Annabel Gutherz – Retrograde (Epic Remix)

“There are never many beautiful, instrumental Soft Rock. Soft vocals, ringing of guitar strings, dynamic rhythm and your mood already soars somewhere under the clouds. Are you still not enough? Then put this track to repet!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красивого, инструментального Soft Rock никогда не бывает много. Мягкий вокал, звон гитарных струн, динамичный ритм и ваше настроение уже парит где-то под облаками. Вам всё ещё мало? Тогда ставьте этот трек на повтор!”

Montreal-based singer and songwriter Annabel Gutherz returns with a reimagined version of her latest single, “Retrograde (Epic Remix).”

For the remix, Annabel worked with Los Angeles-based producer Bret “Epic” Mazur to put a lively new spin on the track. While many know Epic from his role in the band Crazy Town, he is also an accomplished producer who has helped develop some of the biggest names in music (Black Eyed Peas, New Edition, BBD).

"It was so amazing and humbling getting to work with Bret 'Epic' Mazur on this remix," Annabel says. "I am so grateful for his talents and for the summer spin on he put on the song."

Listen to "Retrograde (Epic Remix)" on all streaming platforms:

Tim Snider & Wolfgang Timber – “By Your Side”

“A beautiful, melodic, lyrical composition in the Southern Rock genre capable of giving the kindest emotions. Instrumental music, magnificent arrangement, all elements are taken into account, including a deep study of percussion tools.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Красивая, мелодичная, лирическая композиция в жанре Southern Rock способная подарить самые добрые эмоции. Инструментальная музыка, великолепная аранжировка, учтены все элементы, в том числе и глубокая проработка перкуссионных инструментов.”

Tim Snider has been touring the world non-stop for years as the violinist for the American band Nahko and Medicine for the People. He has performed to sold-out crowds in amphitheaters such as Red Rocks and The Greek, as well as stadiums such as Suntrust Park - Atlanta, GA and Rogers Centre - Toronto, Canada. He has played at some of the world's biggest festivals, including Bonnaroo, Byron Bay Blues, Caliroots, and Glastonbury. He has been a direct support act for Zack Brown Band, Dispatch, Rebelution, and Xavier Rudd. Now he is stepping out on his own, releasing a new record, and starting his first headlining tour this summer with his new band Tim Snider & Wolfgang Timber.

Tim Snider plays violin, guitar, percussion, and vocals in a style described as "world-folk hybrid, aimed at the heart, head, and feet." His unique style of folk-fusion and conscience rock will leave you dancing with a new sense of purpose. Tim has performed his original music in venues and festivals throughout Europe, Australia, Brazil, and North America, and is no stranger to the role of the frontman. The list of his collaborators is long, and includes Trevor Hall, Mike Love, Nahko, Satsang, Talib Kweli, Dispatch, Hirie, Cas Haley, and many others.

When discussing the upcoming single "By Your Side", Tim Snider writes: "I wrote this song for my wife on her birthday last year, and we are releasing it one day before our sixth wedding anniversary. The last few years have taught me that life is so much better with someone by your side. I am so grateful to have such wonderful family, friends, and community around me. The song is an unapologetic love song to my partner and a shout out to all the important people in my life who make me feel whole and have stuck by me through the good times and the challenging."

Jonathan Sparks – Keep the Change (Marla’s Song)

“This Soft Rock Track will become a guide for you from the world really into the world of miracles. There is no sense in the phenomena of voice -jonathan sparks- in detail - this is a real diamond in the Blues genre. Listen and enjoy!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот Soft Rock трек станет для вас проводником из мира реально в мир чудес. О феноменальности голоса -Jonathan Sparks- подробно говорить нет никакого смысла – это настоящий алмаз в жанре Blues. Слушайте и наслаждайтесь!”

Township – Heaven

“What is heaven for you? Are these unattainable boundaries of paradise or endless searches of stars on his dark canvas in the night? And maybe this is a state that your soul reaches when it hears a pleasant melody and familiar rhythms of your beloved Soft Rock? Then this track is for you!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Что для вас небеса? Это недостижимые границы рая или бесконечные поиски звёзд на его тёмном в ночи полотне? А быть может это состояние, которое достигает ваша душа, когда слышит приятную мелодию и знакомые ритмы любимого Soft Rock? Тогда этот трек для вас!”

