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Orang Utan – Who’s Your Love? (Spotify)

“Enjoy a light, catchy melody and that truly angelic singing. Expressive bits of flowing chords and rainbow-like arrangement - all at their highest level.”

“Наслаждаетесь лёгкой, запоминающейся мелодией и по-настоящему ангельским пением. Выразительные биты, плавные аккорды и радужная аранжировка – всё на высшем уровне.”

Orang Utan debuts with "Who's your love" , released on one of the world's biggest electro labels, Ultra Music. The music video, that features two on space balls jumping, monkey-mask wearing guys, has huge viral potential. Furthermore, the song has a purpose: Artist Orang Utan partners up with WWF and commits to donating 50% to protecting the "real" Orangutan in Borneo. This way, every 2nd stream goes directly to saving these Great Apes. Probably the most fun way to do something good!

Matan Arkin – Future Ancient (Spotify)

“Melodic high quality sound and diverse palette of wave samples - all mixed with craft. An amazing mood and atmosphere which is indescribable by words.”

“Качество звучания, мелодизм, разнообразная звуковая палитра - всё это выполнено на высочайшем уровне. Удивительное настроение и непередаваемая словами атмосфера. ”

Chill Downtempo vibe with Guitar and strings

Pablo Bolivar, Ben Preisinger – Dusk Light (Spotify)

“-Dusk Light- has its own special sound character. This gives it an exceptional personality. Madly atmospheric work with high affection to the listener.”

“Звуковая картина в -Dusk Light- своя, особая. Это и придаёт ей исключительную индивидуальность. Безумно атмосферная работа.”

Rich with minimal textures and refined electronic chords, ‘Dusk Light’ is progressively chilled as it incorporates the works of Pablo Bolivar and Ben Preisinger into one, cohesive creation. An ode to the synchronicities and complex behaviours found in nature, the single manages to create an organic atmosphere while only using rolling electronic instruments and entrancing synths. First glimmer of the upcoming album FRAMEWORK OF A DREAM.

MontyG, Neshy – Anymore (Spotify)

“In fact, this is pure Drum & Bass - viscous, thick, sometimes wistful and pathetic. It's amazing how everything sounds organically and holistically. Its melodic and expressive vocals can reach your inner world, in a way which is impossible to describe in words.”

“По сути, это чистый Drum & Bass – такой же вязкий, густой, местами задумчивый и патетичный. Удивительно, как всё звучит органично и целостно. Мелодичный и экспрессивный вокал погружает и передаёт тот внутренний мир, который невозможно описать словами.”

Anymore is a dark, menacing liquid drum and bass track, about a girl seeing the light at the end of the tunnel after a toxic relationship, produced by me and sung by my mate Neshy.

Madwave – Dreaming of a Better World (Spotify)

“-Dreaming of a Better World- is a classic euro trance track with saturated dynamic rhythm section synthesizers, expressive and also impressive energy level. In this single there's everything that you had forgoten, but finally delivered from -Madwave-.”

“-Dreaming of a Better World- это классический евро транс, насыщенный динамичной ритм секцией, выразительными синтезаторами и впечатляющей энергетикой. Всё, о чём вы успели позабыть, есть в этом расширенном сингле от -Madwave-.”

Even written and produced more than 2 years ago, this song and its name fits perfectly the mad time we are currently living all around the world.

"Another amazing release at our label Abora Recordings, entitled 'Dreaming of a Better World' and produced by Swiss trance artist Madwave."

Considered to be one of the pillars of the Swiss trance scene, Madwave is more than a professional artist who captivates the crowd behind the decks! A visionary young man of its time in an evolutionary musical world, his dreams are synonymous of projects where only the action will give them birth. A Swiss DJ who dares!

Madwave has scoured all the clubs & festivals of the country and now travels well beyond the Swiss borders. Born in Lausanne, it's from a young age that he got interested in vinyl and made his first mixes. He then made an impressive career and can nowadays claim to be the Swiss leader of the new trance generation.

His energy doesn’t stop moving around and he imposes his rhythm all around the globe through his productions, played by the biggest international trance artists like Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk or Aly & Fila, only to name but a few.

Madwave sets the tone and his musical ambitions sound like a breath of freedom transmitted by its unique sound!

Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez – 40 Days (Spotify)

“This is the perfect mood for all fans of neo-soul music. Classic jazz elements and blues lead vocals. -40 Days- is a reflection of the multifaceted talent to open the doors of perception of this magic spell.”

“Это идеальное настроение для всех поклонников neo-soul. Классические элементы джаза и блюзовый лидирующий вокал. -40 Days- это отражение многогранного таланта на открытые двери нашего восприятия данного волшебства.”

Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez is a singer/composer based in Brooklyn, New York. Born into a family of musicians, music was Raina’s first language and it runs deep within her veins. Rooted in Jazz and R&B, the songwriter invites us into her unique sonic world with harmonic nuance and lyrical poetry.

Raina’s cross-genre style is built from the bottom up. With improvisation as a starting point for her songs, Raina draws on her emotionality and leans into her perception of the world around, uncovering hidden depths within daily life and articulating personal truth with vulnerability and bravery. Songwriting is her way of processing and understanding life in all its complexity.

Her latest single “40 Days” is a subtly complex story about a struggle to let go. Some of that holding is portrayed and experienced as strength, “I won’t let it go, let it strip all my pride”, a stubborn vigilance. Later in the song, that same holding takes form as an unhealthy attachment, “I fought for you when I knew it wasn’t right.” It’s hard to let go and it’s especially hard to let go of people who have hurt you, as backwards as that may seem. At the core of “40 Days” is the desire to let go, to be soft, to live in expansive harmony, and the accompanying choir embodies that desire. Community, shared truth and recognition set us free.

The single is a slow burn. Flickering with a tender tempo, the intro and verses keep us close; their delicate specificity is complimented by the fullness and warmth of the chorus and choir. Keeping intimacy at the center, the simplicity of the song demands a high level of craftsmanship and restraint. “40 Days” is entirely full and romantic in its sonic appeal. Captivating from the start, this New Yorker produces smoky, sensual vocals that glide over the track melting into a surge of passion and honesty.

With over 600k streams on Spotify and a budding global audience, RSG has packed rooms at prestigious venues such as Brooklyn Bowl, SOB’s, Rockwood Music Hall, MoMA PS1 and many others. Opening for artists such as Starchild and the New Romantic, Raina has a deep connection to the New York City music scene.

“40 Days” is the second single to be released off of the upcoming album IF THEY’RE MINE, due May 2021.

DPG – Easy Going (Spotify)

“- Easy Going - is a real fairy tale. Very calm and relaxing music, which ideally fits as background music of small companies or a meeting in a circle of friends at home.”

“Easy Going– это настоящая сказка. Очень спокойная и расслабляющая музыка, которая идеально подходит для фона уютных компаний или встреч в дружеском кругу у себя дома. ”

Daniel pappageorge is a Greek and Mexican musician and music producer from Las Vegas, NV. He got his start playing in garage bands in the local ska and punk scenes and has since experimented in many genres including ska, punk, avantegarde music, jazz, reggae and dub and continues to make music today. In 2019, he and his fellow cousin and producer PAPPAGEORGE along with 2 other partners created Look Thru Records, a record label to house their creations as well as any artists they work with.

Matt Nye – Hell of a Guy (Spotify)

“-Matt Nye- shares a very charismatic voice and a particular style of performance, which distinguishes it from others. The song -Hell of a Guy- is strong and sturdy, full of ambition, courage and, most importantly, professionalism in production.”

“Оригинальный голос -Matt Nye- и мы получаем очень харизматичный тембр и специфическую манеру читки, которая выгодно отличает его от других. Трек -Hell of a Guy- сильный и крепкий, полный амбиций, смелости и, что немаловажно, профессионализма.”

Dede K, King Plu – Tonight (Spotify)

“Beats and work with samples are beyond praise, the texts contain everyday philosophical reflections, but their presentation is short, and most importantly - correct in meaning. Professionalism in writing lyrics is felt even by an inexperienced ear.”

“Биты и работа с сэмплами выше всяких похвал, в текстах прослеживаются обыденные философские размышления, но их подача краткая, а главное – правильная по смыслу. Профессионализм в написании лирики чувствуется даже неопытным слухом.”

Dede K (New York based afrobeat KING). De King Vibez is a talented afropop indie musician with so many great songs on different platforms.

Isle’r – With the Wind (Spotify)

“No pompous crescendos, the composition sounds restrained, transparent and laconic. A fragile, almost weightless as wind travel along the native land of the composer.”

“Никаких помпезных крещендо, композиция звучит сдержанно, прозрачно и лаконично. Хрупкое, почти невесомое как ветер путешествие по родным краям композитора.”

Artist shared few words with us behind his inspiration for this music:

"I wrote this song just as COVID began to ravage NYC, having no idea we would still be living under its shadow one year later. I happened upon a patch of beautiful, blooming flowers on a path off the Hudson River in a windstorm. They were swaying and bending but never breaking, and I'm hoping this music will help people enter into the peace and beauty of flowers moving with the wind - bending yet not breaking - defiant and resolute despite it all." - Isle'r

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