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berj – CRMBZ!

“Just a little over one minute in length, this track still manages somehow to set a nostalgic mood. A lo-fi beat with niftily employed romantic vocal samples over a longing guitar hook, that give a cinematic ambiance and feel.”

berj is an up-and-coming producer from Lebanon, Beirut, whose live drumming ability is complemented by a knack for selecting and manipulating soul-moving jazz samples. He also has a very eerie, unusual way of producing Lo-Fi songs which ironically attracts and interests listeners.

berj also comes from an artistic and musical family, with his father being the Artistic Director & Principal Conductor of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, and his grandfather being a renowned Lebanese actor and theatre director. berj started gaining interest in the drums at age 6 and started playing at age 12. My musical palette ranges from Rock, Hip-Hop, Jazz-Hop all the way to Reggae and Ska.

Nathan Kawanishi x Fletcher Reed – Queued Up

“Though only 2:30 in length, this track has all the time to tell a complete story. Perfect for a rainy (and groovy) afternoon mood. Nathan reveals that it’s “based on some electric piano samples pitch-shifted over a bass riff and a beat (…) Fletcher Reed added a lot of nice sonic elements to this piece to bring it to a place that I’m really proud of.””

Double Single Release – Link to “Together”:

Today, lofi producers and multi-instrumentalists Fletcher Reed and Nathan Kawanishi release two singles – “Together” and “Queued Up” – from their forthcoming collaborative album, Recycled Tape (out June 17 via Nettwerk Records).

For the album, the two labelmates swapped unfinished material and added their signature stylings to complete the work into a cohesive blend of ten tracks. The end result is a dreamlike form of lofi instrumentals touched with notions of nostalgia at the forefront.

“This mixtape consists of a bunch of unreleased songs that Fletcher Reed and I had laying around,” reflects Nathan. “We sent them to each other to finish (or salvage), hence the name of the tape. There was really no formula, sometimes only minor tweaks were made and at other times the new track sounds entirely different from the old one.”

Fletcher Reed reflects, “the result is a project that hopefully feels very much like an organic mixtape instead of a linear album. Using our combined creative efforts, it became a fun way to re-invigorate some excitement in old songs and demos that were feeling incomplete. Both of us enjoyed the process so much that Vol. 2 is now nearing its completion.”

Renegade Brass Band – Maybe Tomorrow

“Excellent words that can become a real slogan for modern youth and encourage her to find herself in this world and achieve everything. A mixture of genres such as UK HIP-Hop and Chill-Hop brought their special, unique charm and energy into the general atmosphere! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Прекрасные слова, которые могут стать настоящим лозунгом для современной молодёжи и побудить её найти себя в этом мире и всего добиться самому. Смешение таких жанров, как UK Hip-Hop и Chill-hop привнесли в общую атмосферу свой особый, уникальный шарм и энергетику!”

Channel golden age hip hop on ‘Maybe Tomorrow’

New EP ‘Bottle This Fire’ released 6th May 2022

‘Maybe Tomorrow’ is the new single from Sheffield’s 12-piece hip-hop behemoth, lifted from the new EP, ‘Bottle This Fire’, out 6th May 2022 on their own label, Nah’m Sayin’ Records, and published by Full Thought. The EP was produced and mixed by Grammy-nominated producers Andy Thompson (Taylor Swift, The Hamilton Mixtape) and Lazerbeak (Doomtree Records), and recorded at Chairworks Studios with David Watts (Kaiser Chiefs).

They say: “Gritty brass and crunching beats swirl around V3xation’s lyrics, where living your life as a movie takes on a darker, more introspective edge. The closing moments race out of control, as we try to keep our head above the waves.”

Renegade Brass Band combine a big brass sound with raw hip-hop vocals and beats, and have built a huge live reputation as a headline act. RBB have played packed-out shows at venues across the UK and Europe, and their unique sound and energy has seem them support acts such De La Soul, Busta Rhymes, Grandmaster Flash, Public Enemy, The Cat Empire, Jamie Cullum, Quantic, Craig Charles and many more.

A hit with festival crowds across the world, the band have played at festivals

including Glastonbury, Java Jazz Festival Jakarta, Dubai Jazz Festival, and the 2019 BBC 6 Music Festival. They have performed live sessions for BBC6 Music’s Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show, and have had airplay from BBC6 Music, BBC Radio 2 and Radio 1 in the UK, as well as a host of international TV and radio stations.

