Valkyrie – California

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“Новый хит от группы -Valkyrie- вобравший в себя всё самое лучшее из жанров Indie Pop и Ska! Вы чувствуете, как ритм заводит вас и заставляет встать с места? Ощущаете эти мелодичные вибрации на кончиках своих пальцев? Да, это именно то, что вам нужно сейчас, в эту самую минуту!”

“The new hit from the group -valkyrie- incorporated all the best of the genres of Indie pop and SKA! Do you feel how the rhythm starts you and makes you get up? Do you feel these melodic vibrations at the tips of your fingers? Yes, this is exactly what you need now, at this very minute!” (Automatically Translated)

This song released by: VALLKYRIE MUSIC / DRM NZ

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Dylan Keawe – Chatty Chatty (feat. Kiki Curiel)

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“Fitting addition to the world of reggae sound, with great vocals, some verses in the line with UB40 mood. Loving that electric guitar solo in the background of chorus near the end, beautiful detailed arrangement. ”

This song released by: Dylan Keawe Records

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dogbeach – memories

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“How often does high -quality SKA and Indie Rock appear in your discography? The new track from -dogbeach is ideal for immersing in this wonderful, positive and good atmosphere. Strong work in which there is a very light and delicate arrangement.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Как часто в вашей дискографии появляется качественный Ska и Indie Rock? Новый трек от -dogbeach- идеальный вариант для погружения в эту чудную, позитивную и добрую атмосферу. Сильная работа, в которой присутствует очень лёгкая и нежная аранжировка.”

It’s kind of happy ska mixed with some other kind of rock and not so happy words.

The Turner Brothers – The Bomb

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“This track is to make you move even if you just woke up or are very tired after a working day! Living, energetic, incredibly positive music for all lovers and connoisseurs of Alt Pop and SKA from -The Turner Brothers-!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек заставить двигаться вас даже в том случае, если вы только что проснулись или сильно устали после рабочего дня! Живая, энергичная, невероятно позитивная музыка для всех любителей и ценителей alt pop и ska от -The Turner Brothers-!”

Sons of Paradise x One Culture – Motions

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“Mellow grooves, bouncy key riffs supported by catchy rhythmic guitars and inspirational lyrics flowing in dreamy-dubby orchestration. “Motions” turns out to be a great collaboration, passing on good vibes and a positive message. And, of course, the vocals are the cherry on top of this tasty reggae pie.”

Crucial Fiya – Far as the Eye Can See

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“This is a wonderful, deep and spiritual work in the reggae genre. -Crucial fiya- makes it clear that one of the wonders of the world is music with which you can solve almost any issue. The author is able to create songs that you will listen to hundreds of times! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Это прекрасное, глубокое и духовное произведение в жанре Reggae. -Crucial Fiya- даёт понять, что одно из чудес света — это музыка, с помощью которой можно решить практически любой вопрос. Автор способен создавать песни, которые вы будете слушать сотни раз!”

Dezvelkito – U make me wanna cry

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“Some perfect situations in life, may not last for long and -indeed- vanish like dust in the wind. In the same way "Dezvelkito" had his heart suddenly broken and shares that bitter feeling with his audience. Whether you have been in the same position or not, this elegant Reggae song won't leave you unaffected.”

Uscla Johnny Desarmes aka Dezvelkito, is a peaceful indie r&b New Jersey, USA-based producer, filmmaker, writer and singer-songwriter, who makes that thoughtful music, that he uses to help the world breathe and think about the positive vibrations.

The song is about the agony of trust. When, one moment you’re in love with someone and, in a matter of a minute it’s all gone! It’s pretty sad and hurtful. In the tale of “U make me wanna cry” Dezvelkito takes us on an empathetic, vocally seduced “lovers rock” reggae vibes to express the pain of a man losing his fiancé to another lover without having any foreseen difficulty in the relationship. The sound of Dezvelkito’s vocal deliverance of the turmoil and confusion engulf the listener to see themselves in the position of their hearts in limbo and to accept that sometime, love is just over.

Ty Hall – Summer Breeze

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“Music makes you pay attention and imbued with its enveloping atmosphere. If you like Reggae and Dub rhythms and love high -quality, and most importantly interesting music, then this track is exactly for you! There is nothing better than allowing yourself to relax under your favorite melody and enjoy the voice -ty Hall-. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка заставляет обратить на себя внимание и проникнуться её обволакивающей атмосферой. Если вы любите ритмы Reggae и Dub и любите качественную, а главное интересную музыку, то этот трек точно для вас! Нет ничего лучше, чем позволить себе расслабиться под любимую мелодию и насладиться голосом -Ty Hall-.”

Harri Georgio – Badness

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“With a big dose of playfull spirit, multi-coloured sound and personal touch, "Harri Georgio" can lift you from your chair. kicking Ska and Reggae combination presented in a single that will keep on playing in your sound system for a long time.”

Badness' is reggae infused, indie rock crossover roller featuring Harri Georgio's potent lyrics and anthemic choruses, laid over spiky instrumentation provided by his band, 'The Well-behaved Young Men'. The song playfully pokes fun at manufactured pop music.

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