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Suduaya – Dubxley

“”Suduaya” invites you in the magic world of Psychill with more than seven minutes of balanced electronic vibrations. Grab this chance to offer yourself a deeply relaxing break and recharge your energy. Also the crystal clarity of the whole production is an additional reason to concentrate on this sound.”

Blissful psychill with a hint of dub from Suduaya

Bea Kadri – Outpour

“The rising star “Bea Kadri” sheds light in the scene of Pop with an irresistible single. An attractive mix of Indie and Synthpop elements, driven from the artist’s feathery voice. Music with own attitude and unique emotional sensitivity.”

“Outpour” is the first single off Bea’s upcoming debut album which centers around her experience in a serious long distance relationship. In this track, Bea’s feeling vulnerable and exposed as she realises the consequences of supporting a partner that isn’t showing up for himself or allowing her in.

“I was hoping I could save him from himself but instead I started losing myself” – Bea Kadri

Rival Consoles – Running

“Beautiful synth and melody from the start, whole atmosphere builds perfectly, layers of electronic sound in harmony, just amazing. Slow arrangement is maybe I like the most, sound by sound, no rushing it, pulling you in note after note.”

Building on his reputation for driving, experimental electronic music that makes synthesisers sound human, Ryan Lee West aka Rival Consoles expands on his consistent desire to create a more organic, living sound, seeing him forming pieces that capture a sense of songwriting behind the machines.

‘Running’ is a piece of music the London-based producer had been trying to create for many years despite the simplicity of the track.

“I am very into classical music and the kind of structures and ideas they often use, and love the works which take a single melodic idea and create multiple variations from it. That is what I tried to do with this piece, where every single thing is a variation on the opening ten second theme. I spent over one year exploring a huge amount of variations from light to very heavy. Over much time I ended up being more inspired by the subtler, gentler variations, which allow the idea to breathe, which is a theme on this record.”

Trae Berry – Falling

“Nice chord progression, fulfilled with a smooth phased pads, like Pink Floyd used to do, than the song opens with a rhythm, followed with a verse, so good arranged. It is a smooth ride to the sound that will never be outdated.”

“Falling” is a smooth summer jam. Trae Berry and Paxton Mclelland come together to bring a track full of catchy melodies, memorable synth lines and polished grooves.

Flor de Lux – All Hope

“Slow and beautiful synth wave song, smooth vocals and electronic leads. Reminds a bit of Eurythmics, the whole vibe song presents to us while listening. Some subtle but effective sequencing, beautifully arranged, you just need to play it again. ”

The hook for this song was directly inspired by dialogue from the TV show “Dickinson.” One of the characters gave a very impassioned speech which ended with her denouncing hope and saying “All hope ever did was make me cry.” Gabi loved how defeated it sounded, but we didn’t want to make a slow, sad song. We firmly believe in the union of dark and haunting lyrics with upbeat melodies (see “Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus), so we set to making a mournful, energetic dance track inspired by Victorian madwomen, Kate Bush, and Mitski. This synth-driven dream pop song captures what Emily Dickinson meant by “Much madness is divinest sense.” Sometimes the sanest thing for anyone to do is completely lose control and submit to the rhythm.

Aarktica – Delicate Waltz of Shadows

“Whispering vocals about the struggle most of us have to face in this life, carefully mixed with peaceful acoustic melodies. A philosophical approach of how stronger can become if we pass through difficulties and choose to stand up and fight. Quality music with food for thought too.”

Aarktica’s “Delicate Waltz of Shadows” is a journey through pain, loss, healing, and growth, and captures the non-linear nature of forgiveness in the face of adversity. “I remember, when you were kind / just like yesterday of another lifetime / and the love still flows,” sings Aarktica’s Jon DeRosa, making peace with complicated emotions. A gentle acoustic strum accompanied by subtle electronic soundscapes, the song showcases Aarktica’s prowess in bridging meditative folk and starry-eyed ambient. “The album is about this idea that once we acknowledge certain wounds, weaknesses or unpleasant feelings, and instead of ignoring them, we dive headfirst into the darkness and face everything that is terrifying, there’s at least the possibility (and more so, the likelihood) that we will come out on the other end feeling stronger and more empowered,” says DeRosa on the overall message of his forthcoming album We Will Find The Light, out September 30th via Darla Records.

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