Boiler room.

Ken Fan is no stranger to the Balearic world with his residency at the world famous Cafe del Mar – Ibiza as past 7 years and he has recently taken the sounds of the Island to Radio 1 with the Wind Down show on Saturday mornings. Catch him daily at Cafe del Mar playing his extra long Sunset sessions.

This release is funded by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland’s SIAP fund and the University of Atypical.

The Paper Sea – The Eyelid Cinema (Spotify)

“An amazing and wonderful combination of ambient music elements and the most delicate piano melody. -The Eyelid Cinema- is easy to compare with the cooling ball of the sun leaving at night. A veil of fog descends on the ground, the sky is covered with feathers from clouds and a dream begins ...”

“Удивительное и прекрасное сочетание элементов ambient музыки и нежнейшей мелодии пиано. -The Eyelid Cinema- легко сравнить с уходящим в ночь остывающим шаром солнца. На землю опускается пелена тумана, небо застилают перья из облаков и начинается сон...”

Calming piano melodies on a bed of synth pad and organ

THE PAPER SEA is the solo project of Jared Matt Greenberg, cornet player and keyboardist for the post-rock quintet Whale Fall. Greenberg was a founding member of 1990s San Francisco shoegaze band The Rosemarys and teamed with Charles Wyatt to form Charles Atlas in the early 2000s, as well as playing with John Vanderslice, Dart, Sutro, An American Starlet, Carta, and others. After experiences touring the world and placing music in film and television, Greenberg comes home with THE PAPER SEA: intimate instrumental music recorded in Los Angeles, grounded in piano, laced with synths and organs, strings, and horns, and resonant with childhood memories, wistful moments, and lasting love.

J. Naji, Andrew Getman – aahhh/Love Your Enemy (Spotify)

“Jazz with a difference. The interplay between the saxophone & guitar, plus the deployment of subtle effects keep the tracks interesting & moving through new tonal territory. Both of the aforementioned lead instruments deliver solos worthy of mention, and the rhythm section deftly keeps everything glued together.”

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