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Mike Rufo – A Key, a Rock, a Cloud

“Not everyone needs huge accounts in banks or conquering space open spaces in life. Most of us need simple, human needs - to hear how the wind sings behind green hills, murmurs a stream and plays a melody of guitar. Human needs human! -Mike rufo- This understands perfectly and shares with us his simple and sincere feelings.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Не всем нужны в жизни огромные счета в банках или покорение космических просторов. Большинству из нас нужны простые, человеческие потребности — услышать, как поёт ветер за зелёными холмами, журчит ручей и играет мелодия гитары. Человеку нужен человек! -Mike Rufo- это прекрасно понимает и делится с нами своими простыми и искренними чувствами.”

Goldie Vargas – Moving in Reverse

“The information and mastering are made at a very high level and over all this splendor, as at the peak of the high mountain, the original voice rises -goldie Vargas-, the vocal data of which cannot be explained, you just need to hear it at least once and fall in love forever!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Сведение и мастеринг выполнены на очень высоком уровне и над всем этим великолепием, как на пике высокой горы возвышается оригинальный голос -Goldie Vargas-, вокальные данные которой не поддаются объяснению, его надо просто услышать хотя бы один раз и влюбиться навсегда!”

Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Goldie Vargas has released her new single, “Moving in Reverse."

“Moving in Reverse” is Goldie’s second single and follows her debut release, “Strawberry Kisses.” Both songs will be included on her upcoming EP, due out this Summer.

Written during the first week of the pandemic, "Moving in Reverse" is a cathartic emotional release. Over dreamy, atmospheric production, Goldie’s honeyed vocals unfurl as she poignantly describes the fear, isolation and uncertainty she was feeling: “Days go by and I’m still trying to find the way to get out alive / Days go by and I’m still trying to get towards the other side.”

After writing and recording "Moving in Reverse," Goldie didn't touch it again for an entire year. She explains what drew her back to the song: "It took a really mentally challenging period of my life to take me back to the final recording of the song where I discovered an entire new meaning in it. Everything I was going through with brain fog, anxiety and depression was being said through the song and communicated in such a clear way."

Three Legged Dog – Farmer Jahn

“What happens if you reduce the positive wiber of the reggae genre and a solo of an electronic guitar in a single mix, whose melodic riffs leave scars on the heart? And you will get a new single from -three Legged Dog-, which will pleasantly surprise you with its atmosphere.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Что получится, если свести в едином миксе позитивный вайб жанра reggae и соло электронной гитары, мелодичные риффы которой оставляют рубцы на сердце? А получится новый сингл от -Three Legged Dog-, который вас приятно удивит своей атмосферой.”

Adam Jesin – Imprisoned

“-Adam Jesin- very successfully mixes Soft Rock and Indie Rock, creating its own unique and instantly recognizable style. But against the background of all these melodic and rhythmic landscapes, his magnificent vocals flaunts. Pure as mountain water and transparent, like the soul of a lover.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Adam Jesin- очень удачно смешивает soft rock и indie rock, создавая свой уникальный и мгновенно узнаваемый стиль. Но на фоне всех этих мелодических и ритмических пейзажей красуется его великолепный вокал. Чистый, как горная вода и прозрачный, как душа влюблённого.”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter and musician Adam Jesin is back with ‘Imprisoned’, an inspiring pop rock track about the great things that can happen for/to us when we let go of our fears. He sings, “When we choose to be afraid, well then our fear becomes our fortress… and when we choose to be afraid, we become imprisoned”. Just last year, he released his two biggest records to date - ‘Cracked Open’ and ‘Big Shot (Remix)’. Adam Jesin has performed at venues all over Canada and the US, including historic venues like the El Macombo in Toronto and the Viper Room in Los Angeles. Several of Adam's Toronto sports parodies have gone viral on YouTube and have over 3 million combined views. He has appeared on local radio and television talk shows including Tucker in the Morning on Virgin Radio and CP24 breakfast several times.

I Used to Be Sam – Grateful

“This track can be compared with a research mission on the subconscious of the author. Deeply personal and very fragile, like our hearts of a song, the mood in which is shrouded in as if fog after cold, autumn rain. Chic arthouse with the taste of alt pop sound, with an outstanding vocal.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек можно сравнить с исследовательской миссией по подсознанию автора. Глубоко личная и очень хрупкая, как наши сердца песня, настроение в которой окутано словно туманом после холодного, осеннего дождя. Шикарный артхаус со вкусом alt pop звучания, с выдающимся вокалом.”

Internationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and musical artist I Used To Be Sam (aka Annie Goodchild) announces their self-titled EP, set for release on 16 September. I Used To Be Sam also shares their last single, ‘Grateful’, before the release of the EP out on 16 June.

