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Peter Aries Interview on Nagamag


Photo by Huba Adorjan

What are the genres that describe better your music style?

Peter Aries:
I'm quite "genre-fluid", but I mostly identify myself with electronic genres such as synthwave and trance, which is why I chose "This is the 80s" as my signature track. I do however mix in other genres, and have been incorporating quite a bit of classical themes in some of my tracks. Which for me made it feel quite natural to try out a classical only themed release. Thus "Stories" came to be.

Few words about your musical background and career?

Peter Aries:
I've been playing the piano since I was 10 and I started making music on the family's first computer when I was 14 (I used Fasttracker back then). My first official (or known rather) release was in 2006, an EP called "Finally" which was only released on CD. Since then I've released over 100 tracks in various genres and styles. I've mostly worked by myself, but I have also made some collaborations with artists such as MarsTv and Social Ambitions. My most streamed track of all times is currently "When All Things End", a collaboration I did with the very talented vocalist and artist Karin My. She has recently released a new album, so definitely go check it out.
Unfortunately the music doesn't pay the bills yet, so I work as a product manager as my daily job. I have great colleagues and it's quite a challenging job. I still feel like I learn new things every day. However, if money was not an issue, if I'd have to choose occupation between music creation and product management, music would win every day of the week. :)

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Peter Aries:
For sure. It was at my day care, when I was 4 or 5 years old. Someone played Super Mario Bros 1 on Nintendo while at the same time someone else played something on a keyboard in the room. I thought the sounds I heard were so incredibly cool that it sparked something within me. So there and then I knew I just had to play the synth when I got old enough. So it's my one true call in life you could say.

Most artists have a favorite song from a different music genre than the one they are producing music for... Which is yours?

Peter Aries:
Vangelis "Tears in Rain"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which track from a similar artist you admire?

Peter Aries:
Pylot "The Return"

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Anthon Jean-Paul – Nitedrive (Retro 80’s Music) (Spotify)

“Nostalgic, sentimental, original retro music for your time travelling experience. The happy memories from the past return to renew your life. Hit the play button, close your eyes and live your dream with "Anthon Jean-Paul".”

Nitedrive (Retro 80's Music)' is a vapourware / synthwave track by Anthon Jean-Paul. Hi latest single channels the feelings of nostalgia by tapping into the retro sounds of the 80's. Picture yourself on a long drive down Miami Beach or in a throwback video game of the classic era in music.

Anthon Jean-Paul is a French / Swiss composer who hovers on the fine line on beauty and abstraction with his artful compositions. His initial releases have combined classical music with new age and even avant-garde. Let this maestro's music take you on an outstanding journey through space and time.

MV Dusk Crisis – Your life will never be the same (Video)

“Unexpected trip to the past with “Mv”! An excellent oportunity for the retro-maniacs, emulating the ’80s synthesizers with inspiration from old video games. Very valuable work that brings back our nostalgic moments.”


“Your Life will never be the same” is the first single by Mv based on the cyberpunk retro-futuristic graphic novel DUSK CRISIS. It is based in the sense of hope and dreams in the midst of despairing circumstances, which encourages the listener to face its life like an adventure to live rather than a problem to sort out.


Manuel David Vasquez, also dubbed as Mv among his friends and followers, is a fantastic musician, songwriter, and artist. While he lives in Melbourne, Australia, he was born and lived a significant part of his life in Colombia. Earlier as a child, he learned to play the violin when he was hardly five years old. Later as he grew older, he learned to play guitar and piano as well. Ideally, he mastered these instruments during his teenage years. But he understood the need to transition and that it was a crucial time to bring some significant change in life to make his work known. He decided to pack up and leave Colombia and migrated to Australia .

He is also an avid reader of Sci-Fi and CyberPunk and on a lazy day. Hence, he has recently started working on a Graphic Novel, Dusk Crisis. He has also combined Synthwave music that complements the genre of the novel.

In addition to these hobbies he pursues, Mv likes to travel and visits the historic and landmarks of each country. While touring new countries, he also explores history and culture of the music and observes the contemporary shift in music trends.

Amongst his all-time favorite artists are Gloria Estefan & Miami sound machine, Al Jarreau, Giorgio Moroder, Luis Miguel, Juan Luis Guerra & 440, Vangelis, and Eros Ramazzotti. His modest personality, cheerful demeanor, soul-stirring voice, and creative music assures he has a long way to go, and he will captivate his audiences with his work.

