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We Dream of Eden Interview on Nagamag

Post Rock


What are the genres that describe better your music style?

We Dream of Eden:
Ambient Neo Classical with Post Rock and Film Score influences

Few words about your musical background and career?

We Dream of Eden:
I've been a music producer for over a decade mostly producing for singer songwriters and hip hop artists. Then I began dabbling in film music. I spent a year composing my own music just for a fun side project. That project became We Dream of Eden. My goal with WDEO has always been to create "sonic landscapes" with uplifting instrumentals.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

We Dream of Eden:
I remember my grandfather used to play a game with me where he asked me to pick 5 notes from anywhere on the piano and he would turn it into a song. It was so amazing to me. I think I've been trying to get there ever since... to be unafraid to just create with the things that are in front of me and not over think things.

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

We Dream of Eden:
Jacob Colllier "Make Me Cry"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

We Dream of Eden:
Sigur Rós "Glósóli"

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Tristan Welch – Family Stress (Spotify)

“-Family Stress- is our pick and the #2 track from the new album of Tristan Welch -Ambient Distress-, those that are parenthood may connected here faster, but not worry, it has the opposite effect. Rich pad atmospheres, into a nostalgic emotional stage and gently harmonic layers which progressing slowly, it comes to rest the speed you live in your daily routine and stay to the beautiful moments between. Beautiful ambient! ”

"The songs on Tristan Welch’s new album, Ambient Distress, are texture rich songs that act as both a diagnosis and a cure to the problems labeled in the titles of the tunes. With tracks like “Economic Fear,” “Social Hopelessness,” and “Family Stress,” you’d imagine tracks that are dark and unsettling, especially with Welch’s mastery at eliciting emotions with electronic sound. But this album is mostly beautiful and could be used as a meditation tool to help you process and find relief from these very real world woes."


“Morgan Doctor well known from her collaboration with significant artists is coming forth with this brand new single from her upcoming album Strangers in an interesting mix of electronic and darker post rock sound acompanied by a higly aesthetic videoclip”

Morgan Doctor is a Juno and Dora nominated performer and creator. She currently plays with Andy Kim (Arts and Crafts), Jill Barber, Amanda Rheaume, and Fefe Dobson. She has drummed with The Cliks (Warner/Tommyboy),Chantal Kreviazuk, Raine Maida, Ron Sexsmith, Kevin Drew, Alex Lifeson Feist, Sandra Bernhard and many others.

Morgan Doctor has performed and appeared on live National TV (MTV Live, David Letterman,MTV CRIBS, MTV Total Request Live, IFC, CNN, Craig Ferguson, etc) and live radio shows, awards ceremonies, TV and radio commercials, sold out theaters and arenas, music videos, and countless full length albums. Morgan also performed and won at MTV LOGO’s “Artist on the Brink” Award for 2008 with The Cliks. She received a Dora nomination for her sound design for Between Us Goddess in 2005 and earned a Juno and Dora nomination with her work with The Toronto Tabla Ensemble in 2001. Morgan’s session drumming can be heard on such TV and Film Soundtracks as the CBC Metro Morning, The L Word, and Grey’s Anatomy. Morgan is a big advocate of music education and teaches at Girls Rock Camp Toronto as a drum instructor and band coach.

In 2006 Morgan signed with Aporia Records and has released three solo albums. Her solo work has been used for TV shows such as WordTravels (OLN/National Geographics Channel, Food Network), and radio shows such as DNTO, Hear and Now and The Signal (theme song). Her most recent release, “Major Over Minor” is her first full length instrumental album. “… it is a rare musician who can make an instrumental album that seems confessional” – Toronto Star

Morgan is endorsed by Zildjian, Vic Firth, Yamaha Drums, Evans Drum Heads, Steinberg and Humes and Berg. She has also appeared in Modern Drummer Magazine and is a regular contributor to Tom Tom Drum Magazine. She is a Banff Centre Musician in Residence alumni.

When she’s not performing, recording, producing, or practicing yoga, Morgan enjoys time with her dachshund Cymbal.

We Dream of Eden – Please Send Rain (Spotify)

“When guitars meet ambient design, filled with lush reverbs, atmospheric soundscapes and warm keys, you have this wonderful ambient theme to daydream and laid back.”

This is the first single of an EP entitled "When Skies Meet Shores" featuring the artwork of Memphis based artist Cat Lenke who was inspired by "We Dream Of Eden" previous releases to start working with water colors in the early mornings. The song is a lament mixed with hope about the present state we find ourselves in. When the fires are raging... we can pray for rain. When the rain does comes it brings healing to the land, and life to all.

Few words about We Dream Of Eden
From the imagination of composer & producer Kirk Smith comes a project to make minimal yet uplifting ambient music. Combinations of the organic and imperfect sounds of real life blend with the precision and playfulness of modern technology. Collaborations with friends from time to time form a collective of creatives seeking peace in a crazy beautiful world. This music creates a place to think, a place to breathe, a place to dream.

Empasse – Ultraviolet (Spotify)

“Ultraviolet from Empasse is a post rock with electronica influences and hidden nostalgia which unfolds through its addictive laid back groove and blissful harmonics.”

Recorded in Kirikiriroa, Aotearoa (Hamilton, New Zealand), Empasse is the musical project of Nick Johnston, a local government bureaucrat by day and musician by night. Some of Nick’s previous bands include post-rock band Sora Shima, and indie pop bands The Changing Same and Dynamo Go.

The music for Ultraviolet EP was primarily composed during New Zealand’s first COVID-19 lockdown, a creative escape away from civil defence and community recovery work during the day.

Nick jokingly refers to the musical style as ‘post-rock baroquetronica’, but it can be more simply described as having cinematic qualities… something that would not feel out of place on the big screen. The ‘baroquetronica’ aspect refers to the blend of synthesisers with an eclectic range of instruments including the Marxophone (a type of fretless zither).

“My musical background is mainly in pop and rock bands, so when it came to creating electronic music, I was not very familiar with how to manipulate synthetic sounds” says Nick. “Rather than manipulating the sound of the synthesisers, I ended up blending synthetic sounds with organic sounds to create new instruments and textures”.

Nick describes the tracks as a “soundtrack to a story that is not well known in New Zealand outside the Waikato Region where I live” – the story of the town of Rotowaro, a former mining village that was entirely removed in the 1980s to make way for an opencast coal mine. The mine fuelled the Huntly Power Station, the largest thermal power station in New Zealand which has been identified as responsible for over half of New Zealand’s carbon emissions from electricity generation.

The evocative cover photo for Ultraviolet EP was taken in 1985 by David Cook, a photographer who has spent nearly four decades recording the effects of the coal industry on Rotowaro and Rāhui Pōkeka | Huntly.

“Ultraviolet is about the damage and wounds that we cannot see – in this case, it is the rural communities that have battered over many generations to grow and power our larger cities, as well as the carbon emissions damaging the health of our planet.”

Methyl Lily – Maidenhair (Spotify)

Methyl Lily – Maidenhair

Post Rock

Methyl Lily is the ambient-electronic music project of producer Tyler Wells Lynch. Like “cellar door,” the name is phonaesthetic—it signifies nothing more than the sound of its utterance. As an instrumental project, Methyl Lily strives to cultivate a similar purpose: a study in contrast and change, major and minor, wordless dynamics through light and dark. Nothing more than the joy of sound.

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