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Paramita Ambient, Wendy Panoah – Clarity (Spotify)

“Atmospheric work rich in dense, three-dimensional layering. which set us inside the sound and feelings of ambient.”

“Атмосферная работа -Clarity- с одноимённого EP богата на густые, объёмные слои. Именно таким мы видим, чувствуем и принимаем окружающий нас ambient. ”

Produced by Paramita Ambient, Wendy Panoah is a French composer of "Ambient Music" and relaxing music. They unveil the second single from their first EP “Clarity” which will be released on January 15, 2021. This second track is a soothing instrumental music recorded and tuned in “LA 432Hz”, a frequency close to nature ideal for relaxation, a yoga or meditation session with music! Artist similar to Chama Wijnen, EON NOIRE, Peter B. Helland, Alex Couture, Moon Oceans, Cooper Sams.

Specific Coast – Home (Spotify)

“Home. What amazing and special associations this short but so important word for each of us evokes. Let go of your thoughts from your daily routine and travel with Specific Coast and its meaningful creation - Home.”

“Дом. Какие удивительные и особые ассоциации вызывает это короткое, но такое важное для каждого из нас слово. Отпустите свои мысли от повседневных дел и отправляйтесь в путешествие вместе с Specific Coast и его многозначительным творением - Home.”

“Home” is the latest single from Los Angeles based singer-songwriter, Specific Coast. Originally a voice memo sent to his long distance girlfriend, ”Home” is featured twice in the penultimate episode of the Netflix Original series Ginny and Georgia, premiering February 24th.

Specific Coast is singer-songwriter, Matt Dunne. A veteran of the music industry, Dunne has held positions in concert promotion, artist management, music publishing, and label management. After multiple peers in the industry had come to him for guidance, Dunne created Cactus Coast, a community where artists, songwriters, mixers, and producers could help each other achieve their goals. Dunne began hosting backyard concerts at his home in Silver Lake, providing a unique, intimate setting for artists like Royal & the Serpent to perform. Dunne used this safe space to test out new material for his own project, Specific Coast. Eventually the house shows turned into networking events, which turned into writing sessions, which turned into songs, which turned into several placements in a Netflix series. After years of helping others transform their dreams into realities, Specific Coast returns with his highly anticipated single “Home.”

Jordi Forniés – The Music Painter (Spotify)

“The Music Painter is the case when the track title speaks for itself. Jordi Forniés like a real artist in the world of music draws his classical works. Gentle, sometimes impetuous melody and contemplative, creative mood.”

“The Music Painter тот самый случай, когда название композиции говорит само за себя. Jordi Forniés как настоящий художник в мире музыки рисует свои классические произведения. Нежная, порой импульсивная мелодия и созерцательное, творческое настроение.”

Jordi Forniés is a Spanish musician, composer, and visual artist based in Singapore. His works are characterised by a continuum between tender overarching refrains and defined sequences with increasing momentum.

Always contemplative and expansive in nature, his compositions draw on neoclassical and ambient electronic music. Forniés composes for piano, strings, and small ensembles, working with studio recordings alongside electronic elements.

His first album Loudly Quiet will be released in 2021 together with his forthcoming solo exhibition under the same name. The album is a hopeful and poignant collection of compositions for piano and strings which each focus around an individual story or transient moment.

He has often worked in collaboration with others including Bouvaque with photographer and filmmaker Han Sungpil for which Forniés’ created a piano and string quartet score. He has composed for films including Caroline Fink’s epic documentary about the receding of the largest glacier in Switzerland, Aletsch: Of Ice and Men, 2016, and made music for documentaries and video installations with Gitta Gsell. He also worked on Yan Wang Preston’s major project Mother River, which was exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2015.

A classically trained pianist since childhood, educated at Conservatorio Profesional de Música de Vila-seca in Spain, Forniés returned to music study in 2017 gaining an MFA in Music Composition and Orchestration at Chichester University in the UK. He is a member of the Composers Society of Singapore.

To check Jordi's visual work please visit

Kina, Mokita – I’m Not Going Back (feat. Mokita) (Spotify)

“Kina unites his fans with his signature emotional and vibrant sound. His extended single I'm Not Going Back with Mokita delivers warmth with captivating voice and the beautiful rhythms of indie pop music.”

“Kina объединяет своих фанатов своим фирменным эмоциональным и ярким звуком. Его расширенный, совместный с Mokita и Mishaal сингл I'm Not Going Back согревает теплотой своего пленительного голоса и ритмами инди-поп музыки.”



Platinum-selling producer Kina has shared his latest track “I’m Not Going Back” featuring Nashville-based singer Mokita. Listen HERE. The song blends Mokita’s rich, unique vocals with Kina’s signature lo-fi beats and is released today alongside a lyric video. Watch HERE.

