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Jantine – Stockholm Syndrome (Spotify)

“The lyrics cause sincere emotions not only through sensual perception, but also at the subconscious level. Original and loved Synthpop, with rich sound arrangement and an atmosphere of hypnotic effect!”

“Текст вызывает искренние эмоции не только через чувственное восприятие, но и на уровне подсознательного. По своему оригинальный, но по-прежнему любимый многими Synthpop, насыщенная аранжировка и атмосфера придают звучанию гипнотический эффект!”

Inspired by the feeling of being unable to resist someone that you know is not good for you, Dutch, UK-based singer/songwriter Jantine returns to BB Music Group with ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. Aptly written in Stockholm, alongside Matilda Thompson and Oliver Forsmack, it is a radio-ready creation that perfectly blends pristine pop production with Jantine’s smooth vocals. With all the hallmarks of a radio hit, ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ gives further insight into the depths of her artistic talents.

Joel Ray – No Sleep (Spotify)

“Realize and enjoy the high-quality sound, the beauty of melody and the promise that comes from the loops of this explosive track! Dissolving in vibrations, feel the harmony of the world and become an integral part of it. Most importantly - don't sleep tonight until you listen to this great song!”

“Осознать и насладиться качественным звуком, красотой мелодии и посылом, доносящимся из недр этого взрывного трека! Растворись в вибрациях, почувствуй гармонию мира и стань его неотъемлемой частью. И, главное - не засыпай, пока не послушаешь песню до конца!”

It's been almost three years since Bernese songwriter Joel Ray made it onto the playlists of mainstream radio stations with songs like "Bigger Love," "River" or "L.O.V.E.". His distinctive combination of poppy hooks and positive vibes hit the zeitgeist.

Now the journey continues. Joel Ray has been developing his sound over the past few months together with Zurich-based producer Tom Oehler (Ikan Hyu, Tobias Carshey, Nick Mellow).

Today we can send you "No Sleep". A contemporary pop number that immediately shows: pop music made in Switzerland is incredibly fun.

Juli Chan – Joe Le Taxi (Video)

“From the very first notes, you are amazed at how carefully the performer treated the heritage of the singer Vanessa Paradis and with great love made a gorgeous cover version of one of the best songs of 1987! Voice, presentation and beautiful modern arrangement here are top notch!”

“С первых нот поражаешься, как бережно исполнительница отнеслась к наследию певицы Vanessa Paradis и с огромной любовью сделала шикарную кавер-версию одной из лучших песен 1987 года! Голос, подача и красивая современная аранжировка сделали своё дело!”

Juli Chan rejuvenates the legendary French hit of the eighties with her delicate and sensual cover. Discover what Joe Le Taxi sounds like today, 34 years after it topped charts around the world.

Juli Chan has already got her fans used to her spectacularly sung covers. Recently, the artist paid tribute to Ariana Grande – her longtime mentor and music inspiration, interpreting the song “Bad Idea” from the bottom of her heart. Today she reaches for “Joe Le Taxi” – the essence of the 1980s POP. Introducing contemporary sounds to the French hit, she vibes with the song and her candid voice.

“Joe Le Taxi” is a song about a taxi driver who knows all the romantic streets of Paris very well. Joe loves the Parisian nightlife, with all the secret bars and shining bridges over the Seine. There is always good music in his cab. Standing in a traffic jam, the taxi driver Joe treats his passengers with a rumba, mambo, saxophone sounds and good old rock.

When I was researching the song I discovered a fascinating story behind the lyrics. Joe is the pseudonym of Maria José Leão dos Santos, Portuguese female taxi driver who fled to France in the 1970s. Maria José was persecuted because of her sexual orientation. When Mari José’s mother discovered her daughter was a lesbian, she took her to an exorcist, later to the hospital and eventually put her in a school run by nuns. In the French capital, she took the name Joe and a profession stereotypically reserved for men. She could be herself safely traveling around night Paris with guests of LGBT clubs. I think this story about the need for tolerance, non-discrimination, as a tribute to all strong women – it is worth recalling today as well as the beautiful melody of “Joe Le Taxi” from years ago.
-Juli Chan said

Julia Chmielarska is an ethereal and girly singer, performing since 2020 under the pseudonym Juli Chan. She professionally trained her voice and performed on stage across competitions and festivals from an early age. Often compared to Ariana Grande, she performed alongside CLEO in the Polish edition of the Voice Kids that brought the spotlight to the 16 year old powerhouse performer.


