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Weland – Killed by My Love (Video)

“Take your polished 1969 Dodge for a ride out on the night, throw this in, and drive through the city lights. The synth pop vibes here will make you breath for life, while you enjoy the nowadays life, never forget the retro life of the good things, where people knew how to spent valuable their time out of screens. ”

The song is about a guy who is loosing the love he though he had.

It was written, recorded, and mixed by me in my basement home studio using real hardware vintage synths like Roland Juno 106 and Yamaha DX7. I use a few VST instrument for stuff like drums and bass and additional keyboard roles.

The lead vocal is sung by Chris Cron who lives in Nashville. We never actually met in person, but worked together via the internet. I sent him a demo with me singing poorly, and he then did it brilliantly in return.

Few words about Weland

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Synthpop songwriter and producer Weland started releasing music in 2019 after trying to write a catchy pop song for 30 years.

“Every time I tried to write or sing something, my critical inner panel of judges rolled their eyes and shook their heads in despair. I always loved pop music, but the inner judges had agreed that I should know better. They had also emphasized that as an adult student at the Music Conservatory, I should focus on far more challenging music genres and skills.

I believed that my attraction to pop would pass and one day I would ‘grow up’ musically. But it just never happened – I still like a good pop song.

Over the years, I have spent thousands of hours recording, mixing, and fine-tuning completely finalized pop productions, except without any melody or lyrics. Those elements were a mystery to me, like a special superpower that only a few people had, and I was not one of them.

But then one day something changed. Maybe it was the realization that we don’t live forever, and if you, like me, are struggling with inner judges, that stops you from doing things you really want, you need to tell them to put a sock in it and ignore it.”

Weland was originally a rock drummer playing professionally in bands signed on EMI and Sony Music, but has always been fascinated by synthesizers and studio equipment.

“The whole process of making it sound like a record was magical for me. I wanted to crawl into that stereo universe of a well-produced pop song and stay there for much longer than the three minutes it lasted. I could listen to the same song again and again and again…

I was a teenager in the 80s and I guess the soundtrack of my life originates from that era, so I keep drawing inspiration from that period. Luckily the 80s vibe is kind of in fashion right now, so I’m just enjoying the ride. In a few years it will be over, and nobody will want to hear a synth or reverb on anything again.”

Rik Rivera – Welcome Back (Spotify)

“Rik Rivera with his new single Welcome Back under his synthpop flavors push us into wonderful grooves and beautiful synthwave vocal chorus. Warm sound for your ears and heart!”

A collaboration between Rik Rivera (Sweden) and Eugene Golobokin (Lithuania), Welcome Back attempts to describe the longing for some resemblance of peace in a turbulent time, be it lockdown, a broken relationship or just the general mess we call our life. Tinged with 80's synth flavours, it merges contemporary pop sentiments with those of a bygone era.

The Alphabet Zero – I’ll Feel Better (Spotify)

“An atmospheric chilwave composition by The -Alphabet Zero- which surely will make you feel better through its lush harmonies.”

“Атмосферная и солнечная композиция заставит вас чувствовать себя лучше вместе с новым синглом The Alphabet Zero.”

The Alphabet Zero is a popwave act from Nashville, TN. Comprised of primary artist Andy Walker, the group is bolstered by Brad Beal, who performs vocals and live drums, and Kellie Besch, a vocalist and solo artist who also contributes live keys to the group.

In addition to hook-heavy tracks like “Tonight,” Walker creates powerful ambient and cinematic works under The Alphabet Zero name, most recently on the Foyer motion picture soundtrack in collaboration with Makeup and Vanity Set. When Walker and company turn their attention to pop music, the trio’s ability to craft subtle pieces shaded with complex, real-world lyrics and emotion puts them in an exclusive group of up-and-coming creators. ~Iron Skullet

Malene Markussen – Touch Fire (Spotify)

“Don't be afraid to TOUCH FIRE with -Malene Markussen- which under the hookiest qualities of melodic and groove layers matched together through a solid mix, erupting above with her upbeat and entrancing vocals. ”

After releasing two Norwegian albums, I decided to release an Ep to expand my follower base outside of Norway. Touch Fire is the second single form the Ep which will be released 2021. A powerfull pop song with a bit of a retro vibe. The song speaks about the thrill of pushing limits.

