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Advanced Suite – I’ve Went Into Lights

“If there is too little variety in your life, then this track will pleasantly surprise you. The state of intoxication in the rhythms of PSYDUB and PSYCHILL, the variety of sound elements simply affects the imagination and introduces into the inexplicable, but such pleasant state of hypnosis.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Если в вашей жизни слишком мало разнообразия, то этот трек вас приятно удивит. Состояние опьянения в ритмах Psydub и Psychill, разнообразие звуковых элементов просто поражает воображение и вводит в необъяснимое, но такое приятное состояние гипноза.”

This is a song that drifts between reality and imagination. Its got a driving bass paired with a danceable rhythms that are just hypnotic enough to keep you glued to your seat. Its from my upcoming album Hidden In Plain Sight. Hidden In Plain Sight is inspired by the world we live in, kindness, love and fear. It’s an album for the mind travelers, conscious expanders and entities with candor.

Cosmyte – Noisetti (feat. Lakay)

“Just an incredible layering of genres that will very much highlight this track against the background of everything that you have ever heard! Here are the intoxicating rhythms of Trip-Hop and PSYDUB, hypnotic vaib Psychill and DownTempo, symbiosis of electronic and live music. Where else can you meet this? Only in the new track -cosmyte-! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Просто невероятное наслоение жанров, которые очень сильно выделают этот трек на фоне всего, что вы когда-либо слышали! Здесь и опьяняющие ритмы Trip-Hop и Psydub, гипнотический вайб Psychill и Downtempo, симбиоз электронной и живой музыки. Где ещё такое встретишь? Только в новом треке -Cosmyte-!”

a fusion between downtempo psybass and drums/bass with trip-hop grooves, mixing acoustic instruments (handpan/trumpet) and electronic rhythms! A beautiful collaboration to discover from the album Cosmyte - Vitamite B12 released on June 10th! We are preparing a big communication plan to give visibility to this album.

un mélange fusion, entre rythme downtempo psybass et des batteries/basses aux grooves trip-hop, mêlant instruments acoustiques (handpan/trompette) et rythmes électroniques ! Une belle collaboration à découvrir issue de l'album Cosmyte - Vitamite B12 sortie le 10 juin dernier ! Nous préparons un gros plan de communication pour donner de la visibilité à cet album.

Numatica – Revel Dub

“Like synth icicles slowly melting in a tropical sun on a distant beach in another galaxy. Where the 3 suns meet the horizon and splatter the skies with magnificance. Fresh organically squeezed computer beats with natural island vibes from another dimension. ”

Chilled out downtempo ambient dub track blending real instruments with electronic with splashes of psy sounds and effected oddities on top.

Mr. Starbeast – Aludra

“Fasten your seatbelts for an explorative transition into a different dimension. These unpredictable percussive breaks, sudden shifts and wide Psychill spirit are going to change the way you perceive sound reality.”

If you have a taste for the unusual and love music that takes you on a journey, then Aludra by Mr. Starbeast is the song for you.

Named after a star in the Canis Majoris constellation, Aludra is Mr. Starbeast's debut track, and kickstarts his musical project released and promoted through Strange House Records.

Aludra has a genre-bending sound that incorporates elements of electronica, psy-trance, and experimental beat-making.

Mysterious and pensive, this synth-layered, mood-driven musical composition will take you on a fantastical, atmospheric journey through time and space.

Settle in and enjoy the ride!

numeral – Marauder

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
Rotary, slow rhythms Psychill, with a thick and saturated atmosphere of melodic layers, which delays as if the swords under their feet. You immerse yourself in a state of deep meditation and understand that there is no way back.”

“Тягучие, медленные ритмы Psychill, с густой и насыщенной атмосферой мелодических слоёв, которая затягивает в себя словно зыбучие пески под ногами. Ты погружаешься в состояние глубокой медитации и понимаешь, что пути назад нет.”

Following the release of debut EP "numeral" (2020, Irascible) and recent single and remix collaborations with Bristol-based producer Brecon, numeral has teamed up with Swiss electronic label "Blizzard Audio Club". "Marauder" is the first single from the upcoming "Primeval" EP, reflecting a journey back to the idea of a primordial Earth Age - a world steeped in beat-driven downtempo electronica and vibrant ambient.

Saafi Brothers – Mantra Dub

“Dubby Basslines with awesome atmospheric Strings and Dreamy sequences. Saafi brothers delivers a gateway to another musical psychedelic experience. Packed with percussion and great sound design ”

Make Pictures With The Sound’ is the brand new album by the Saafi Brothers on UK label Liquid Sound Design.

The release title is inspired by a quote from legendary British music producer John Leckie, who lends his voice on opening track ‘Beautiful Satellite’. With this album the Saafi Brothers do just that; make pictures with the sound, taking us on a breathtaking journey through their universe of sound, spiralling out from their deep roots in the Psychedelic Dub genre.

Keeping alive the Saafi Brothers’ reputation for chilled out eclecticism, the musical and emotional range for which they are renowned is very much in evidence here. From the rainforest tinged Dub Funk of ‘Ritualized Space’, through the epic deep Techno Sci-Fi soundscape of ‘In Far Away Places’ to the wigged out Acid House of ‘The Possibility of Change’, the album has much to offer for any connoisseur of contemporary Electronica.’

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