The imaginary of DUSK CRISIS depicts the darkest environment for the main character of the story. Still, he has to endure the pain and frustration in order to accomplish his core purpose in life.


LukHash, Meredith Bull – Dying Breath (Spotify)

“A mysterious and truly memorable piece. -Dying Breath- combines the melody and rhythm of dark and synth wave, in which the union of electronic, experimental and neo-gothic music makes this track neo-romantic of the 21st century. Definitely in the collection!”

“Загадочное и по-настоящему запоминающееся произведение. -Dying Breath- сочетает мелодику и ритмику dark и synth wave, в которой союз из электронной, экспериментальной и неоготической музыки делает этот трек неоромантикой 21 века. Однозначно в коллекцию!”

LukHash returns with a darkly atmospheric, retro synth track featuring the ethereal vocals of LA-based artist, Meredith Bull. ‘Dying Breath’ is the final single released from, ‘We Are Stardust’, the new album from LukHash, forthcoming April 9th on influential, retro synth label NRW Records. The classically trained musician from Poland, now Edinburgh-based, is making waves with his innovative blend of modern electronic music production, 80’s nostalgia, dystopian cyberpunk and retro arcade gaming culture. His fanbase is global and growing fast with his last two albums topping the electronic sales charts on Bandcamp (with ‘Transient Offworld’ hitting #8 in the overall Bandcamp sales chart). His music has broken the 10 million streams barrier on Spotify, while videos of his experimentation with custom-modified Commodore 64 computers and hacked, original Nintendo Gameboys went viral on YouTube (and more recently TikTok). LukHash is an exciting and creative artist set for big things in 2021. ‘Dying Breath’ is out now on NRW Records – stream / download here:

LukHash embraced the nostalgia of the 8-bit and 16-bit machine-generated sounds of the old Commodore 64’s and Nintendo Gameboys that he grew up listening to. Together with the 80’s pop and rock his parents loved, these influences became a significant part of his music as he began to fuse them with his contemporary productions. He became fascinated with the classic computer sound chips and shared videos of his ideas to his YouTube channel which took on a life of their own, as retro synth fans, ‘chiptune’ fanatics gamers and electronic music lovers across the world joined him in his obsession. With his skills honed LukHash now has a unique sound which he sometimes describes as ‘Chipwave’ – a fusion of synthwave, chiptune and modern electronic music.

Meredith Bull is a hugely talented artist, going viral on her own accord thanks to a creative and amusing TikTok presence, where she has now reached over 2.5m likes for her creations. She has collaborated with artists including Elijah Kelley, LSDream, and Taylor Kade. She first joined forces with LukHash last year on ‘Big In Japan’, a cover of the 80’s Alphaville classic, which was so well received that the duo have been working on more collaborations, starting with ‘Dying Breath’ – watch this space!

‘Dying Breath’ pulls the listener into a futuristic world with big chords, a jagged synth bass and acid riff creating a sense of flying through the unknown. The retro electronic beats drive things forwards while Meredith Bull’s angelic, almost dreamlike vocals add to a deeply emotive track. The chorus keeps building with the strength of a classic power ballad adding to the dystopian imagery, but somehow the track is still infused with hope for the future.

‘We Are Stardust’ will be LukHash’s ninth album underlining how prolific this artist is. NewRetroWave is recognised as the key driving force behind the burgeoning retro synth scene and NRW Records is the ideal label for LukHash. NewRetroWave has provided a platform for every significant artist creating this sound at some point as its YouTube channel has grown to over 1.13 million followers.

LukHash’s musicality is undeniable but his desire to create something new while so clearly enjoying his influences makes him an artist who stands out. His futuristic, cyberpunk vibe has roots in the sounds of an electronic past. LukHash’s music is connecting across the generations and excitement for his new album continues to grow.

Loome – Love is Pretty (Spotify)

“Loome expresses his deep feelings with a song full of descriptive words and light melodies. Sometimes we may find ourselves experiencing the same situation with the singer and need to chill out with a suitable sound.”

The phrase 'Love is Pretty' morphs into "Love is Pretty Savage" a phrase for a Valentine Release for sure.

LukHash – Code Veronica (Audio) (Video)

“LukHash is back with a blast. Original retro, Synthwave super track; Code Veronica bringing various emotions from the unforgiven past. Give it a try and the molodies will keep (re)playing in your mind.”

