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Loome – Love is Pretty (Spotify)

“Loome expresses his deep feelings with a song full of descriptive words and light melodies. Sometimes we may find ourselves experiencing the same situation with the singer and need to chill out with a suitable sound.”

The phrase 'Love is Pretty' morphs into "Love is Pretty Savage" a phrase for a Valentine Release for sure.

LukHash – Code Veronica (Audio) (Video)

“LukHash is back with a blast. Original retro, Synthwave super track; Code Veronica bringing various emotions from the unforgiven past. Give it a try and the molodies will keep (re)playing in your mind.”

Residing in Edinburgh but originally from Poland, LukHash, continues to turn heads with his innovative approach to making music. ‘Code Veronica’ is the first single from his album, ‘We Are Stardust’, forthcoming on influential, retro synth label NRW Records, and is a perfect example of his ability to blend of modern electronic music production, with 80’s nostalgia, dystopian cyberpunk and retro arcade gaming culture. Videos of his experimentation with custom-modified Commodore 64 computers and hacked, original Nintendo Gameboys went viral on YouTube (and more recently TikTok) as more people joined his obsession. LukHash’s productions deliver a futuristic vibe while integrating nostalgic sounds of an electronic past. His reputation and following has grown fast. His last two albums topped the electronic sales charts on Bandcamp, (with ‘Transient Offworld’ hitting #8 in the overall Bandcamp sales chart), and his music has crashed through 10 million streams on Spotify and rising. ‘Code Veronica’ is out now on NRW Records – stream / download here:

LukHash is a classically trained guitarist but grew up listening to the original 8-bit and 16-bit computer music of the ‘80s, as well as the 80’s pop and rock his parents loved. As a child, he made his own mix tapes with video game music recorded directly from a TV speaker on to cassette tapes, listening back on as Sony Walkman. Fast forward to 2009 and LukHash bought an old Commodore 64 and original Nintendo Gameboys to experiment with the sound chips he used to love. The machine-generated sounds evoked a real sense of nostalgia, of childhood nights gaming in his bedroom, and so he began to fuse these sounds with his new music productions. He shared videos of his ideas to his YouTube channel and watched as they began to go viral among retro synth fans, ‘chiptune’ fanatics and gamers, before reaching out to electronic music lovers across the world.

LukHash is a prolific artist, counting ‘We Are Stardust’ as his ninth album. He has now found the perfect home in NRW Records. NewRetroWave is the driving force behind the burgeoning retro synth sound and has provided a platform for every significant artist in the scene at some point as its YouTube channel has grown to over 1.1 million followers.

‘Code Veronica’ opens with an almost dreamlike, futuristic riff which drops into sounds reminiscent of a retro arcade game as it builds. The track slams into a distorted bassline with hard hitting beats and an infectious guitar riff which soars above the rest. With real melody at its centre, ‘Code Veronica’ delivers a sense of nostalgia while pulling the listener into an unknown dystopian future.

Rather than making music for others there is a sense that LukHash is on his own journey. We are simply coming along for the ride as he continues to push the boundaries of his creativity. Undoubtedly there is a lot more to come from this undeniably talented artist.

Different DNA – Crazy Double Life (Spotify)

“Different DNA is the melodic synthwave rhythms with the light, nostalgic charm of the beloved 80s. Single Crazy Double Life for true connoisseurs.”

“Different DNA - это мелодичные ритмы synthwave с лёгким, ностальгическим шармом любимых 80-х. Сингл Crazy Double Life для настоящих ценителей.”

The song has two meanings. When it was created the idea was that it's about super agent that lives a double life and his/her problems in personal relations. But when the song had been recorded it's appeared that it's about ordinary people who lives their double lives and suffer of it. Which is absolutely common nowaday

Different DNA

Based in Milano, Different DNA is a completely brand new project. It is 100% unique as the music combines the legendary 80’s vibe of Thompson Twins, Pet Shop Boys, A-HA etc with a modern sound that can remind you the best works of TheWeeknd, Timberlake, Hurts

Olexandr Ignatov – Back In 198X – alternative version (Spotify)

“Olexandr Ignatov brings back memories from the past via his three-minute masterpiece. Original vintage mood with the signature of a real artist. No words can describe this, but only thoughts!”

Olexandr Ignatov is a Ukrainian composer, music producer, and piano artist. Also, he is known as one of the most prolific and hard-working royalty-free music producers that put out amazing quantities of ready to use quality background music for video content, may it be a YouTube video, a TV national campaign ad or a family vacation video.

His unique piano style is recognized through his inspirational piano pieces and also some of the piano covers he did over the years, making them #1 on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views.

The latest album called “Forgotten Reality” was published in 2018 and is a collection of his epic cinematic scores which are set to bring you on an exciting and breathtaking journey. At the moment he is working on two new albums.

Sulkin’ Raven – Okay, for Real This Time (Spotify)

“Brand new and very emotional chilling work from Sulkin' Raven. An electronic music producer who combines the ambient sounds for passive listening with the grooves for the active ear.”