With their latest single ‘Seamstress’ championed by COLORSxSTUDIOS and Notion, and their track ‘Gentle,’ landing a premiere on Wonderland, I Used To Be Sam steps into a complex journey of transracial adoption and self-discovery on their new EP ‘I Used to Be Sam’ – an explorative new collection of deeply personal, cinematic, left-field pop, all wrapped up in the singer’s distinctively illustrious voice.

Originally written on piano, I Used To Be Sam continued work on the track with producer Novaa, adding further layers and movement. Something about it’s droney playfulness just felt right – “This whole experience of coming into my adoptee identity, DNA tests, and heartbreaking rejections have been a real journey and I wanted the song to have a fairytale wandering through the woods kind of vibe.”

An apt final single before the release of the full record, ‘Grateful’ is a song of reflection; for the work that she has done to get here, and also a thank you to the people in her life who have helped her get to this point.

They continue, “my chosen family has really stood by me throughout this process, both artistically and personally. So I needed to have a song that was a ‘thank you’ to them and that part of myself. The other aspect of this song is about being ready to walk away from my own damaging cycles, and other’s toxicity. I feel like I have enough perspective now to start seeing how some of my trauma responses attract toxic and manipulative people and thought patterns. And that’s something I not only want to change, but also need to change to keep evolving.”

Previously known for her work as Annie Goodchild and as a featured singer in the musical collective Postmodern Jukebox, the new project sees a shift in musical direction for the multi-faceted artist, as well as a deeply personal exploration of their identity and adoption journey. The devastation and passion pours out of every track on this complex and enchanting record.

On a gruelling songwriting trip to Berlin in 2020, I Used To Be Sam had a life changing experience working with a queer, female, POC producer. Up until this point, they had primarily only worked with white men, given the lack of diversity within the music industry. However, after meeting this new producer, who they more closely identified with, I Used To Be Sam felt comfortable enough to open up about their adoption story, speaking candidly about meeting her birth father for the first time, and the agony of trying to reconnect with her biological mother which was met with hostility and rejection. As the artist recounted their experiences, she confirmed her birth name had been Samantha, “After telling my story, I looked up at the producer and she was crying. In that moment, the name I Used to Be Sam came to me. I decided I couldn’t make Annie Goodchild music anymore, because Annie was who I had to be to get to this point. This new project was something I needed to create so I can continue to grow and evolve.”

Following this life-altering moment, I Used To Be Sam became impassioned to use their music as a vessel to bring people with shared experiences together, and to open up the narrative around transracial adoption from the perspective of the adoptee, which is very rarely heard and explored. She has created a community with other transracial adoptees (TRAs), many of whom she has interviewed for this project. Fragments of their stories can be heard throughout this new record.

I Used To Be Sam’s self-titled debut EP is set for release this Autumn, and marks a pivotal moment for the artist making the bravest, freest and most confronting music of their career.


“The immersion effect is achieved by a beautiful and melodic sound of synthesizers and a hypnotic voice. Very positive music echoes the dramatic text, but between the lines you can catch the light intonation of self -irony. It's nice to listen, the melodic wib is just great!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Эффект погружения достигается красивым и мелодичным звучанием синтезаторов и гипнотическим голосом. Очень позитивная музыка перекликается с драматическим текстом, но между строк можно уловить лёгкую интонацию самоиронии. Приятно слушать, мелодический вайб просто великолепен! ”

Already the previous single successes are impressive and DRAMAS reinvent themselves once again, surprising with a great throw and hypnotic melodies. Reduced to the essentials, DRAMAS again indulge in the matter close to their heart on their new single "Fame" – the fascination with opposites.

This time, the focus is on a bipolar personality and the associated oscillation between the extremes. It’s also the opening single of the artpop duo’s new album, due out in spring 2023.

"Fame" is about a bipolar personality: the melancholic "dreamer in the school yard" and the exalted "unborn star". Even though the two can’t live with or without each other, they are lost without each other. For us, the song is also a love song to our own selves."

Jack in Water – Let Down Your Guard

“Do you remember the day when you opened the doors of your soul to the one who trusted and how much your heart was knocking at that moment? In the melody of this acoustic folk there are particles of memories, and a captivating voice warms the warm hope that everything will be fine.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Вы помните тот день, когда вы приоткрыли двери своей души тому, кому доверились и как сильно стучало ваше сердце в этот момент? В мелодии этого акустического folk присутствуют частички воспоминаний, а пленительный голос согревает тёплой надеждой, что всё будет хорошо.”

Let Down Your Guard is a song written for someone that wanted to show appreciation for their friend that completely changed their life. It is the first single from a collection of songs written as gifts for people during the lockdowns in 2020.

