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Oseas Interview on Nagamag

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Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

psybient, psychill, ambient, chill, relax, trip, psychedelic

Few words about your musical background and career?

My first approach to music was through school where I received authoritative but basic instruction in music theory. I always liked the guitar and I started with an electric guitar that my father gave me for my 13th birthday.
Rock came first and I started practicing some songs on my guitar. When I was 16, a friend gave me a wooden guitar. And it wasn’t until I was 20 that I went on a trip with a backpack, a guitar, and a small djembe. I didn’t have much money and I met musician friends on the street, with whom we began to practice some cumbia, reggae, and ranchera style songs. These songs were very popular (even people sang along to them) and we played them in the street, I played guitar and sang, and sometimes I also accompanied only with percussion. For being travelers, we made money to have a good time.
Later, when I returned to my University life (I was studying Electrical Civil Engineering at that time) I always tried to be present in the musical instances of the University, I had learned many songs on the guitar and began to instruct myself in Andean music, songs that we often played at the University with a group of friends. When I finished my university degree at 24 years old, I decided to go on a trip before starting the job search as an electrical engineer (I already imagined what could come). So, I went on a trip again with my backpack, and my guitar but now with a quena and not within Chile, I went to the north of Peru towards Ecuador. A lot of things happened on that trip, I grew up. When I was in Ecuador I had a mystical experience. I participated in a Shamanic ceremony with Ayahuasca drinking and on the trip, I listened to my heart thanks to the plant Very simple was what my heart said through the plant. “Your thing is music” while listening to deep melodies and subtle harmonies.
After that experience my life changed. I returned to Chile to reorganize myself, now the plan was to go study musical composition. So I looked for a private teacher and started my theory classes again. Soon I found a job as an engineer and I was able to buy all the musical tools that I have now but unfortunately, the life of an engineer did not fulfill me, I did not have quality of life. So I made a plan to get out of the world of electrical engineering to pursue
completely into the world of music. It was tough financially at first but then I got used to it. With the savings made, I built my music studio and invested in taking music theory and music production classes for over 2 years. After this, I started building my psybient & downtempo project, Oseas in 2017. The name Oseas, comes from Jose Ascui, my name. If you join the words “Jose” and “Ascui”, then you have the result word Joseascui. And then, from the word “Joseascui” you take the letter “J” from the beginning and the syllable “cui” at the end, you just stay with the word “Oseas” (“J” -“Oseas” -“cui”).
Shortly after I funded Oseas, together with a great friend, Nicolás, we founded in the year 2019 a music label based in Chile, Quantum Cell Records.

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

My first love connection to music was in Ecuador. Before that, I was only comforting sensations but I couldn’t tell if it was love.
As I mentioned earlier, in Ecuador I took Ayahuasca, an experience that brought me closer to music in a different way. Here is my testimony;
When I was traveling alone in Ecuador 7 years ago I passed through a town on the coast called Canoa. There I stayed at a campsite and was invited by the owner, a
German woman in her 60s, to an ayahuasca drinking ceremony at the campsite next to her. Those who organized the instance had brought to a man recognized in the handling of the ceremony. After turning the invitation over, I decided to accept. Night came and it was time to go to the ceremony. The atmosphere was warm, there were about 20 people of multiple nationalities and the Shaman told us about the dynamics of the matter.
About 40 minutes after taking the ayahuasca concoction I began to have deep visions, something quite psychedelic. I closed my eyes and it was similar to being in a dream and then I suddenly began to hear melodies with timbres similar to a piano. I heard strings rubbed everywhere. I was literally listening to an orchestration but I couldn’t tell where the sound was coming from. What I could see were geometric forms similar to mandalas and the music behind them, more and more complex, deep, and firm, nothing could resist that vibration, it seemed to go through all forms, giving them love. And while I was in the front row of spectators at the most beautiful show of my life, I heard a voice attached to the music in my native language, Spanish. The voice clearly said “Your thing is music” (“Lo tuyo es la música”). At first, I felt a little scared because I didn’t know who was speaking, but then I calmed down because I thought it was the ayahuasca plant that was communicating. And after a while I realized that the plant was not the one that communicated, it only facilitated communication between myself and my heart. I saw it, it was explicit. My heart spoke. I felt love and its link with music. The liana showed me the fruit and I went for it.The next day when the ceremony ended, it seemed that the view was more active. The sea shells on the beach seemed more beautiful to me and their shape was very pleasing
to me. The melodies continued to sound slightly in my head and there I saw myself in a great dilemma. I had no idea how to write all the music I had experienced. I didn’t have the tools to do it and with every hour that passed, I remembered the melodies less. I tried to write a song sung to retain something but every time I played the song, the melodies were different and it got to a point where I practically didn’t remember any of the melodies, I only remembered the pleasant and stimulating sensations of having listened to them. And that’s how my musical path matured and I saw the need to develop my musical language in a conscious way.