In speaking about the collaboration, Kina says: “"I discovered Mokita thanks to Spotify shuffle – I remember when ‘Colorblind’ started playing; I was shocked and kept this song on loop for a long time, so I needed to make a song with him…and now here's ‘I'm Not Going Back.’ We worked remotely because of the COVID situation (and because I'm in Lisbon and he's from the US), but the song was born in an incredibly difficult but inspirational period that I was living in. I'm so happy with the final result simply because it completely represents my mood during that period of time."

Mokita adds: “‘I’m Not Going Back’ was one of those songs that I wrote really quickly, it happened in like 15 minutes. I wrote it about battling addictions and just how much easier it is to feed your addictions than it is to work at a relationship. I’ve been sober for almost 2 years now, and I remember the morning that I finally woke up and knew I was done... I kept repeating the title in my head, ‘I’m not going back.’ I think that can apply to so many things that are unhealthy for us. We kinda have to preach to ourselves against our demons and addictions, and remind ourselves why we stepped away. I have been a fan of Kina’s for a while so when he reached out about this song it was a no brainer. Super excited for everyone to hear it and grateful he wanted to work together on this one.”

“I’m Not Going Back” follows the release of Kina’s “Tell Me About You” (feat. Mishaal) late last year as well as his recent collaboration with Cavetown on “Sharpener’s Calling Me Again.” In April 2020, the 21-year-old producer released his debut EP Things I Wanted To Tell You, featuring the likes of Au/Ra, Pink Sweat$, and Adrianna Proenza. Included on the project is Kina’s breakout hit “Get You The Moon” (feat. Snøw), which has accumulated over 2.5 billion streams worldwide and is RIAA Platinum certified in the US, Mexico, Australia, Sweden and Canada. Furthermore, his track “Can We Kiss Forever” has tallied 2 billion+ streams globally. Kina’s music continues to grow and resonate with listeners, now surpassing over 11M TikToks created using his songs.

Stay tuned for more from Kina coming soon!

About Kina:

Italian producer Kina broadcasts his secrets through lo-fi pop transmissions teeming with the emotion and release of a midnight confession. His bare honesty registers on a global scale with an understated, yet seismic impact. Since 2017, the Naples-born Italian producer and artist has quietly emerged as a bona fide phenomenon with over 5 billion streams, Platinum certifications, acclaim from Refinery29 and Idolator, and an average of 10 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

His breakthrough 2018 single “Get You To The Moon” [feat. Snøw] initially exploded on Tik Tok as Columbia Records called and signed him. Eventually, the track garnered a platinum plaque from the RIAA, appeared in an episode of On My Block, and posted up 1 billion total streams and counting. It also paved the way for his 2020 EP, Things I Wanted To Tell You. Inspired by a stint in Lisbon, the latter boasted the gold-selling “Can We Kiss Forever?” [feat. Adriana Proenza], “Where R U?” [feat. Pink Sweat$], and “Feel Again” [feat. Au/Ra], which Clash praised as a “wonderful future pop bouncer.” Along the way, he also remixed music for Natalie Taylor, StaySolidRocky, and many others.

About Mokita:

For some artists, music might be an exercise in aesthetics, written emotionally guarded at arm’s length, or from the perspective of another. But for artists like Nashville’s Mokita, it’s an unrelentingly honest, deeply personal, unwaveringly confessional form of expression, an outlet to tackle the sincerest of subjects many songwriters are all-too-often afraid to address with such candor, in a style that bridges Mokita’s classical training and singer-songwriter upbringing with his work as a producer and a penchant for crafting layered and atmospheric modern electro-pop.

While 2019’s 4201 marked Mokita’s debut EP, a string of singles, remixes, stripped down releases, and collaborations had already netted the independent artist hundreds of millions of streams in the preceding years, leading to collaborations with artists like R3HAB, Lost Frequencies, and most recently, Ella Vos. Though still operating as a writer and producer within Nashville’s flourishing pop scene and beyond, and tackling remixes for an eye-popping array of national talent, it’s his own work, the earnest culmination of a lifetime of musical experience, that most definitively sets Mokita apart, as he continues to rise through the ranks as an exciting fixture of the electronic and pop scene.



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Wallners – All Again (Video)

“Wallners group consisting of four brothers and sisters represent their third single, which is not always melancholy and despondency determine the depressive mood. All Again with the warmth draws multicolored patterns on the icy window, and strings and piano bonfires Wallners magical world of sound.”

“Группа Wallners состоящая из четырёх братьев и сестёр представляют свой третий сингл, в котором далеко не всегда тоска и уныние определяют депрессивное настроение. All Again с теплотой рисует разноцветные узоры на заледеневшем окне, а струнные и пиано разжигают костры волшебного мира звука Wallners.”

With their debut single “in my mind” and the follow-up “Ships”, the Viennese family affair Wallners promptly landed two impressive streaming successes. Along with features in various Tastemaker playlists, they were added to the Spotify Viral 50 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and far beyond Europe. Wallners are already considered as one of the most exciting Austrian newcomer bands. This successful start to their young career is now followed by their first EP “Prolog I” including the focus single “All Again”, which will be released on February 19, 2021. The talented sibling quartet is one of the most exciting neo-pop names in the German-speaking territory right now.