Artist shared with us few words about this song:

"When I wrote this EP back in 2016, it was the first time I set out to release music on my own without any collaborators. I had worked with my band members or worked with filmmakers on musical projects in the past but never solely by myself, so this was a new adventure for me. At the time, I was still very unsure how to capture the sound in my head, and what I ended up releasing wasn't very representative of what I wanted at the time. I didn't know who I was as an independent artist, and I lacked the skills to manifest the sounds in my head without others' help. Following my first EP's release, I continued to experiment and develop as an artist, leading to better and better music from Sulkin' Raven. Now I feel like I have found myself as a craftsman, a composer, and an artist. Because I was so unsure of myself when releasing my first EP, I never promoted the songs much because I knew deep down they weren't me, and they weren't representative of the sounds that were in my heart. Now I've re-made, re-shaped, and re-released the EP, bringing it up to my current standard for my music. Now it’s a release I'm truly proud of and something I feel excited to share with everyone in the world. Okay, for Real This Time represented how I felt then, and it is how I feel right now with this new version of this old track"

Sulkin' Raven is the brain child of Kevin De Nicolo. Combining elements of synthwave, chiptune, psych-rock, and ambient music. Kevin performs live stream jams on

miles ontario – in hue (Spotify)

“We travel with IVIVIVIV Recordings and miles ontario to the past, where the lights of neon cities are reflected by mirrors in colorful display cases. The Synthpop and Synthwave genres are a unique opportunity for everyone to visit this carefree and rainbow world of the 80s!”

“Отправляемся вместе с IVIVIVIV Recordings и miles ontario в прошлое, где огни неоновых городов отражаются зеркалами в разноцветных витринах. Жанры Synthpop и Synthwave - это уникальная возможность для каждого побывать в этом беззаботном и радужном мире 80-ых!”

This song is written from the eyes of a Vietnam war soldier paranoid and addicted to various amphetamines and opiates.

About: miles ontario

Emiliano Montano is an American producer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. Their pronouns are they/them and he/him. They perform under various pseudonyms, most notably "Infinite Vacation (stylized 'infinite vacation')" and "Miles Ontario (stylized 'miles ontario')."

As Miles Ontario, they particularly focus on 80s-inspired pop music and experimental electronic music, releasing 3 EPs and currently working on an album (release date TBD.)

Emiliano was born in Fresno, California, and identifies as non-binary/genderqueer. They are currently in high school and certain accounts are managed primarily by their parents. They produce, write, and record all of their music on their own, and their work has been described as ghostly and lush in quality.

Emiliano is currently selling merchandise, partially to help save money for college. Their father also has a notable music career in the local scene and has made guest appearances on certain tracks in the past.

Peter Aries – Electric Mirage (Video)

“Light and cheerful track with balanced and carefully chosen melodies. A truly “Electric Mirage” from Peter to welcome the new year with the best Synthwave experience.”

Peter is a Swedish producer with main focus on electronic genres such as synthwave, trance and more.

His first official release was the EP “Finally” which was released in 2006, on CD only. Since then he has released +100 tracks and has continued to confuse his fans by switching style/genres back and forth, never stopping to experiment and following his passion – the simple joy of creating music. He has been working as both a solo artist and in collaboration with other artists, such as MarsTv, Social Ambitions and Karin My.

Ryan Flynn – Outside (Spotify)

“Step by step, beyond the thresholds of our borders, where from year to year we return again and again, collecting particles of our memories at the end of the earth. Outside is the harmonic beautiful synthpop new single of Ryan Flynn. ”

“Шаг за шагом, за пороги твоих и моих границ, куда из года в год мы возвращаемся вновь и вновь, собирая на краю земли частицы наших воспоминаний.”

Outside is the third single from Ryan Flynn released with DI Records.

Originally begun as an experimental side project while in film school, ryan flynn has since evolved into a perpetual orb-praising space pop venture.

It was in Rochester, NY that ryan flynn established his signature funky synth pop sound, solidified by the release of an eponymous EP in 2019 with widespread praise from the local community.

In 2020, ryan flynn took to the road with his Moog synthesizer, writing and performing improvisational pieces inspired by the scenery across the country.

Currently, ryan flynn is focusing on writing and releasing new tunes to accompany the most recent releases "Seems Like Yesterday" and "Pressure," alongside tasteful visuals.

Veinmelter – All the Waves (Spotify)

“Waves so serene, soothing in their depth. From end to end, from dusk to dawn, we dissolve into the oblivion of our horizons with you. The new single of Veinmelter, All the Waves is mesmerizing! ”

“Волны, такие безмятежные, убаюкивающие своей глубиной. От края до края, от заката и до самого рассвета мы растворяемся в небытие наших с тобой горизонтов.”

The Nomad Project – Miami Escape (Spotify)

“The Nomad Project delivers his new ep on Emerald & Doreen imprint, called Midnight Run. Here in nagamag, we picked Miami Escape, a synthwave track with wonderful harmonies and gentle groove which is offered for night thoughts for your long night drives. Which offers the escape you want from your daily routine. Beautiful layering of melodies which playing in your head, even when has stop to listen. ”

The Nomad project was created in late 2018/early 2019 by the Bassist of Rock band Tanoi. It's an exploration of 80s retro sounds and classic bass vibes.

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