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Kumara Encrypted Stones

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Eguana Deep Sleep

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Suduaya – Dubxley

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“”Suduaya” invites you in the magic world of Psychill with more than seven minutes of balanced electronic vibrations. Grab this chance to offer yourself a deeply relaxing break and recharge your energy. Also the crystal clarity of the whole production is an additional reason to concentrate on this sound.”

Blissful psychill with a hint of dub from Suduaya

Red Giant Project – Different Now

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“The daring rhythms of Trip-Hop and PsyDub, crazy effects, exclusivity and resourcefulness in every second. From this track, it blows uniqueness, it does not look like anything that you could hear earlier. This is his exceptional chip – he breaks all the templates and remains in your subconscious forever!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Дерзкие ритмы Trip-Hop и Psydub, сумасшедшие эффекты, эксклюзивность и находчивость в каждой секунде. От этого трека так и веет уникальностью, он не похож ни на что из того, что вы могли слышать ранее. Именно в этом его исключительная фишка — он разрывает все шаблоны и остаётся в вашем подсознании навсегда!”

Panda On The Bamboo Tree – Shanti Shantaia

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“Merging a panoply of electronic subgenres into an explosive package, "Panda On The Bamboo Tree" offer a special listening experience. Prepare for a psychedelic, hypnotic and meditative touch which can leave its mark inside your head.”

Variegated electronics and deep bass are harmoniously diluted with ethnic motifs and even acoustic Indian vocals. The musician combines such genres as downtempo, chillout, lounge and others, creating unique psychedelic music piece by piece.

Advanced Suite – I’ve Went Into Lights

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“If there is too little variety in your life, then this track will pleasantly surprise you. The state of intoxication in the rhythms of PSYDUB and PSYCHILL, the variety of sound elements simply affects the imagination and introduces into the inexplicable, but such pleasant state of hypnosis.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если в вашей жизни слишком мало разнообразия, то этот трек вас приятно удивит. Состояние опьянения в ритмах Psydub и Psychill, разнообразие звуковых элементов просто поражает воображение и вводит в необъяснимое, но такое приятное состояние гипноза.”

This is a song that drifts between reality and imagination. Its got a driving bass paired with a danceable rhythms that are just hypnotic enough to keep you glued to your seat. Its from my upcoming album Hidden In Plain Sight. Hidden In Plain Sight is inspired by the world we live in, kindness, love and fear. It’s an album for the mind travelers, conscious expanders and entities with candor.

Cosmyte – Noisetti (feat. Lakay)

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“Just an incredible layering of genres that will very much highlight this track against the background of everything that you have ever heard! Here are the intoxicating rhythms of Trip-Hop and PSYDUB, hypnotic vaib Psychill and DownTempo, symbiosis of electronic and live music. Where else can you meet this? Only in the new track -cosmyte-! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Просто невероятное наслоение жанров, которые очень сильно выделают этот трек на фоне всего, что вы когда-либо слышали! Здесь и опьяняющие ритмы Trip-Hop и Psydub, гипнотический вайб Psychill и Downtempo, симбиоз электронной и живой музыки. Где ещё такое встретишь? Только в новом треке -Cosmyte-!”

a fusion between downtempo psybass and drums/bass with trip-hop grooves, mixing acoustic instruments (handpan/trumpet) and electronic rhythms! A beautiful collaboration to discover from the album Cosmyte - Vitamite B12 released on June 10th! We are preparing a big communication plan to give visibility to this album.

un mélange fusion, entre rythme downtempo psybass et des batteries/basses aux grooves trip-hop, mêlant instruments acoustiques (handpan/trompette) et rythmes électroniques ! Une belle collaboration à découvrir issue de l'album Cosmyte - Vitamite B12 sortie le 10 juin dernier ! Nous préparons un gros plan de communication pour donner de la visibilité à cet album.

Numatica – Revel Dub

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“Like synth icicles slowly melting in a tropical sun on a distant beach in another galaxy. Where the 3 suns meet the horizon and splatter the skies with magnificance. Fresh organically squeezed computer beats with natural island vibes from another dimension. ”

Chilled out downtempo ambient dub track blending real instruments with electronic with splashes of psy sounds and effected oddities on top.

Mr. Starbeast – Aludra

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“Fasten your seatbelts for an explorative transition into a different dimension. These unpredictable percussive breaks, sudden shifts and wide Psychill spirit are going to change the way you perceive sound reality.”

If you have a taste for the unusual and love music that takes you on a journey, then Aludra by Mr. Starbeast is the song for you.

Named after a star in the Canis Majoris constellation, Aludra is Mr. Starbeast's debut track, and kickstarts his musical project released and promoted through Strange House Records.

Aludra has a genre-bending sound that incorporates elements of electronica, psy-trance, and experimental beat-making.

Mysterious and pensive, this synth-layered, mood-driven musical composition will take you on a fantastical, atmospheric journey through time and space.

Settle in and enjoy the ride!

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