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Sayved – Doppler (Spotify)

“The amazing mood of -Doppler-, makes its sound very pleasant and leaves only positive emotions. Techno & House melodic rhythms with very interesting mix. Also those artifacts in the second half of the track are crazy! It's obvious that -Sayved- know their business. Brilliant result!”

“Потрясающее настроение композиции, музыкально она звучит очень приятно и оставляет только положительные эмоции. Мелодичные ритмы Techno & House и очень интересная работа со звуком, интересные артефакты во второй половине трека сводят с ума! Видно, что -Sayved- знают своё дело. Блистательно!”

Blending an ethereal atmosphere with dynamic yet driving rhythms, the beautifully hypnotic soundscapes of "Doppler" simultaneously move hearts and feet.

Blinding neon light and the urban jungle of Zurich are the stage on which the musical drama of Sayved unfolds: Rufus and Billy conjure up electronic rock songs that are equal parts disturbing and beguiling. The tools that they make use of are analogue artifacts and digital devices, which serve to counterbalance the pathos and pop appeal of Rufus’ haunting voice.

This blend of analogue and digital also extends into their on-stage incarnation, in which two voices are joined by electric guitar and vintage gear. All of these organic sounds are further augmented by contemporary digital tools and gadgets.

Ecstatic and electrifying, their live-performances are exorcisms of the demons of modern metropolitan life.

Currently, the duo is moving further away from conventional song structures to maximize the impact of their music clubs and on stage

Leichsen, Lu:Lu – Who Are You – Short Edit (Spotify)

“Do we know who we really are? Taken from the "Lost" EP of "Leichsen", this dynamic House/Techno track will blow up your mind and leave its endless sign inside the brain. Mystic 3D synth waveforms enriched with super effects, can open the door to another reality.”

After the first releases on quite noticeable imprints Lump Records and MIR Music, the Brazilian producer Leichsen comes to Polyptych with his new EP 'Lost', made in collaboration with LUANA. A two-track EP that has the unique ability to immerse yourself. An incredible atmosphere and a little mysterious note permeate both tracks.

BERWALD – Eso (Video)

“”BERWALD” is here with a dancing bomb for our Summer nights. Successful combination of House and Latin elements, which lift the mood and transfer positive energy. It’s time to adjust your speakers’ volume and …start the dance!”

Artist shared few words with Nagamag behind this song:

“During my past year at Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam the song Eso was created. It is a House and Latin like dance track.

Due to the pandemic I longed for the freedom like we had before. The traveling, going to festivals with friends and enjoying the summer days is something we took for granted. From this nostalgia the song came about. I made it with another student/artist from Puerto Rico, he was the perfect match because he knows the Latin culture better than I do. He played the guitar and did the vocals on it. These two elements gave energy and soul to the song and later became the whole theme for this project.

When people listen to this single. I want them to feel free, energetic, positive and get summer feelings.

The song got played on Sublime FM the biggest soul, funk and jazz radio in the Netherlands. Where they do crossovers on Sundays with soul and electronic music.

This is also the single of the upcoming EP. The EP consists of 4 songs. These songs are about my love for soul music and the music I grew up with. It is a mixture of house, soul and big band music, the stuff I want to make more of in the future. ”


Saxongroove – Open Doors (Spotify)

“Very interesting release in the House scene with a bit of jazzy taste. When the acoustic meets the electronic, you have "Open Doors". Needless to say that to produce such a track is not an easy job for every artist, but a piece of cake for some old masters like "Saxongroove". Don't skip this!”

Open Doors' is a laidback, deep jazzy house track that is as smooth as they come. Featuring a mix of organic percussions, a groovy bassline, a melodic piano topline and a saxophonic surprise, 'Open Doors' will definitely take you back to the jazzy, soulful sounds of late 1990s/early 2000s deep house.

Saxongroove are Jason Guest and Richard Kerry, long-term stalwarts of British dance music who have been producing together since 1997. Both started DJ-ing in the mid-90's, playing parties within the UK and as far as Tenerife and Barbados, championing the classic house and electronic music sound before turning to production. Despite the latter's move to Los Angeles in 2016, the duo has continued to work together, with more releases to follow.

