P.Petridis – The End Of Things (Spotify)

“Feel the true pleasure of orchestral music and imagine how your heart is broken into puzzle-like pieces. While collecting these pieces, you squeeze them in your warm hands. Even in absolute silence, this music will fill your loneliness with warm sensations.”

“Почувствуйте истинное наслаждение оркестровой музыкой и представьте, как ваше сердце разбивается на кусочки пазлов, собирая которые сжимаешь каждый из них в своих тёплых руках. Даже в абсолютной тишине, когда вы не слышите своего дыхания, эта музыка наполнит ваше одиночество тёплыми ощущениями. ”



U.V.P – Home (Spotify)

“‘Home is a richly melodic, light drum and bass track by U.V.P that delivers a deeply emotive message both lyrically and above all, via the velvety, seductive, husky vocals, that irresistibly draw you into the narrative. A very well produced pulsating song that is performed with graceful confidence.”


U.V.P is an Independent Music Producer , Published music artist. Film,TV sound designer and composer hailing from the South West of England Now is the time for a new musical journey to begin...U.V.P is a creator of Electronic musical journeys


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