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Banco de Gaia Interview on Nagamag


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Which are the genres that describe your music style better?

Banco de Gaia:
World dance, global, ambient, trance, techno, dub

Few words about your musical background and career?

Banco de Gaia:
I started out playing drums in rock bands then moved on to guitar. In the 80's I was playing jazz and listening to world music then discovered acid house and became immersed in electronic dance music. Since 1989 I've been writing, recording and performing as Banco de Gaia and I'm not sure if I'll ever stop!

Do you remember your first connection of love to music that was the right impact to be a music artist now?

Banco de Gaia:
I saw Hawkwind performing Silver Machine on TV when I was 6 or 7. Lots of strobes and smoke and a man with long hair, I thought 'that's what I want to do'.

Why is world music so imprtant to you?

Banco de Gaia:
I love combining sounds from different countries and cultures, it constantly amazes me that music from wildly different places can share the same basic heart. Music really is a universal language.

What have you been working on recently?

Banco de Gaia:
I just released a two-track single 'Pirates and Princes' as part of New York Times reporter Ian Urbina's 'Outlaw Ocean' project. He has been travelling the seas documenting what goes on out in international waters where no laws apply. It's pretty grim at times but it's important to spotlight the crimes that are going on out there, and incorporating his reporting into music has been a fascinating mission.

Many artists listen to genres that they are not producing music for. Which track is your favorite that is NOT similar to yours?

Banco de Gaia:
Yes "Going For The One"

Of Course Nagamag would love to listen also which is the track from a similar artist you admire?

Banco de Gaia:
William Orbit "Water from a Vine Leaf"

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SVNF8 – Abyss (Spotify)

“The all-consuming atmosphere is breathtaking! Consciousness seeks to break free from their bodies and float freely somewhere within the higher realms. You feel obsessed with this wonderful journey. Energy and drive slowly rolls in waves, and then suddenly there is a plunge into the cozy infinity of starry expanses.”

“От всепоглощающей атмосферы захватывают дух! Сознание стремится вырваться их тела и свободно парить где-то в пределах высших сфер. Чувствуешь себя одержимым этим прекрасным путешествием. Медленно накатывает волнами энергия и драйв, а потом внезапно происходит погружение в уютную безграничность звёздных просторов.”

Featuring in the industry as an impressive yet elusive and mysterious persona, ‘SVNF8’ is back as the man behind the mask returns on the ‘Abyss Constellations’ EP alongside the German duo Gizmo & Mac with featuring tracks ‘Abyss’ and ‘Eat Ass’. SVNF8 first hit the scene in 2019, emerging amongst a roster of seriously talented Producers on the Mau5trap label deriving from one of the biggest names in the business - deadmau5. Introducing his frenetic and powerful style to the world through his first release on the imprint called ‘Facing Reality’, SVNF8 has really hit it off with more recent releases like ‘Fall Free’, which has turned heads and caught the attention of Techno lovers from each corner of the world. Now it is time to welcome two of SVNF8’s latest speaker-splitting releases that are bound to rock your world.

Starting off with ‘Abyss’, you can expect to be indulged from the beginning with a palette of dark and mysterious FX that wrap around the soundscape before the introduction of those eerie vocals that are quickly engulfed by the swelling kick drum that booms into action to get the ball rolling. Progression quickly starts to make way as a powerful culmination of dark and forceful stabs flood the speaker with energy to give it that hypnotizing effect, leaving you totally consumed in the wildness of the music. With each release, we are beginning to get a feel for SVNF8’s signature sounds that are seeping through the cracks, which breathes an essence of life and character into his music that distinguishes it amongst others.