The newcomers Wallners – four young siblings from Vienna – feel comfortable while dreaming and playing with thoughts. The story of Nino (20), Max (23) and the twins Anna and Laurenz (25) almost sounds like a dream itself: After years of tinkering in the living room, they sent demos to various labels without any great expectations. Never ever would they have imagined that they would land straight at Universal Music. But you can hear why: The quartet’s debut single compares to a gaze into an enchanted kaleidoscope, presenting itselfas an unmistakable and highly polished sound. Wallners’ hypnotic dream pop will take theirlisteners on an exciting journey somewhere between illusion and reality.

Edith – Over It (Spotify)

“Imperishable synthpop from a young and charming singer Edith and her new single No Matter What You Do (Home Sessions). Sincere emotions, passionate love and hate burdening lyrical performance of Edith.”

“Нетленный synthpop от молодой и обворожительной певицы Edith и её нового сингла No Matter What You Do (Home Sessions). Искренние эмоции, пылкая любовь и отягощающая ненависть в лирическом исполнении Edith.”

Edith shared with us few words behind this song:

“I wrote Over It at a point in my life where I was completely and utterly over not just an ex-boyfriend but some people and situations that never served me any good. That feeling is truly the best, and you can rant over and over again to your friends about these frustrations but unfortunately, you’re never going to be truly released until you let yourself feel those emotions and move on. It is the first song I wrote and recorded for this album. One of my favourite sayings is ‘You have to bleed to grow’ and honestly it has been the backbone to my growth and journey so far. I want people to know that being vulnerable is a sign of strength, and even though Over It is a party song, the album has a few records in which a breakup is seen from a different perspective, from the perspective of loss and regret. There are days when we miss that person and days when we don’t feel a thing, which is why I love writing about my emotions and connecting with people through similar experiences. “

Pirate Copy, Rowetta – Flashback (Spotify)

“This old-school house on the Pirate Copy and Rowetta and their joint work in the track Flashback. Carefully crafted melody, bass line and the bright bits and magnificent vocals.”

“Настоящий old-school house от Pirate Copy и Rowetta и их совместное творчество в треке Flashback. Тщательно обработанная мелодия, яркая басовая линия и бит и умопомрачительный вокал.”

Manchester's Pirate Copy aka Lee Spence has whole-heartedly adopted the DIY approach. Yet even with a more modest perspective, Pirate Copy has earned himself a string of releases on the likes of Natural Rhythm, Kaluki Musik, Materialism, Elrow and Get Slow as well as residencies at clubbing hot spots across Europe showing the rest of the dance music landscape how a strong friendship united by a genuine passion for music can be the winning ticket for success.

Atomic – Where I’m At (feat. Joe Bruce) (Video)

“Hip-Hop is one of the immutable genres, who once won a huge number of listeners. Rap artist Atomic and its joint with Joe Bruce song Where I’m At invites to him to feel the taste of the native scope of Rhode Island.”

“Hip-Hop один из незыблемых жанров, который в своё время покорил огромное количество слушателей. Рэп-исполнитель Atomic и его совместная с Joe Bruce песня Where I’m At приглашает к себе прочувствовать вкус родных простор Род-Айленда.”

Where I’m At is a high-energy Hip Hop single produced by DJ Pain 1. It features verses from Atomic and Joe Bruce, two of the nicest young MCs in the Rhode Island area.

Korekiyo – Fisherman (Spotify)

“The influence of the legendary Deep Forest traced so far and the only performers unit take all the best of World Music. Korekiyo one of those who competently and with the soul continues the tradition of the distant 90s. Japanese synthesized shakuhachi flute, flat bits and diverse ethnic percussion in his new single Fisherman.”

“Влияние легендарных Deep Forest прослеживается до сих пор и лишь единицы исполнителей берут всё самое лучшее от World Music. Korekiyo один из тех, который грамотно и с душой продолжает традиции далёких 90-х. Японская, синтезированная флейта shakuhachi, ровный бит и разнообразная этническая перкуссия в его новом сингле Fisherman.”

Fisherman is an ethnic beat with a lo-fi vinyl vibe. The flute melody is taking you to the ocean.

Noble the Poet – NOVEMBER (Spotify)

“Noble the Poet - not just a singer and performer, he is a true poet of his craft, which safely participate in poetry competitions. We draw your attention to his song November, which is performed in the classic R & B under the influence of modern Chill and Lo-fi Hip-Hop.”

“Noble the Poet - не просто певец и исполнитель, он настоящий поэт своего дела, который смело участвует в поэтических соревнованиях. Обращаем ваше внимание на его песню November, которая исполнена в классическом R&B под современным влиянием Chill и Lo-fi Hip-Hop.”

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