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Jaap Mol – Drifting (Spotify)

“Lightly touching the unknown, fingers glide over the piano keys. Felt mild anxiety mixed with curiosity. Angelic voices come in time, soothing the soul disturbing. And you step on the water surface and begin to drift. Drifting is a Mesmerizing new single by Jaap Mol under Woody Forest Records.”

“Слегка притрагиваясь к неизвестному, пальцы скользят по клавишам пианино. Чувствуется легкая тревога вперемешку с любопытством. И ангельские голоса приходят вовремя, успокаивая тревожную душу. И вы ложитесь на водную гладь и начинаете дрейфовать.”

Autumn just entered here in Amsterdam. We have to stay inside. It's raining. The streets are wet and empty. Here's a track to curl up on the couch and drift away into an endless and peaceful state of mind.

Bradlee the Rapper – end of time (m.t.) (Spotify)

“Bradlee the Rapper releases his new single, -end of time-. There is no time to think, there is only pure love here. The real one. Charming voice of 23 year old Manny Davis will help us to feel it stronger. Heartwarming! ”

“Нет времени на раздумье, есть только чистая любовь. И если любить - то по настоящему. Обворожительный голос 23 летнего Manny Davis поможет нам почувствовать это.”

Macrowave – Reborn (Video)

“Reborn, this is something that sometimes we need to do. Stop, stand, stay. Rethink the situation. Arrange everything in its place. And to break into a new life with renewed vigor! Macrowave with their beautiful cinematic sound story mesmerizing tell us that.”

“Это то, что иногда нам нужно сделать. Остановиться. Переосмыслить происходящее. Расставить все по своим местам. И ворваться в новую жизнь с новыми силами!”

Elskavon & John Hayes – “Refrost” (Video)

“The morning sun just waking up the world, the mist on the grass scatters dew. Peacefully the forest dwellers starts to wake up. Harmony envelops the whole world and hear that music. Refrost from Elskavon & John Hayes is that soundtrack experience. ”

“Когда утреннее солнце только просыпается, туман по траве раскидывает росу. И безмятежно просыпается лес. И просыпаются лесные жители. И гармония окутывает весь мир. Так мы слышим эту музыку.”

“The pair’s intent was to frame the sonic strata of their home state of Minnesota’s overlong winter months. They’ve succeeded.” – Aquarium Drunkard

Elskavon aka Chris Bartels and pianist John Hayes found their way to one another through a common interest in ambient-classical composition, and paying tribute to their mutually beloved home state Minnesota, particularly as it is during its overlong winter months.

Using cassette tape, and both in and out-of-the-box effects processing, to wring every last drop of sincerity out of a small array of acoustic timbres, Hayes and Bartels manage to lure electronic composition away from its oft-accused sterility into a deeply human, empathic realm. Their debut collaborative album Du Nord is out next Friday November 20th via Western Vinyl.

“Refrost” encapsulates the entire project with a wide-framing ambient opening, leading to clicking percussion and complimentary rhythms the rest of the way.

Few words about Elskavon & John Hayes

Elskavon aka Chris Bartels and pianist John Hayes found their way to one another through a common interest in ambient-classical composition, and shared influences spanning Chopin to Eno, both in genre and chronology. On their debut collaborative LP Du Nord,the pair work in a modern framework draped in classical textures, adding up to a moving and tranquil outcome that sonically describes their mutually beloved home state Minnesota, particularly as it is during its overlong winter months. The album is set for release November 20th via Western Vinyl and can be pre-ordered here.

Du Nord makes a gregarious introduction with “Vermilion” wherein a deep four-on-the-floor kick drum anchors a plucked violin leading to one of the album’s most extroverted and percussive cuts that gets into head-spaces occupied by both Four Tet and Balmorhea. The track is streaming via YouTube and all digital services.

Using cassette tape, and both in and out-of-the-box effects processing, to wring every last drop of sincerity out of a small array of acoustic timbres, Hayes and Bartels manage to lure electronic composition away from its oft-accused sterility into a deeply human, empathic realm.

Following “Vermilion”, the heavy percussion recedes into the blizzard, and the focus shifts to subtler, more microscopic emotional detail. On album centerpiece “Closer,” like so much of Du Nord, closeup pianos carry the whispers of their felt and wood viscera, while reverberant strings and synths echo from the pews in solidarity. Echoing the state’s distinctive seasonal changes, title track “Du Nord” is a brisk, gale-force drone that contrasts the relative gentleness of its aforementioned companion piece. The epilogue “Lobby” spotlights a lonely, cornered piano, captured from across the room on a cassette tape that reveals its age in hisses, warps, and flutters. It’s the product of two minds working with such synergy that their sonic thumbprints blend together entirely, becoming one.