Next up, SVNF8 hits us with ‘Eat Ass’ which finishes off the EP with a bang considering you are met with a high-energy kick and clap tag team. From the moment you press play, you are surrounded by an undulating driving bass to ensure your senses are tingling from the very first beat and your feet are moving from the get-go. The introduction of the intricately placed melodies takes a main role in the production and delivers that entrancing vibe as SVNF8 keeps with that dark and foreboding theme many listeners over the world are falling in love with. After the release of the first break, SVNF8 continues to pull you in as he toys with your senses with a mixture of electrifying robotic elements that linger throughout the rest of the song, giving it that edge and overall infectious vibe that sets him apart from the rest.

SVNF8 is continuing to send ripples throughout the scene with his ever-growing image and sound development mixed in with his talent for music production. With each release, it is evident that the person behind the music whoever they may be is making their way to the top.

SVNF8 Online:

Jaw Dropping Records

Enzo Muller – Independent (Spotify)

“Meet "Enzo Muller" via this supersonic Techno track. Breathtaking mix with dominating popping beat, vibrating bass, elusive leads and a few vocal effects. Hit the play button and let yourself be guided through a cosmic trip with unexpected progression. Truly fascinating work!”

Enzo Machado Ferreira Mirocha, or Enzo Muller, with 19 years old, born in São Caetano do Sul, Brazil, and has been playing and producing since 2011. In 2016, he won a full scholarship for the DJ Ban music production course, where he further improved his techniques.

Of humble origin, the boy in love with music and reached the age of 15 playing more than 20 instruments. Today, he is attached to "Hard Techno" and "Peak Time Techno" and produces inspired by that genre

Released with Eclipse Records, Black Square Records, Dolme Records, Techno Never Dies Records, Phouse Tracks, Toca Records

FRANTZ – Cataclysm (Spotify)

“"FRANTZ" strikes with this Techno bomb and cannot leave us unaffected. Mysterious beat and fat basslines dominate your brain, while some cool melodies may unexpectedly apear. Can you withstand the power of "Cataclysm"? Take a deep breath and dive in this fascinating mix.”

Based between Los Angeles, Melbourne and Berlin, FRANTZ is a collective of DJs, producers and musicians with one unifying love: making techno.
Since coming together, FRANTZ have built a unique sound of hard, melodic and nostalgic new-age techno.

Bryn Liedl – Underworld Ep | Inspired by ‘The Outlaw Ocean’ a book by Ian Urbina (Video)

“Unreal electronic mix with the power of Trance and the signature of “Bryn Liedl”. Just arrived in your sound collection in order to offer a unique ocean trip. A fairytale inspired by the sea nature. Feel the beat shaking your body while being breathless from those super melodies!”

Underworld, the EP was inspired by Ian Urbina’s book, ‘The Outlaw Ocean’. Ian’s collaborative process involved sharing his library of sounds and video he’s taken across his career as a New York Times journalist covering the ocean

This sonic exploration into the ocean’s underworld mirrors Bryn’s personal journey of conscious growth. Collaborating with Ian opened up his frame of reference, allowing him to ask some difficult questions. How am I impacting the planet and more specifically the ocean? What effects do my everyday choices have on the sustainability of earth’s resources?

Pablo Bolivar, Ben Preisinger – Dusk Light (Spotify)

“-Dusk Light- has its own special sound character. This gives it an exceptional personality. Madly atmospheric work with high affection to the listener.”

“Звуковая картина в -Dusk Light- своя, особая. Это и придаёт ей исключительную индивидуальность. Безумно атмосферная работа.”

Rich with minimal textures and refined electronic chords, ‘Dusk Light’ is progressively chilled as it incorporates the works of Pablo Bolivar and Ben Preisinger into one, cohesive creation. An ode to the synchronicities and complex behaviours found in nature, the single manages to create an organic atmosphere while only using rolling electronic instruments and entrancing synths. First glimmer of the upcoming album FRAMEWORK OF A DREAM.

Adam Tauber – Circles (Spotify)

“If you are a fan of techno, psybient, trance or similar genres then I urge you to check this superb, genre fusing track out. An extremely accomplished production of pulsating almost trance like kick & bass presented in a mellow, chilled fashion, with a pleasantly repetitive synth motif that will have you moving to the rhythm in no time.”