9DEEP – Another Galaxy (Spotify)

“Friendly chilling mood comming from another world. When sound meets harmony, we can approach a higher level of existence. "9DEEP" have brought a star down from the heavens and it's still shinning. Sit comfortably and let the beat lead you through this fascinating wave pallete, with endless colours and soothing effects.”

Art Vibes is back with their annual compilation "Spring Vibes". For its fourth edition, they took the talent of 8 producers to an unprecedented creative level. With the essential characteristics of the music collective, full of melodic and progressive atmospheres, they managed to make a fantastic selection that includes tracks from Veytik, Shunus, Renga Weh, 9DEEP, Different Ray, Mazze, Greg Ochman, Pandhora and Rasi Z.

Perfect for the warm days ahead, this fourth volume of "Spring Vibes" has been without a doubt the most complete and diverse of all. Full of dreamlike sound experiences, each track tells a different story that seeks to take its listeners to a universe of colors and positive vibes… Far from winter and very close to happiness.

This release on Art Vibes is an invitation to put stress aside and surrender to fantasy and dance. "Spring Vibes IV" is a cosmic cry that calls for calm, outdoor music and bathing suits. Piano and brass solos, guitar and synth riffs, sweet ambient progressions, organic shadows, psychedelic grooves, lysergic samples and sonic catharsis are just a few of the sensations that this release will make you feel from start to finish.

It's time to say goodbye to winter. It's time to dance. Let's enjoy and feel free again in a world that is still ours! "Spring Vibes" is here, full of magic, fantasy and artistic efforts. Listen to the fourth volume now!

Balance Beta – Solomon’s Temple (Spotify)

“Take a journey through exotic musical landscapes and imagine tales of mystery and suspense. Cross scorching deserts on camels to find ‘Solomon’s Temple’ and the unimaginable treasure that lies within. Join ‘Balance Beta’ for their organic house fuelled journey and don’t forget the sun block.”

Solomon's Temple is a bit darker than our other Organica stuff but still incorporates a lot of the traditional middle eastern instrumentation. We wanted to get the atmosphere of an ancient desert going through some turmoil but with some electronic elements ingrained

Balance Beta - an electronic music duo based in the UK.

Gobi Desert Collective – Assez (Spotify)

“Interesting House vibe with some influences from the far East. Starting smoothly and gradually building up, "Assez" can capture even the most demanding listener. We really loved this work and recommend it for everyone.”

An ethnic journey across the world of electronic music.

Anton Kling – Yearn (Spotify)

“The constantly changing percussive elements of this track add interest & movement to the laid back hypnotic vibe provided by the soft vocal ambience. The multi layered, almost euphoric synths add to the rhythmic, velvety atmospheric palette of sound. A crystal clear, very well produced track. A lot of time & effort went into this track & it shows.. ”

It's an organic house track with soft ambient vocals, lush piano and big synths coming in at the end.

Born in 1992 from Sweden. Electronic music and music production has always been a big part of my life. I make house music that tends to be melodic, progressive and organic with a lo-fi touch. My sound is spacey, atmospheric and some times a bit psychedelic with a lot of different types of percussions. I never think about what kind of music I want to create, I just do and it'll become whatever I was feeling at that time. I enjoy listening to music from pretty much every music genre so I'm influenced by it all.

Pablo Bolivar, Ben Preisinger – Dusk Light (Spotify)

“-Dusk Light- has its own special sound character. This gives it an exceptional personality. Madly atmospheric work with high affection to the listener.”

“Звуковая картина в -Dusk Light- своя, особая. Это и придаёт ей исключительную индивидуальность. Безумно атмосферная работа.”

Rich with minimal textures and refined electronic chords, ‘Dusk Light’ is progressively chilled as it incorporates the works of Pablo Bolivar and Ben Preisinger into one, cohesive creation. An ode to the synchronicities and complex behaviours found in nature, the single manages to create an organic atmosphere while only using rolling electronic instruments and entrancing synths. First glimmer of the upcoming album FRAMEWORK OF A DREAM.

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