Residing in Edinburgh but originally from Poland, LukHash, continues to turn heads with his innovative approach to making music. ‘Code Veronica’ is the first single from his album, ‘We Are Stardust’, forthcoming on influential, retro synth label NRW Records, and is a perfect example of his ability to blend of modern electronic music production, with 80’s nostalgia, dystopian cyberpunk and retro arcade gaming culture. Videos of his experimentation with custom-modified Commodore 64 computers and hacked, original Nintendo Gameboys went viral on YouTube (and more recently TikTok) as more people joined his obsession. LukHash’s productions deliver a futuristic vibe while integrating nostalgic sounds of an electronic past. His reputation and following has grown fast. His last two albums topped the electronic sales charts on Bandcamp, (with ‘Transient Offworld’ hitting #8 in the overall Bandcamp sales chart), and his music has crashed through 10 million streams on Spotify and rising. ‘Code Veronica’ is out now on NRW Records – stream / download here:

LukHash is a classically trained guitarist but grew up listening to the original 8-bit and 16-bit computer music of the ‘80s, as well as the 80’s pop and rock his parents loved. As a child, he made his own mix tapes with video game music recorded directly from a TV speaker on to cassette tapes, listening back on as Sony Walkman. Fast forward to 2009 and LukHash bought an old Commodore 64 and original Nintendo Gameboys to experiment with the sound chips he used to love. The machine-generated sounds evoked a real sense of nostalgia, of childhood nights gaming in his bedroom, and so he began to fuse these sounds with his new music productions. He shared videos of his ideas to his YouTube channel and watched as they began to go viral among retro synth fans, ‘chiptune’ fanatics and gamers, before reaching out to electronic music lovers across the world.

LukHash is a prolific artist, counting ‘We Are Stardust’ as his ninth album. He has now found the perfect home in NRW Records. NewRetroWave is the driving force behind the burgeoning retro synth sound and has provided a platform for every significant artist in the scene at some point as its YouTube channel has grown to over 1.1 million followers.

‘Code Veronica’ opens with an almost dreamlike, futuristic riff which drops into sounds reminiscent of a retro arcade game as it builds. The track slams into a distorted bassline with hard hitting beats and an infectious guitar riff which soars above the rest. With real melody at its centre, ‘Code Veronica’ delivers a sense of nostalgia while pulling the listener into an unknown dystopian future.

Rather than making music for others there is a sense that LukHash is on his own journey. We are simply coming along for the ride as he continues to push the boundaries of his creativity. Undoubtedly there is a lot more to come from this undeniably talented artist.

Different DNA – Crazy Double Life (Spotify)

“Different DNA is the melodic synthwave rhythms with the light, nostalgic charm of the beloved 80s. Single Crazy Double Life for true connoisseurs.”

“Different DNA - это мелодичные ритмы synthwave с лёгким, ностальгическим шармом любимых 80-х. Сингл Crazy Double Life для настоящих ценителей.”

The song has two meanings. When it was created the idea was that it's about super agent that lives a double life and his/her problems in personal relations. But when the song had been recorded it's appeared that it's about ordinary people who lives their double lives and suffer of it. Which is absolutely common nowaday

Different DNA

Based in Milano, Different DNA is a completely brand new project. It is 100% unique as the music combines the legendary 80’s vibe of Thompson Twins, Pet Shop Boys, A-HA etc with a modern sound that can remind you the best works of TheWeeknd, Timberlake, Hurts

Olexandr Ignatov – Back In 198X – alternative version (Spotify)

“Olexandr Ignatov brings back memories from the past via his three-minute masterpiece. Original vintage mood with the signature of a real artist. No words can describe this, but only thoughts!”

Olexandr Ignatov is a Ukrainian composer, music producer, and piano artist. Also, he is known as one of the most prolific and hard-working royalty-free music producers that put out amazing quantities of ready to use quality background music for video content, may it be a YouTube video, a TV national campaign ad or a family vacation video.

His unique piano style is recognized through his inspirational piano pieces and also some of the piano covers he did over the years, making them #1 on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views.

The latest album called “Forgotten Reality” was published in 2018 and is a collection of his epic cinematic scores which are set to bring you on an exciting and breathtaking journey. At the moment he is working on two new albums.

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