They/Live – Dreamer (Spotify)

They/Live – Dreamer

“Dreamer,” the new single from They/Live’s upcoming album, is a song about trying to make art and find connection and beauty while living in a dystopia. How does one survive? How does one sustain love? “So I go in deeper than I ever have before, here we are the dreamers but they wove us into war.” One goes deeper.

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Houston – Do You Believe (Spotify)

Houston – Do You Believe

This new Houston single is a mix between synthwave/retrowave sounds of today & some 80s yacht rock

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Dynamite Stranger – Splinters (Spotify)

Dynamite Stranger – Splinters

Splinters, kicks in with some super wide, face-melting fuzz bass and a classic square wave arpeggiator. What’s that? Two arpeggiators?! A play out between the two arps dancing around one another, adding musical flair. The track has an apt finality in its melody and finally after we get the sample ring out “We were so lost and then it happened, I never saw her again.” the track drops to the last dance and we finish the track. Emotional, Powerful and Captivating to say the least.

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64 Rockets – Ruhleben (Spotify)

64 Rockets – Ruhleben

This retrowave track is inspired by frequent trips on U-Bahn, Berlin’s rapid transit system, in particular, the famous U2 line that starts in Pankow and runs through the city to the Ruhleben terminal station.

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Dream Shore, E.M. Watson – Reminisce (Spotify)

Dream Shore, E.M. Watson – Reminisce

Dream Shore returns with an extremely uplifting work of pure dream wave. Exceptional high production quality and meticulous attention to detail make this track an essential must have addition to one’s collection! I especially like the spellbinding intro that builds up to the tremendous vocals of Dream Shore that are utterly amazing here! The overall theme of this track is simple…..pure nostalgia and fervent sentimentalism.

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Takta, Megan McDuffee – The Distance (Spotify)

Takta, Megan McDuffee – The Distance

This is a collaboration with the amazing Megan McDuffee and the goal is to give you a kind of ‘never ending story’ – nostalgia feeling.

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J´s CONCEPT – Salvation (Spotify)

J´s CONCEPT – Salvation

Weaved into the sound of the new wave era, Salvation is a melodramatic song about that contradictory feeling of loving someone but having to let go. A difficult feeling that hits us all at some point in life and we are faced with a decision we dont want to make.

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Tarot Blood – Dowsing (Spotify)

Tarot Blood – Dowsing

A Delorean straight to synthwave city, 80’s vibes, moody vocals and a soaring sax.

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Fat Koala Disorder – Never Let It Go (Spotify)

Fat Koala Disorder – Never Let It Go

Fat Koala Disorder is a musical duo from Warsaw. It comprises of Fat Koala, an experienced musician, composer and sound designer and Disorder, his music production student.

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Smashing Birds – Black Love (Spotify)

Smashing Birds – Black Love

An enticing 80s-popsong about dark temptation floating on a pumping beat and sultry synths with a killer saxsolo

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