Project Kronos – Fireflies, Look For The Light (Spotify)

“Even with the onset of nocturnal moth of the day looking for a quiet place where it can stand still for a moment, so that later, late at night can disappear into darkness. -Fireflies, Look For The Light- is the charming piano piece for meditation and sleep.”

“Даже ночной мотылёк с наступлением дня ищет тихое местечко, где он может замереть на мгновение, чтобы потом, глубокой ночью, исчезнуть во тьме. -Fireflies, Look For The Light- это очаровательное фортепианное произведение для медитации и сна.”

Project Kronos – Hope Springs Eternal (Spotify)

“Author -Project Kronos- in his neoclassical compositions -Hope Springs Eternal- is like trying to share with us his thoughts through the beauty of musical images of hope. A hope that never dies.”

“Автор -Project Kronos- в своей неоклассической композиции -Hope Springs Eternal- словно пытается с нами поделиться своей мыслью через всю красоту музыкальных образов, что надежда – хорошая вещь, возможно, даже лучшая из всех. Она не умирает.”

Project Kronos – True Friends (Spotify)

“-Project Kronos- soundtracks in his new neoclassical solo piano theme, the story behind -True Friends-, gently performed and recorded with clarity, a flow of beautiful notes, travelling across like a feather from the wind. Calling back your best memories, of your beloved friends and the experiences you had together. A new single under Time Lighthouse imprint.”

A solo piano music track about friendship. Relaxing, calm, and slowly develops into a more complex melody before returning to simplicity

Formed in 2019 by composer Jean Paul Zoghbi, Project Kronos provides original Piano Relaxing music for meditation, mindfulness, and study. First album was released in November 2019.

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