Kenny Sharp – Fall In Love

“The uncompromising hit is positive and melodic! Get battered in the classic rays of Soft Rock music, whose mood practically sparkles and shows you from head to toe with beautiful notes. In combination with warm and touching vocals, the effect is simply fantastic!” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Бескомпромиссный хит — позитивный и мелодичный! Искупайтесь в классических лучах soft rock музыки, чьё настроение практически искрит и осыпает вас с головы до ног красивыми нотами. В сочетании с тёплым и трогательным вокалом эффект просто фантастический!”

Vargen – Mindy Morning

“Sometimes, it seems that you know your favorite song to the last note, and then you hear it in ten years and it opens in front of you from a new side, like a flower bud. This Classic Rock will become for you the very track that is able to surprise you throughout your life.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Порой, кажется, что ты знаешь любимую песню до последней ноты, а потом слышишь её через десять лет и она раскрывается перед тобой с новой стороны, как бутон цветка. Этот classic rock станет для вас тем самым треком, который способен удивлять вас на протяжении всей вашей жизни.”

Adam Jesin – Imprisoned

“-Adam Jesin- very successfully mixes Soft Rock and Indie Rock, creating its own unique and instantly recognizable style. But against the background of all these melodic and rhythmic landscapes, his magnificent vocals flaunts. Pure as mountain water and transparent, like the soul of a lover.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“-Adam Jesin- очень удачно смешивает soft rock и indie rock, создавая свой уникальный и мгновенно узнаваемый стиль. Но на фоне всех этих мелодических и ритмических пейзажей красуется его великолепный вокал. Чистый, как горная вода и прозрачный, как душа влюблённого.”

Toronto-based singer-songwriter and musician Adam Jesin is back with ‘Imprisoned’, an inspiring pop rock track about the great things that can happen for/to us when we let go of our fears. He sings, “When we choose to be afraid, well then our fear becomes our fortress… and when we choose to be afraid, we become imprisoned”. Just last year, he released his two biggest records to date - ‘Cracked Open’ and ‘Big Shot (Remix)’. Adam Jesin has performed at venues all over Canada and the US, including historic venues like the El Macombo in Toronto and the Viper Room in Los Angeles. Several of Adam's Toronto sports parodies have gone viral on YouTube and have over 3 million combined views. He has appeared on local radio and television talk shows including Tucker in the Morning on Virgin Radio and CP24 breakfast several times.

Tom Goss feat. de ROCHE – Berlin – Live at Sounds Awesome Studios

“The composition is organic, pleasant by ear, the acoustic melody of Soft Rock is made quite interestingly, richly and mainly thanks to live performance gives genuine pleasure. High -quality arrangement and good work with vocals boldly go into plus the whole track. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Композиция органичная, приятная на слух, акустическая мелодия Soft Rock сделана достаточно интересно, насыщенно и преимущественно благодаря живому исполнению доставляет неподдельное удовольствие. Качественная аранжировка и хорошая работа с вокалом смело идут в плюс всему треку.”

Fritz Michel – On The Rocks

“This track can be called the excellent heritage of the group -smokie-, for the enchanting harmony, the warm vocals -fritz michel-, the mood and the spirit of the 80s are conveyed by the author with great love and professional approach to their work. Such music remains in the playlist forever! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Этот трек можно назвать прекрасным наследием группы -Smokie-, ибо чарующая гармония, тёплый вокал -Fritz Michel-, настроение и дух 80-ых переданы автором с огромной любовью и профессиональным подходом к своему творчеству. Подобная музыка остаётся в плейлисте навсегда!”

Suzanne’s Band – Night Blues

“With influences from country, blues and pop this is a soundtrack for a get together night with your friends where the mission is: “get away and shake those night blues”. And indeed Suzanne does some serious groove shaking on this new drop. A musical encouragement to set aside your worries for a while and just let a bit loose.”

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