Lyric: Étienne Roda-Gil
Music: Franck Langolff
Music Production: Saint Rock
Vocal Producer: Przemysław Puk
Mix: Jarosław Baran
Mastering: Jarosław Baran
Executive Producer: Maciej Pichlak (Metascope Music)
Publisher: Agora Muzyka, under exclusive license from Metascope Music

XHOANA X – The Villain (Video)

“Enjoy the lung melody, angelic singing and an interesting selection of chords. The bold rhythm section, which seems to be dug in your brain, and dramatism allocated on a general background adds energy and lush atmosphere to the already bright work!”

“Наслаждаетесь лёгкой мелодией, ангельским пением и интересным подбором аккордов. Дерзкая ритм-секция, которая словно впивается в ваш мозг, а ярко выделяющийся на общем фоне драматизм лишь добавляет и в без того яркую работу долю энергии и пышной атмосферы!”

Albanian born XHOANA X takes her dark, Eastern European heritage very seriously. From an upbringing of one of the most tolerant spiritual cultures in the world, comes a unique style of art, with a mixture of freedom, rebellion and heroism.

The relaxed form of culture from Albania is the driving force here. You are in the darkest little corner of your room. And yet, this is where you find that you are most comfortable. Although perhaps you also find yourself a bit surprised at the ease in which you exist here.

The unexpected seems natural.

The rich enthralling darkness is the vibe.

Following in the footsteps of early musical influences the likes of Massive Attack and ‪Portishead, XHOANA’s music takes us on a spellbinding journey, as if we are preparing for a series of pagan rituals based on mystical beliefs.

Make no question here, she is the high priestess, and in full control of the ritual. The journey is a web in which we are caught, but you’ll find it hard to turn your ears away. You are trapped in a web of intrigue and sensuality while a neo noir movie plays in your head.

Her look and fashion is no less captivating, additionally filled with occasional David Lynch-esque twists and turns. Although her main ambition has always been on developing her musical recording career, XHOANA has also worked both as an actress, influencer, and model.

Sep – Closer (Spotify)

“The quality of sound, melody - everything is executed at the highest level! Deep House, which bursts in you and resonates in your soul and body. Great work with vocals and rhythm, everything is so harmoniously related that it is difficult not to succumb to temptation and add it to your playlist.”

“Качество звучания, мелодия - всё исполнено на высочайшем уровне! Глубокий Deep House, который врывается в вас и резонирует в вашей душе и теле. Великолепная работа с вокалом и ритмом, всё настолько гармонично связано, что сложно не поддаться искушению и добавить в свой плейлист на многоразовый повтор.”

Bloome – heaven (Spotify)

“A magnificent performance, a real author's cry from the heart - a very strong work that flows with its unimaginable beauty of melody and voice from vocalist. The highest professionalism is felt and deserves due attention!”

“Великолепное исполнение, настоящий авторский крик души - очень сильная работа, которая берёт своей невообразимой красотой мелодии и голоса вокалистки. Чувствуется высочайший профессионализм и заслуживает должного внимания!”

Heaven is a dive into a world where everything is possible. It's the second single of their upcoming EP "gone, gone".

Kiera Selbe – I (Spotify)

“One can endlessly talk about the phenomenality of the vocalist's voice over a cup of warm tea - this is a real diamond within its genre. Combined with a pleasant melody, it gives a stunning impact!”

“О феноменальности голоса вокалистки можно бесконечно рассуждать за чашечкой тёплого чая, – это настоящий бриллиант в рамках своего жанра. В совокупности с приятной мелодией даёт ошеломительный эффект воздействия!”