John Hayes & Elskavon prove that even though “magic” may be an overused descriptor, there is a healthy amount of it to be found in the distinctive seasons of the Midwest, particularly its winters. In the colder months there, Earth pretends to be a different planet: Woods become more walkable, their underbrush suppressed by snowfall; days get shorter as once-busy locales dress themselves in motionless sheets of ice; a sun that shone gold in the spring and summer now beams a faint purple light from behind cloud cover that only shows mercy at dawn and dusk. Yet, winter has a counterintuitive consequence.

Though the season is bereft of warmth, the absence of heat compels us to seek it out, and makes us hyper-conscious of its necessity and sensation. It spurs a deeper appreciation of spring and summer, the other side where the grass is literally greener. It is in this way that Hayes and Elskavon are able to divine such deep affect and intimacy from the starker phases of their environment. While the Great Indoors is something we’ve all come to know regardless of our respective climes, these Minnesotans have always been in touch with the lonesomeness of such disconnection; theirs brought on by lingering, secluding winters.

The pair met out of the unique brand of kismet that can only be found in local music scenes, and their shared geography is integral to the aim of Du Nord, both practically and thematically. The two lifelong residents of the Twin Cities were introduced through a mutual friend in their city’s burgeoning ambient scene, and the exchange of ideas developed naturally from there. In Bartels’ own words “We first got together to write a song at John’s former apartment, in around the fall of 2018, something like that. Pursuit of a collaborative single turned into a 4-song EP, which eventually turned into this full-length. We’ve just let things naturally develop. For some songs, John improvised on the piano, sent them to me, and I did some chopping and processing, and added some of the more textural layers. But the majority of the album was written together, in the same room at the same time… these were the most creatively exciting times for us.”



Zachary Bruno – Margin (improv) (Spotify)

“What makes a feather light and why not be a fairy-tale hero? Just listen to Zachary Bruno and its new composition Margin (improv). And you go up into the air and fly high above the forest like a super hero feather. Fabulous adventure!”

“Что бы стать легким перышком не обязательно быть сказочным героем. Достаточно послушать Zachary Bruno и его композицию Margin (improv). И вы поднимитесь в воздух и полетите высоко над лесом. Сказочных приключений!”

Margin is an improv inspired by the cultural and societal "new normals" everyone has undergone in the past few months. It describes distancing, quarantine, prayer, and alone-ness through the use of musical space and minimalism.

In August 2013, Zachary released his debut album, Before the Rain, which reached #37 on the New Age charts. Kathy Parsons, of called the collection of original solo piano pieces “amazing music and an extraordinary beginning to a very promising career in music.” After being introduced to piano lessons at age 6, music composition almost instantly caught Zachary’s interest. And it wasn’t long before he was attempting to scribble down melodies and riffs onto homemade staff-paper. While composition came naturally to Zach, it took the constant encouragement of family and friends to finally persuade him to record his first album of his original compositions. Finally, after over 4 years of practicing, composing, and putting the final touches on the pieces, Zachary released his debut album of 12 original piano solos out into the world. The album would be titled, Before the Rain (2013). It did not take long before he saw an interest for his music, and a year later, he released his second album, Dawn Light (2014), which was promptly nominated and awarded 2015 Album of the Year by Whisperings Solo Piano Radio (2016). Zachary is currently working on his third solo piano album scheduled for release in late fall of 2018.

Time Interior – Liminal (Video)

“Time Interior with his new single Liminal, calm us with restless notes where piano harmonies touch your soul and somewhere in distance you see a glimmer of light. Which comes more close to you each time. You close your eyes, free of thoughts, happy and go to sleep with a smile. Fans of neoclassic will appreciate this unique performance!”

“Беспокойные ноты пианино трогают вашу душу и где то в дали забрезжил огонек. Все ближе и ближе он движется к вам. Вы закрываете глаза и засыпаете. Любители неоклассики не останутся равнодушными.”

Liminal was written during the Covid 19 quarantine when life as we knew it was slowly but surely slipping away and a new reality hasn’t quite been established. It’s about inhabiting that liminal space in between and learning how to be comfortable with the unknown.

