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Belzifer, Liset Alea – Beauty in Decay (Spotify)

The new vocal song of Belzifer called "Beauty In Decay" featuring the amazing Liset Alea from the famous french band "Nouvelle Vague'a hypnotic yet emotive and melancholic trip-hop song which captures listeners attention fast.

Beauty In Decay is a song about finding beauty in darkness, in things that are broken or considered unloveable by normal standards. It's an amazing song divided into two different styles: the first part with urban drums and the second one with pure classical instruments.

"The closer I look
The more I love all the broken parts
The cracks in the porcelain
The lines on your face
I’m losing myself in things that nobody notices
Yeah, but I see the beauty in decay"

Few Words about Belzifer:
Belzifer is a passionate music composer from France that makes music with his heart and soul.

He writes mostly cinematic, neo-classical, ambient, and emotional music but more recently he's interested in trip-hop & downtempo music, inspired by his favorite artists such as Portishead or Akira Yamaoka.

The young musician has worked with many talented singers from all around the world, such as "Emi Evans" (from the famous video game series NieR) or more recently, Liset Alea (from the French band "Nouvelle Vague").

"Ferat is a gentle soul with a massively big heart and an even bigger passion to create lush, melancholic tapestries of music" - Delphia

"This was a beautiful collaboration with someone incredibly sensitive who is deeply connected to his musical universe and was very clear about what he wanted to achieve with my vocals. The music was emotionally charged and you can feel this is all coming from a real place, not just music for music's sake." - Liset Alea

Currently working on his 3rd album "Belzifer X" and on his second movie "L'Histoire de la Violence" ("The Story of Violence") that is directly connected to his music, Belzifer is definitely an artist that makes art with love - and honesty.

Neeq Serene – The Others (Spotify)

The Others' explores the dimensions of self amidst the pressures of reality, through the use of simplistic, dark layered synths and progressive drum beats, keeping the emphasis on the melancholic narrative. A hypnotic melancholic trip hop theme with wonderful vocals. Neeq Serene is an electronic artist from the UK, crossing over genres of trip-hop, chill-step, gothic neofolk and IDM.

Meira Loom – Undertow – Radio Edit (Spotify)

Undertow is a first single preview before the full album "Letting Go" comes this August 2020 from Meira Loom.

Through its hypnotic groove vibes and the folding of the warm ethereal voice of Meira Loom, it shares tickling moments of listening pleasure and relax atmosphere.

Few words about Meira Loom:

“Like Tori Amos listening to Radio Head”—that’s how Meira Loom has been described. Using only her voice, piano, and a stomp board under her heel, she asks: Who am I? After musical adventures that have led her to a number of bands, styles, and stages, Loom now comes back to herself. The result is a set of lyrical songs, expanded with additional instruments and musicians, but all shaped by the versatility of Loom's voice: at times soft tones, and then distorted sounds, telling stories from the agonies of love and the insights of an underwater spy.

Meira Loom is a singer, pianist, and songwriter based in Bern, Switzerland.

Her first single, “Undertow,” will be released on 19 June 2020. The album Letting Go will be released in August 2020.

In the last decade, she has performed on keyboard and backup vocals for artists such as Bobby McFerrin, James Gruntz, Marc Storace (Krokus), and Anastacia on renowned world stages (Montreux Jazz Festival, Blue Balls Festival, Gurten Festival, KKL Lucerne, Hallenstadion Zurich, Reeperbahn Festival Hamburg), before deciding to focus on her own career as a solo artist and songwriter.

Loom (Mei-Siang Chou) is also known as an accomplished and Authorized CVT Teacher (Complete Vocal Technique).



Belau is one of the most promising electronica newcomers around the European music scene. In three years, they had almost 200 live performances in 23 countries. The debut LP, “The Odyssey” won the Hungarian Grammy in best electronic music album category. Their long-awaited sophomore album, titled Colourwave – as colourful as the Caribbean melting pot – is finally out on now. You can hear the exotic beats of the band live on their tour which starts in Autumn.

Amoa – Back (Spotify)

Amoa – Back

Trip Hop

Electronic beats tumbling around a nostalgic voice. The singer and composer AMOA (aka. Andrea Thoma) shares the stage with her producer Roland Vollenweider, Jonathan Nagel on machines and Simon Boss on guitar.

Let your mind dissolve in the atmosphere.

Obsqure – Cloud 9 (Spotify)

Obsqure – Cloud 9

Trip Hop

A new timeless album from Tunisian producer, Obsqure. Music that comes classic quickly and betters as ages. A blend of future garage, chillstep, minimal electronic, downtempo without forget his trip hop roots show us the diversity and complexity of his sound synthesis approach. The more you hear, the more you discover, deep and emotional with nostalgic touches and even called Cloud9 the beauty within will remove your life clouds.

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Fold – Concrete Things (Spotify)

Fold – Concrete Things

Trip Hop

Concrete Things pays tribute to a great visionary named Lorraine Hansberry; her voice & ideas are at the core of the track. Released in defiance of these dark times Concrete Things exalts the importance of using our cognitive gifts to steer ourselves towards the proverbial light. Lorraine reminds us that in order to progress (or in this case survive) we must remain adaptable in our thinking; we must drop the crutches that we've made for ourselves once we can walk.

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