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Corti Organ x HANDED – All Time High

“"Corti Organ" open their archive of Summer vibes and it sounds way different than usual. Here's an example of Deep House with positive vocals and crystal melodies. Uplifting mood and blissful moments of listening are waiting you.”

A dance pop-orientated summer tune with a feel-good melody. With piano, guitar, and the beautiful male lyrics by the talented HANDED. Lots of positive energy and well suited for the beach or a drive in a Cabrio.

henrikz – Over Again

“There are moments when we regret about our behaviour and there's still time to fix it. The Danish producer and songwriter "henrikz" has managed to capture feelings of heartbreak in an immersive vocal performance and the hookiest EDM rhythms.”

"Over Again” was sent to him in a demo, containing only vague piano sounds, lyrics and vocals – and with a sole listen, Henrik dug into his home studio. The single is made by henrikz, as well as songwriter & vocalist Robbie Rosen and his co-writer Jessica Lattmann. This single is their third release together.

The Danish EDM- and Dance Pop producer, songwriter and remixer henrikz captures sensitive feelings and intimate state of affairs with overthinking and the coping of a heartbreak as the focal points & -themes. Acing the match between melodic influence and lyrics, he succeedingly puts his groovy ambiances and Dance Pop electronic touch on the single.

A quote from Henrik on the collab with R.R. in “Over Again”: Robbie is a truly talented singer, and he is insanely good at expressing the feeling throughout the melody. My well-considered music production is amplified through the way Robbie sings it; It kinda sounds like he is ready to cry. “Over Again” is filled with the feeling that you want to fix a relationship that has ended – or a relationship on the verge of ending. The idea is rooted in the “if”’s; If you could go back in time, you would have done everything in your power to fix the problems and never give up on it. The tone and emotion of Robbie Rosen’s voice says it all."

HARBER x Luxtides x Disco Fries – Nothing

“A good, rhythmic and fresh sip in the genre of Tropical House, showing the development and stylistic unity of the author's talent. It is immediately felt that a tremendous work was carried out over the track, workshop! The very case when the arrangement is very successfully selected. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Хороший, ритмичный и свежий глоток в жанре Tropical House, показывающий развитие и стилистическое единство авторского таланта. Сразу ощущается, что над треком была проведена колоссальная, мастерская работа! Тот самый случай, когда очень удачно выбрана аранжировка.”

L D R U – Let You Go

“Harmony bewitching, rich in variety of arrangements, caressing your hearing hungry for high -quality music. There is everything here to cheer you up; The rhythms of the Tropical House, with a deafening, fat bass, excellent work with vocals and a web melody. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Гармония завораживающая, богатая разнообразием аранжировки, ласкающая ваш изголодавшийся по качественной музыке слух. Здесь есть всё, чтобы поднять вам настроение; ритмы Tropical House, с оглушающим, жирным басом, прекрасная работа с вокалом и вайбовая мелодия.”

Ehrling – Fire

“Summer is getting closer and the temperature rises to fire levels. This track from "Ehrling" has exactly the sound we need to listen. Happy, funky and catchy EDM patterns blended with vocal effects in an effortless way.”

Swedish Artist Ehrling (Born Harald Ehrling, 1995) emerged in Stockholm in 2016. He started out with sharing his talent by creating copyright-free music, using his saxophone to express his feelings to the world. As the demand of his music grew, which Ehrling had confirmed through the amount of streams that was reached on his songs & mixes (approximately over 30+ million streams), it was only obvious to raise the standards and aim at reaching new heights as a DJ/Composer.

Having 10 years of experience creating music, Ehrling is at the best possible position to co-lead the genre of happy vibes. If your future is filled with luxurious events, day-parties and tropical atmospheres, you will without a doubt cross paths with Ehrling’s music.

Doppe & Kokke – December Melancholy

“Get synchronized with the waves of “December Melancholy” and forget anything you knew about House music. Despite its title, this fresh release includes some short of hidden happiness. Its friendly and well-built rhythmic elements, delicate melody and feathery vocals will quickly earn your appreciation.”

Novino – One Last Time (feat. Hanniou) (Spotify)

“"Novino" and "Hanniou" have skillfully blended House with Chill out elements and the result is surely more than just good. Heartwarming vocals followed by a soulful melody and catchy effects in this presumptive love song, that leaves its sign inside each of us.”

"One Last Time" is a melancholic and dreamy Chill House track. The track already has over 1,6 million streams on Spotify and has been included in some of the biggest chill playlists. It was written and produced in Germany.

Pedro Bergamo – Imigrante (Video)

“An impressive Bossa Nova single, carefully composed for listeners with specific preferences in music. Friendly sound, based on special acoustic instrumentation and of course the warm vocals of “Pedro Bergamo”. Song with own attitude, clearly not for everyone!”

Artist said about this song:

“Imigrante is about my personal experience moving out of Brazil to Finland, a country with a culture very different than mine. It is a register of someone trying to hold on to what is important and letting go what does not define you as a person.”

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