DEADLIFE – Her Broken Smile (feat. Tessa Hedrick) | Visualizer | (Video)

“Through stunning visuals, DEADLIFE with his new song together with Tessa Hedrick hypnotize us into his dark epic synthwave bassline and the heartwarming vocals of Tessa gives a memorable blend. Partly goes melancholic yet steps also in darker places through its lush harmonies. ”

Hailing from Manchester, UK, DEADLIFE is set to confirm his status as one of the most vital artists in the burgeoning darksynth scene with an eighth full length album this November. Before that, though, the first single ‘Her Broken Smile’ offers a magic glimpse into what to expect from this assured studio wizard. The stunning new single follows acclaimed past releases including ‘Singularity’ which crashed into the Billboard Electronic Album Sales Chart at #12, as well as hitting the iTunes chart in 2020. The new single again explores a darker niche within the wider synthwave scene, and is inspired by cyberpunk imagery, 80s sci-fi films and turn of the millennium computer game soundtracks. Download / stream here:

DEADLIFE a.k.a. Ed Hawx has proven to be a hugely prolific artist over the last few years. Across seven full length albums, he has helped to drive the synthwave scene forwards with a particular penchant for the shadowy end of the spectrum that has become known as darksynth. The former drummer is a self-taught producer with a real mastery of his machines and software, which has seen him become one of the most exciting and influential names in the scene. Some try to make comparisons to leading artists like Sebastian, Com Truise, and Kavinsky, but DEADLIFE goes his own way, building on the traditions of Vangelis, Underworld and Daft Punk and taking them far into the future with his own sense of style. The sound of DEADLIFE appeals to anyone who loves dark melodies and hard-hitting electronic beats.

DEADLIFE’s music has always appeared on NewRetroWave, the leading label and YouTube channel for the synthwave scene. Since day one, NewRetroWave has championed the retro synth-driven sound and every significant artist in the scene has released on the label at some point. It continues to expand and drive the fast-growing genre’s evolution through a skillful A&R process and now entertains over 1 million loyal followers on YouTube.

The formidable new single ‘Her Broken Smile’ is DEADLIFE’s homage to an 80’s power ballad featuring singer Tessa Hedrick, a well-regarded metal vocalist who hails from Nevada. Her vocals are angelic here as they float way up top above a jagged synth bass and darkly emotive atmosphere. The breakdown allows the purity of Hedrick’s voice to shine through, off-set by the pixelated melodies and crashing, maximal beats. The whole track is expertly produced and captures a sense of emotional turmoil that everyone can relate to.

Next single ‘Drift’ is to follow on October 23rd before the full album in November 20th, and already this single suggests DEADLIFE is in the form of his life.

Matilda Sabina – Slippin’ (Spotify)

“Slippin by Matilda Sabina in Loulouma Music is a memorable synthwave / future pop song, beautiful sweet 80's synth sound, heartwarming vocals and a deep melodic line with saxophone, a fine blend of music!”

Sad and sexy love song electronic 80's synth-wave neon vibe california highway midnight driving hot sand ocean waves neon lights hot vibes vocoder teardrops milky way starlight electric avenue creatures of the night 8-track daft punk meets kavinsky girl hot lips hot babe lonely driver speed of light nightrider red lights no brakes only speed faster than a bullet fearless driver in the night crime of passion love no more dancing in the dark cocktails bermuda sunrise sunglasses in the dark, enjoy

This Boy Electric – This Now Forever (Spotify)

“This Boy Electric along with Calcedon, deliver us a dream pop, synthwave bliss with THIS NOW FOREVER. A catchy bassline to keep you on the groove, heartwarming vocals and beautiful melodic line.”

After over 25 million Spotify plays from collaborations with EDM artist's like Tep No (Ultra Records), Kiso (Ultra Records) and Chris Lago (Armada Records) Ashton Price is branching out and releasing his own music under the moniker, "This Boy Electric". This Boy Electric will be a producer driven project with deep EDM and urban influences with a darker overtone than previous collaborations. The project will involve different vocalists from many different genres to provide a unique mix to the music.

Quencyland – Mais Bon (Official Lyric Video) (Video)

“Serious retro synth design, happy melodies and beautiful vocals, making this a good mood synthpop song!”

One day, these two young men accidentally found a formula. They found a formula that could make the two of them nod their heads. They call it “The Nodding Frequency.” They decided to apply this formula to their musical work called Quencyland.

But something was missing, the two of them weren’t quite satisfied with their jobs, they thought “The Nodding Frequency” needed to be shared with the rest of the world.

Then the music album entitled “The Nodding Frequency” was born.

Will their goals be achieved? Can people all over the world enjoy the secret formula?

Only time will tell ..

Bohifale – Tupperware – Radio Edit (Spotify)

“Bohifale in a co production with Dj/Producer Jono Fernandez deliver us the "Tupperware". Usually on first seconds u get the first impression of a great track and here it hits you exactly, sometimes you may dissapointed later yet with "Tupperware" never as through is minimal synthwave yet solid groove, with the right synths and the emotive vocal bridges, you get the right elements of a good synthpop track! A wonderful listening pleasure.”

Tupperware is a synth pop track with carried by an underlying brooding energy. Husky vocals tell the story of an inner dialogue between a person and their mind, navigating the topic of self worth. The bridge also incorporates the use of Samoan, Korean and Spanish languages.

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