Time Interior is a solo piano project by Russian Persian musician Roksana Zeinapur. Based in Los Angeles, Roksana creates evocative cinematic piano soundscapes reminiscent of music by Eric Satie, Nils Frahm and Johann Johannsson. Born and raised on the Baltic coast in Riga, Latvia, Roksana combines the best of western classical cannon and West coast meditative chill.

Ruben Young – Flower Girl (Spotify)

“The hot sun will offer you a beautiful dark tan, and the south wind will mess your hair with the playful groove of this song! The new single of Ruben Young, -Flower Girl- under Young + Lucky / Create Music Group Inc imprint.”

“Жаркое солнце поглотит вас темным загаром, а южный ветер будет развивать ваши волосы под игривые ритмы этой композиции!”

“Flower Girl” is a psychedelic, 70’s influenced soul single by Canada's rising R&B artist, Ruben Young. It's loaded with a lush brass section, hypnotic sitar, washed out boom-bap drums, and odes to the iconic free spirited 'flower girls' of new and old. Zoe Kravitz & Lisa Bonet, Margot Robbie & Janis Jolpin - something new, something classic. She comes into your life like a trip and teaches you to breathe the stress away.

"Flower Girl" is the first single following Ruben Young's debut EP, Dreamstate which dropped late 2019 - earning him nods as Apple Music Canada's New Artist of the Week, and features by Ones To Watch, Beats 1 Radio and BBC Radio One.

Produced by Ric Notes (Shad, Keys N Krates)

Blurring lines between his motown roots, a love for hip-hop and his charismatic pop-sensible penmanship, Ruben Young is a modern Soul/R&B artist and budding songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. His musical DNA is laced with influence from the likes of James Brown, Justin Timberlake and Mac Miller, but his stories are his own - a mixed race kid from humble beginnings who has dedicated his life to realizing his dreams. What began on a keyboard in his Trinidadian single momma’s basement has blossomed into Apple Music Canada's “New Artist of the Week” attracting +5 million streams and the stages of industry tastemakers such as Live Nation's ‘Ones To Watch’, as well as direct support slots for international icons such as Keisza, Akon, The Chainsmokers, Jarreau Vandal, Nelly, Phony Ppl, Classified and Jocelyn Alice.

In 2019, Ruben dropped his debut EP, Dreamstate, which featured American rapper Hodgy Beats from Odd Future and Grammy nominated producer, Lord Quest leading to features on Beats 1 Radio, BBC Radio One Extra, CBC, and FM and satellite radio across Canada.

In Fall 2020, the next chapter in Ruben’s career begins. Something new, something classic

Matan Arkin – Violet Hour (Spotify)

“Matan Arkin offers us an hour to visit the purple (Violet Hour), released on OIOI Recordings, an hour which so far was a mystery, an enigma. With his soft beats and vocals we step into unknown territories. Where we are now? Listen and find the answer.”

“Matan Arkin предлагает нам посетить фиолетовый час, в котором есть таинственность и загадка. Мы шагаем в такт его голоса по неизвестным ранее местам. Куда мы придем? Послушайте и найдите ответ.”

Matan Arkin is a producer that creates magical music that not just moves bones and feet but also touches heart and soul.

Mystical sound landscapes merging with earthy beats from all over the world, of all kinds and genres.

There are no boundaries in his music which makes the listener be deeply touched and go on a mediate journey.

LOUNGETUNES – Downtown (Spotify)

“-Downtown from -LOUNGETUNES- is beautiful music that invites you to go to your bed early to enjoy the first snow of autumn fall. A crystal production, music for everyone, music for relaxation.”

“Прекрасная музыка ложиться как первый снег на сырую осеннюю листву. Она чиста и понятна. Музыка для каждого, музыка для отдыха. ”

Munich-based songwriter/producer Frieder Mollat started his music career in the mid 90's following his passion for music.

Graduating from college as a musicologist in 1995 he joined the music industry working a few years for labels like Warner Music Germany.

Over the years he has been writing music for several projects signing a publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Germany in 2001.

LOUNGETUNES is his brandnew project after his 2017 debut as a solo-artist with the launch of his KLANGPLANET project.

Dean Evenson – Full of Now (Video)

“Dean Evenson music is both rolled on the shore of the ocean waves. Bringing the notes of ethnic aftertaste. This is the perfect music that would relax after a hard day or in the meditation time.”

“Его музыка как накатывают на берег волны океана. Приносящие с собой ноты этнического послевкусия. Это идеальная музыка что бы расслабиться после тяжелого дня или во время медитации.”

This is the fourth song on one of Dean Evenson’s most ambient albums “Seeking Stillness”.

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