Adam Tauber a fresh but experienced talent in the electronic music scene was born in Germany and heavily influenced by EBM artists such as Anne Clark, Gary Numann or DAF in the mid 80s. In early years Adam got fascinated by electronic music and sneaked himself out of the house to play as a DJ all night long in a nearby Club. Throughout the 90s and 2000s he developed his career and played in the most famous clubs national and international such as Pacha Ibiza or Cocoon in Madrid. Unfortunately, he had to cancel his career due to a severe tinnitus. After many years of recovery, he decides to give his fascination of electronic music another chance by releasing modern state techno music in 2021 on Music Production Intelligence (MPI).

Sam Junk – Toxa (Spotify)

“Original Techno release for advanced listeners. High power of electronic synthesizers directly from "Sam Junk"; an old master in sound production. The best choice to keep you active and strong during a busy day.”

With an esteemed reputation in the art of music production since 1988, Tech and House addicted Sam Junk returns to the scene with his new release ‘Toxa’. Following an impressive past in the industry with massive club hits being played globally and previous chart hits reaching a whopping 25,000 records being sold, he is a living testament to his hard work and devotion. Sam is making a return to the Tech – Trance – House highway, where he originally began his career from humble beginnings, learning to make sounds using old-school C64 and AMIGA computers. With sounds coming straight from Slovenia, we’re all strapped in tight anticipating the ride.

Sam Junk has delved deeper into the Techno scene, where he is adamant to display his infectious, genre-bending capabilities with the world. He does justice to this through his new tune Toxa, which features a thumping bassline and heavy, acidic synth-leads that tie in to make this melodic-Techno slammer with a huge dancefloor potential. With an overall high-energy groove that is just too good to miss, Sam Junk has done an excellent job in crafting this Techno hybrid and is sure to bring more gas to the fire he has already built. On the other hand, the Archeee remix flips the tune on its head to deliver a seriously powerful and intricate flavour, which provides us with the industrialised flair we didn’t know it needed. Paired with its swift, bombastic percussion that delivers a punch and its added layer of delicious, dark leads, this remix delivers an undeniable mixture of massive groove and power.

Having previously worked alongside Lakota Music to showcase his inimitable knack for music production, he is now in the position to bring us more music and fun than he’s ever brought before – he is definitely not one to be slept on. If you’re into punchy tech beats, filthy underground sounds and old-school, acid-esque homages, definitely give him a listen!

Download Stream and Buy Here:

Find Sam Junk Online:

Lakota Music:

Bratři – Running (official video) (Video)

“Feel the speed of Bpm conquering your body and your heart beat accelerating from these Techno sound reefs. The exlposive mix from Bratři is already blasting out from your sound system or at least keeps you company while rushing for your daily duties.”

The electronic duo Bratři (i.e. Brothers) in their new single Running offer an image of an escape from the pandemic chaos. The twins Ondřej and Jiří Veselý used vocals for the first time, and the other ingredients are sprinkled with an accurate and effective ratio. They combine tension, techno and slightly raw straightforwardness. Run with Bratři and head off from the lockdown trap.


For the last single before the autumn release of the full album, Bratři chose a song with vocals. “Our friends from the band Teepee also have a bit of a share in Running. We did a remix for their song Parallel World and we liked their vocals so much that we also used it for Running. At the same time, we wanted to leave our sound and dance vibe,” says Jirka and Ondra adds what makes the song different from the previous singles Signal and Rise. “During the autumn lockdown, we moved to a small cottage surrounded by forests and pure nature, where we could work in peace during the week and escape a little from the stereotypes of the big city. The first motives were created here and I think that the forests and pure nature can be felt in Running.”


The whole single is shrouded in fog, which gives it a kind of tension. “We added hope and a positive mood to Running at the same time. But we are certainly influenced by the current pandemic in our work now, and this is exactly the result of the current situation. Escape, lockdown crisis and hope.”