Jack in Water is the artist name of William Clapson. He was brought up in a little village in Essex, UK and grew up listening to the different musical influences of his parents. His Dad introduced him to a whole host of melancholy and drama created by bands such as Radiohead and the Blue Nile. Whilst at his Mum’s house, the living room was mostly full of the powerful R&B and soul voices like Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross. It was this mix of post rock melancholy instrumentation, partnered with the emotional soulful voice of some of the greats that really drove him to make the music he does today.

Throughout the development of his songwriting and sound during his teenage years and early 20’s, the reasons for making music and the subject matter of his lyrics remain the same. He uses music as a way of communicating emotions and ideas with himself and the world around him. He writes to connect and reconnect with himself, those close to him and those whom he may never meet but are connected by the pain and joy of what it means to be alive and be a human being. In the same way that he identified with his favourite songwriters growing up or that he felt reached out to by certain lyrics in songs, he hopes to continue this in whatever particular style of music he makes.

It is because of this drive to connect with people through music and art that William is so often drawn to collaborate with friends such as Oliver Chapman. In 2012 William and Oliver wrote a song called “Made of Ghosts” and recorded at Abbey Road with The London Symphony Orchestra. It was in this same year that William released an EP titled The Meaning of Events which has now gone on to accumulate over 10 million streams collectively. William follow up EP was a 3-track live piano and voice collection titled The Piano One that was recorded in a church close to where he was brought up. Each song was addressed to a different generation of his family, the Matriarch, the father and the child to be born.

Jack in Water signed to Nettwerk Records in 2018 and released his warmly received EP Absence with the label late the same year. A poignant release with its theme primarily focused on the risks of being absent, whether that be in a romantic relationship, friendship or with people you admire. His second EP Presence, made in conjunction with Ben Christophers (best known for his work with Bat for Lashes), was released in June 2019. The theme running throughout this body of work is honesty and remaining present, whether that is getting over pride and taking accountability for your actions, tackling male repression or just allowing yourself to be in love and be loved.

He’s currently set to release an acoustic EP entitled Mole Hill Green, which is the name of the village where William grew up and due to be released in August 2020. The EP includes acoustic versions of three original songs ("Monster", "Everyone Will Be Lost", "Step Down") and a cover version of "Wise Up" by Aimee Mann, a song that reminds William of his childhood in the mid-90s and that deals with social issues close to his heart, such as addiction and alcoholism. The original version of the acoustic tracks will be included in Jack In Water's debut full-length album, which is scheduled to be released in 2021.

This is a very personal work, where he looks back on his childhood memories and relationships, digging back into uncomfortable emotions and abuse, in order to process past traumas and appreciate the new and strong person he is now. “When you’re no longer tangled up in its ups and downs but you’re still able to see that you’re inevitably a result of everything that’s happened to you so far” William explained. “Being able to reflect on my upbringing has been quite therapeutic, and also difficult at times.”

Millar Jukes – Tongue Tied

“What emotions this composition gives is impossible to convey in words, and with feelings too. -Millar Jukes- wrote just a magnificent track in the genres of Blues and Indie Rock, which can be included anyone who missed quality music.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“То, какие эмоции дарит эта композиция невозможно передать словами, да и чувствами тоже. -Millar Jukes- написал просто великолепный трек в жанрах blues и indie rock, который можно включать любому, кто соскучился по качественной музыке.”

Buddha’s Sister – Walls of Sand (You Should Know Me)

“It is simply necessary to focus on how this track is harmoniously drawn up. The ideal dynamics and structure of the narrative, the unity and balance of the vocals and rhythm of Alt Pop is felt and, for this reason, the melody is perceived as the course of water in the stream. Gorgeous work!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Просто необходимо сделать акцент на том, как гармонично составлен этот трек. Идеальная динамика и структура повествования, ощущается единство и баланс вокала и ритма alt pop и по этой причине мелодия воспринимается как течение воды в ручье. Шикарная работа!”

Single on upcoming 5th album "Chemical Crash" that is slated to come out Fall 2022

A Heart Of Gold – Fizz

“This music is created to calm and relaxation of your soul. Just feel the warmth with which the rhythms of Lo-Fi Pop and Synthwave sway you on their waves. Ate in charming vocals, as in the bottomless ocean and enjoy the state of complete peace.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Эта музыка создана для успокоения и релаксации вашей души. Просто почувствуйте ту теплоту, с которой ритмы lo-fi pop и synthwave покачивают вас на своих волнах. Искупайтесь в очаровательном вокале, как в бездонном океане и насладитесь состоянием полного умиротворения.”

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