The band have previously released two studio albums, ‘Totems’ (2017) and ‘RBB: Rhymes, Beats & Brass’ (2013), a remix album and EP, and ‘The Abbey Road Sessions’ (2018), a live recording taken at the legendary studio.

‘Maybe Tomorrow’ / 25th March

Cloudchord – Step by Step

“ A nice sunny afternoon with lemonade and hammocks. This comes to mind as the beat distributes its warm fuzziness across our body. We loved the complexity of the sounds used. Providing a rich tapestry of just pure dopeness with an organic twist. ”

Cloudchord, a specialist in augmenting musical possibility with remarkable technical skills on the guitar shares a new single, “Step By Step.” The duo (Cloudchord and Ian Ewing) continues the sonic journey with "Step by Step," a guitar-driven blend of relaxation and tranquility. “With the added water sounds, it feels like a day spa or a meditation retreat” shares Cloudchord aka Derek VanScoten. “Consider this a self-care single.” “Step By Step” showcases depth within simplicity with just three chords layered with electric bass, lush percussion, and a rhodes creating a mystical and ethereal atmosphere.

Dj Frankie Green x Jeff bordes – Of Days Gone By

“With loose instrumental concept and cool Jazz spirit, "Of Days Gone By" could be the best piece for your precious moments of relaxation. Prepare your favourite drink, switch off your phone and let those frequencies rejuvenate your body.”

Its a picturesque day next to your favorite body of water. The sun tickling your skin as you sip on a cold drink. Alone or with your favorite person, it doesn't matter because your mind is drifting to a vibe of nostalgia. After 4 hours of this song on repeat, you blink and the last 4 hours seem like only 1 minute has passed. You have just added 15 years onto your lifespan because you have zero worry and its all because "Of Days Gone By".

RE:UM – Coffee & Tequila

“Nice fatigue after a hard day is well diluted with golden tequila, and the pleasant Study Beats rhythms and the intoxicating melody Jazztronica will create the right mood for you to relax. And do not forget to drink a cup of invigorating coffee in the end. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Приятная усталость после трудового дня хорошо разбавляется золотой текилой, а приятные ритмы Study beats и опьяняющего мелодия Jazztronica создадут нужное настроение для того, чтобы вы расслабились. И не забудьте напоследок выпить чашечку бодрящего кофе.”

RE:UM – A.K.A multi-instrumentalist and producer Elliott Eriksen – has been active since early 2019, building his own virtual orchestras, droning soundscapes and experimental dance tracks which blur the lines between electronic genres. RE:UM's influences range from downtempo electronica and soul to drum and bass and folk, colliding to shape bittersweet ambiences out of his apartment in London, UK.

The Bonsai – Tears

“Melody and Rhythms Chill-Hop and Lo-Fi seem to tell you - dream and do not think about the bad. To understand the listened material, you need to open your consciousness, refusing the usual patterns and you will be surprised how easy it will enter you. This lecture from any problems. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия и ритмы Chill-hop и Lo-fi словно говорят вам — мечтай и не думай о плохом. Для понимания прослушиваемого материала надо открыть своё сознание, отказавшись от привычных шаблонов и вы удивитесь, насколько легко она войдёт в вас. Настоящее лекраство от любых проблем.”

Cloudchord – Sundays

“Discover a slight dose of jazzy instrumentation, presented with Hip-Hop manner and technical proficiency. Only a few tracks can guarantee your ear satisfaction and "Sundays" has achieved it quite well.”

Over the years, Derek VanScoten, the producer, guitarist, and Emmy-winning musician behind Cloudchord has given signature guitar riffs and uplifting sounds that have solidified his place in the world of psychedelic chill hop beats. His latest single, “Sundays,” is the sound of Neo-Soul Gospel guitar accompanied with wondrous Jazzy Hip Hops beats created for a perfect Sunday. VanScoten shares, “A classic chill hop vibe, with a touch of swagger.”

Ogi feel the Beat – Sax Underground

“We felt this one deep to our bones. Deep jazzy underground vibes permeate every atom of this creation. The bongos and the sax bring it all together. Many interesting layers if you allow yourself to be emerged in this vibe. ”

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