Bratři are a new face on the Czech electronic music scene. Twins Jiří and Ondřej conceived the music project, which oscillates around a combination of catchy electronic dance, techno and ambient. The central driving forces are Jiři’s live percussion/drum beats and the melodic motives and sequences created by Ondřej on analogue and modular synthesizers, two captivating streams converging on stage in one uncompromising flow of electrifying energy.

In 2017 Bratři released their first EP Monster and followed it up in 2018 with a new single called Manual. Since their inception in 2016, Bratři have played a large number of concerts and festivals; Colours of Ostrava, Rock For People, Beseda u Bigbítu, to name but a few. They have also supported artists such as Jan Blomqvist, Rone, Chrome Sparks and in March 2019 opened for Jon Hopkins at the Forum Karlín. In April 2019 they released a single and music video called Monarch and took part in the showcase festival Tallinn Music Week, where their liveset was chosen among the TOP 10 live acts. In July 2019 Bratři played to much success at the prestigious Chateau Perché Festival in France. From September 2019 to February 2020 Bratři took part in various showcases, namely Nouvelle Prague, BUSH, MENT, and Eurosonic. In February 2020 Bratři commenced work on their debut album.

SVNF8 – Fall Free (Spotify)

“Extra deep and strong Techno single from "SVNF8". Pure power compressed in five minutes, which can change the way you think about music. Warning; this is not for all listeners!”

Up and coming talent SVNF8 is here with his new EP ‘Fall Free’, and he is on a mission to change the way people perceive Electronic music. The enigmatic Producer and DJ made his first appearance in 2019, as he introduced us to his work through his track ‘Facing Reality’ on Mau5trap's ‘We Are Friends, Vol. 9' compilation. He has since been working with the Mau5trap label founded by ground-breaking Electronic music producer deadmau5, a renowned bastion for trailblazing and genre-defying artists. SVNF8 proves to be in good hands considering Mau5trap has curated success for huge names in the industry which includes Skrillex, Zedd, Noisia, Chris Lake, and Madeon.

SVNF8’s latest release is a powerful culmination of dark, forceful Techno combined with complex electro sounds that make up the 4-track EP, which will definitely have Techno fans rejoicing. The second tune is called ‘Sayin Nothin’, which starts off with an entrancing lead that develops into an intense drop where the main body of the song kicks out into an explosion of blood-pumping bass which kicks off the tune as choppy percussion fills the gaps. Just when you thought ‘Sayin Nothin’ had delivered its full potential, a vocal break resets the pace, making room for another spinetingling build-up and vigorous drop that delivers pure techno brilliance. The third tune on the EP is titled ‘Sector K’, where SVNF8 manages to ramp up the pace with thumping snares and a driving bass, overall emanating a more manic feel to it.

The star of the EP, and 1st track,  called ‘Fall Free’. It takes a slightly slower but deeper approach, which sends all of your senses into a frenzy and in turn hypnotizes you in the best way possible, leaving you totally consumed in the wildness of the music. Easing us into a solid beat with abstract synth work paired with vocal sounds, the song then erupts into a deep and dark frenzy of driving bass that instantly ramps up the pace, demonstrating that he definitely means business. The track then drops out into an aggressive bassline that proves to be infectious, accompanied by a string of industrialized sounds that layer another symphony of Techno excellence as SVNF8 once again shows off his incredible talents.

Last but not least, SVNF8 ensures the EP goes out with a bang as it finishes with ‘Won’t Go’. This speaker-splitting track features a dark, punching bassline that proves irresistible to move to as it transcends into an insatiable, hard-hitting groove that leaves you wanting to press replay as soon as it finishes. With an inimitable knack for music production, we can’t wait to see the huge impact SVNF8 has on the Techno scene, so be sure to mark your calendars in time for his next release.

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