Artist shared few words behind her inspiration about this song:

I remember, I started writing this song at the age of 13. Although I was never really able to finish it until the start of last year (2020).

Writing this song, I basically had to imagine what it was like to be in love, the ups n downs you’ll go through, the butterflies you’d feel and the person you would never want to be away from. And that’s probably how I viewed love back then not really knowing what it was like. Throughout the years I started switching up the lyrics into what I really think love is like and how I truly feel about it. And that’s when I realized there isn’t much to change at all. That’s because it was exactly how I imagined it to be at the start.

It’s still unreal to me to say that “I” is officially out and I have to say that this first single, would never have happened if it wasn’t for the people that have always been beside me no matter how difficult situations get. Especially during this chaotic pandemic.

There were always times where I felt like it would never work out and kept doubting but I have to thank everyone who has believed in me throughout the process. This single would never have happened without this much love and support, I really do appreciate. - Kiera Selbe

Anthony Alcaraz, Shontelle – Danse Pour Moi (Spotify)

“Live instrumental component exceeds the inner world of authors, which is impossible to describe in words. The tropical sound palette, which gives the songs unique identity, saturates and takes along with the wind for the clouds.”

“Живая инструментальная составляющая великолепно передаёт внутренний мир авторов, который невозможно описать словами. Тропическая звуковая палитра, которая придаёт песни индивидуальности, насыщает и уносит вместе с ветром за облака.”

Anthony Alcaraz is a TV celebrity in French speaking countries, and operate a change to follow his passion for music.

This song is in collaboration with Shontelle, a Barbadian artist, who released top billboard songs like « Impossible » and « T-shirt », as well as weighting songs for Rihanna, Beyonce, Sean Paul.

She is doing her comeback to the music industry and this song is her first international collaboration

Constant Follower – Weave of the World (Spotify)

“Inspiration in ethnic motives and legends, where guitar strings echo one after another. A real treasure for folk music lovers. Lingering, sometimes melancholic, a little brooding and nostalgic. Promotes reflection, frenzy and complete harmony with the world.”

“Вдохновение в этнических мотивах и легендах, где одна за другой перекликаются гитарные струны. Настоящая кладезь для ценителей фолк музыки. Тягучий, местами меланхоличный, немного задумчивый и патетичный. Способствует размышлению, исступлению и полной гармонии с миром.”

As a teenager, frontman McAll survived an attack by a gang that left him with a catastrophic head injury and every memory of his childhood gone. The next decade was spent in a cabin on Scotland’s western coastline, where he eventually began composing again.

The result is a childhood imagined against a backdrop that, like the sea, is as serene as it is wild; ever-changing, yet resolute.

Championed by DJ Alex of KEXP, Gideon Coe of BBC Radio 6 Music and Vic Galloway and Roddie Hart of BBC Radio Scotland, Constant Follower releases the second single from his album ‘Neither Is, Nor Ever Was’ on the legendary NY imprint Shimmy Disc/Joyful Noise.

The first single premiered on Brooklyn Vegan and Glide Magazine and has garnered praise from the likes of:

DJ Alex, KEXP “Beautifully introspective vocal-led Folk. Loving the sound of Constant Follower.”

Clash Magazine “Hopelessly beautiful. A staggering piece of songwriting, with its simple poignancy carrying with it the wisdom only experience can offer.”

A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed "The Merry Dancers on TV" is gently affecting. A haunting ramble pitched at the place occupied by both Arab Strap and Bon Iver, this elegantly mellow song is something special indeed. It also helps that the video for the composition is just as memorable.”

CHILLFILTR “Like a heartbroken cry echoing through an empty cathedral, we are engulfed in equal parts sadness, wonder, and unspeakable beauty. Stephen McAll and his band Constant Follower are back with another poignant triumph of resonant chamber pop.”

