Paul Weinfield – Take Care of the Silence (Spotify)

“Uplifting and spiritual without touching religion. Full of heavenly sounds and lite. His voice carries the story well and interprets a simpler reality for us all.”

"Take Care Of The Silence" is a song about the antidotes to loneliness we find when we actually take time to be alone. It was written by Paul Weinfield and performed and co-produced by him, Beccs, and Godfrey Furchgott

Paul Weinfield – What Isn’t Given Away Is Lost (Spotify)

“-What Isn't Given Away Is Lost- born for the achievement of peace and tranquility. Magic, light intonations, fulfilled live instruments, steady rhythm, acoustic percussion and live, energetic vocals by -Paul Weinfield-.”

“-What Isn't Given Away Is Lost- рождена для достижения спокойствия и умиротворения. Мягкие, светлые интонации, исполненные живыми инструментами, устойчивый ритм, акустическая перкуссия и живой, энергичный вокал -Paul Weinfield-.”

What Isn't Given Away Is Lost is a song about heartbreak, letting go, and the way that generosity can help us through difficult times.

Paul Weinfield – There’s Nothing to Look Forward To (Spotify)

“A round halo of the moon over the roofs of the marble city, stardust on hot windowsills and an orange thread of the cooling horizon. -There's Nothing to Look Forward To- is fully conveyed to the listeners, this music has a real flavor, you listen it in one breath, correctly chosen words that distinguish the work of -Paul Weinfield- against the background of many other performers in Folk music.”

“Круглый ореол луны над крышами мраморного города, звёздная пыль на раскалённых подоконниках и оранжевая нить остывающего горизонта. -There's Nothing to Look Forward To- полностью доносится до слушателей, это настоящий колорит, слушается на одном дыхании, верно подобранные слова, которые выделают творчество -Paul Weinfield- на фоне множества других исполнителей Folk музыки.”

"There's Nothing To Look Forward To" is a song about the pandemic, frustration, and the importance of staying present with what is difficult. Paul did all the vocals, instruments, and songwriting, aside from drums and horns.

Paul Weinfield – January Sun (Spotify)

“January Sun is a softer and more western-oriented form of folk rock. Paul Weinfield's new single makes you feel a breath of fresh air on the edge of a tall, cool promontory.”

“January Sun это более мягкая и ориентированная на запад форма фолк-рока, от чего слушается и воспринимается новый сингл Paul Weinfield как глоток свежего воздуха на краю высокого, прохладного мыса.”

"January Sun" is a song about the importance of being willing to start again. All vocals, songwriting, and instruments by Paul Weinfield, except drums by Keith Robinson and trumpet by Rhys Tivey.

Paul Weinfield – A Mind Needs to Rest (Spotify)

“The new album by Paul Weinfield - Things I Should Have Told Myself a Long Time Ago dictates to us an ordinary life story about simple and understandable life values. But, as one of the songs (A Mind Neends to Rest) says, even a serene mind needs rest on such a long journey of endless search for truth.”

“Новый альбом Paul Weinfield - Things I Should Have Told Myself a Long Time Ago диктует нам обыденную историю жизни о простых и понятных жизненных ценностях. Но, как поётся в одной из песен (A Mind Neends to Rest) даже безмятежному разуму нужен отдых на таком долгом пути бесконечных поисков истины.”

"A Mind Needs To Rest" is a folk song about a breakup and about the importance of giving yourself a chance not to think about the other person.

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