Brooklyn Vegan “a lovely piece of delicate folk”

Folk Radio “Instantly compelling, memorable and moving”

Today, Constant Follower shares a brand new single entitled "Weave Of The World," the second release off their upcoming debut record ‘Neither Is, Nor Ever Was’ (due October 1 via Shimmy-Disc/Joyful Noise Recordings).

Of the track, frontman Stephen McAll recalled, “I wrote it during a period of anxiety or maybe mild paranoia. You can hear that in the words. But it’s taken on a new meaning for me, since what I must have thought might happen, didn’t. There’s still a lot of darkness in there, but the song reminds me that feelings are real but they aren’t facts. Even when you think things are going very wrong, there’s always a way to turn it around.”

The band’s debut album ‘Neither Is, Nor Ever Was’ was borne out of a respect for change, and the inevitable passing of time that frightens, comforts and humbles every one of us. It is a haunting testimonial to the temporary joys and fleeting moments that define the human experience.

Co-produced by Scottish singer-songwriter Stephen McAll and renowned producer and Shimmy-Disc founder Kramer (Low, Galaxie 500, Will Oldham), the recording for Neither Is, Nor Ever Was began in early 2020 at La Chunky studios in Glasgow with engineer Johnny Smillie

This was interrupted by the birth of McAll’s daughter (if you listen closely, her cries are just audible during some of Kessi’s backing vocals on ‘Little Marble’), and shortly afterwards by Covid 19 restrictions. McAll began recording the rest at his own CFFC studio in Stirling. The resulting recordings were then mixed and mastered by Kramer at his Noise Miami Studio, to breath-taking effect.

Each album track is accompanied by its own short film. McAll sought-out the most exciting new talents in Scottish film and animation and invited them to be part of the album project. Each video, the artist’s personal response to the song, with no direction or interference from the band, resulting in incredibly moving and enchanting short ‘films’ in their own right (with multiple film festival considerations including Edinburgh International Film Festival and Manchester Film Festival in process).

"One of the most beautiful records I have ever been privileged to be a part of, filled to the very brim with moment after moment of poetic clarity, and not a moment too interior force to be reckoned with. I've never experienced anything quite like it. It weaves elements of the past around a future I was wholly unaware of before hearing these breath-taking songs, each one a kind of memorial to a memory that may or may not have merely been imagined or hoped into existence." - Kramer (Shimmy-Disc Founder)

Filiah – In a Haunted House (Spotify)

“At a low tempo, you can feel the melodic guitar, soft drums and the fabulous atmosphere of Indie Folk. Nice intro, magical vocal line, smooth transitions and solid outro. It looks like an ancient lyric poem, which has been endowed with a peculiar twist.”

“В низком темпе чувствуются мелодичная гитара, мягкие барабанные партии и сказочная атмосфера Indie Folk. Приятное интро, магическая вокальная линия, плавные переходы и не менее добротное аутро. Похоже на древнюю лирическую поэму, которую наделили своеобразной изюминкой.”

In a Haunted House is the third single of Filiah’s upcoming concept album For Someone and also the last song of the album, reflecting one more time on everything she processes in the previous songs but ending on a much lighter note.

She talks about letting go of old patterns, people and ghosts once and for all and opening herself up to new possibilities again.

Filiah in her own words:

"For me, this song feels like a trip through my diary entries. Seeing this whole past toxic relationship of mine pass by me again just made me realize that fighting for this one person had me ending up really tired. I'm saying one final „Goodbye“ and making peace with a ghost I’ve held on to for a long time. It's the last song on my upcoming album and ends on a much lighter note than the rest, reminding me that trusting in people again is the hardest yet bravest thing you can do after trauma."

It is the third and last single before the release of her upcoming concept album For someone- a raw and honest exploration of love, grief, nostalgia and all feelings in between. All the songs on her upcoming album are lyrically intertwined, telling the songwriter's honest and very personal story of pain, distorted perception, finding strength and choosing herself again after the ending of a very toxic past relationship with someone.

In a Haunted House, as well as the whole album were recorded and produced by Filiah herself in her living room.

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