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Mart Avi – Feather (Video)

“With his tickling sound minimalism, like a Feather teasing your ears, and delightful dreaming warm vocals spreading around like rain drops in the leaves, Mart Avi creates a top dream pop song showcasing his sound design skills. In top of all that this wonderful video captures perfect the overall floating atmosphere here.”

Bouncing through filters of sultry ambient pop and futuristic funk, Estonian avant-pop auteur and electronic producer Mart Avi floats into the limelight with new single ‘Feather’, taken from his forthcoming LP “Vega Never Sets”.

Combining a sense of wonder with a sensual sheen, ‘Feather’ seems to emerge from a soaring daydream. Yet Mart Avi is in his most alert state here as he dissolves syncopated beats, post-digital timbres and short-circuited croons into a lighter-than-air now-pop ballad. “Like a sheet of paper folded into a cylinder holds up to dozens of kilograms, and animated characters defy gravity, ‘Feather’ presents its physique in a gentle manner,” he says.

Accompanying the main track are two alternative versions with warped phasing as well as “an ocular version” – that is, a video made using the game creation system ‘Dreams’ on PlayStation 4. Created by Avi and Ivar Murd, the visual saturates the single’s elusive charge with surrealist horizons, serene vistas, and encounters with Jungian dream figures.

Avi has been busy creating more hyperkinetic realms for us to drift into, just like a feather. The single is a taster of what can be expected when the full LP “Vega Never Sets” lands on 27th November via Porridge Bullet.

Avant-pop auteur and electronic music producer Mart Avi has carved an “outernational” musical space for himself – something akin to a sonic spider spinning puzzles on the World Wide Web with each new project. His highly acclaimed work includes both solo and band albums as well as some weirdly wonderful pop tunes in collaboration with Ajukaja, the reverend of Estonia’s adventurous underground. His records have been awarded with the Best Electronic Album and Album of the Year critics wins in his homeland whilst his live performances have been acknowledged for their theatricality and inventiveness.

“Unlike with a lot of conceptronica, Mart Avi’s thoughtful thoughts don’t get in the way of the seduction effect.“ – Simon Reynolds

Dynamite Stranger – Splinters (Spotify)

Dynamite Stranger – Splinters


Splinters, kicks in with some super wide, face-melting fuzz bass and a classic square wave arpeggiator. What's that? Two arpeggiators?! A play out between the two arps dancing around one another, adding musical flair. The track has an apt finality in its melody and finally after we get the sample ring out "We were so lost and then it happened, I never saw her again." the track drops to the last dance and we finish the track. Emotional, Powerful and Captivating to say the least.

Neil Friedlander – In the Faintest Familiar Sense (Spotify)

Neil Friedlander – In the Faintest Familiar Sense


Israeli singer-songwriter and artist Neil Friedlander releases new single ‘In The Faintest Familiar Sense’ on 14 February 2020, setting the tone for a brand new album release this Spring.
“In the Faintest Familiar Sense is a song about trust. I wrote it for a distant friend, recognising that life and time would have their way with us before we might be together again. It’s a surrender to the notion of “it’s not up to you”, and a prayer to keep my heart open in the meantime.” - Neil Friedlander
Producer Aviv Meshulam brings his magic to the production, infusing it with 80’s warmth. The breezy guitar melodies, lush pads, marimbas and vocoder choir set the tone, while Neil’s ethereal voice floats above.
Neil Friedlander was born in Jerusalem, Israel. They started writing songs when they were 9 years old, and continued to hone their craft throughout High School and their service in the Navy. Their first album, Movements Into Language, was produced by Aviv Meshulam and recorded at MRTF studios, and released in January 2018. The album, a collection of letters to
former lovers, explorations of loss, addiction, sexuality and desire, received critical acclaim in Israel upon its release, and the single ‘What Part of Love’ was featured on leading media outlets and radio stations.
Neil and Aviv toured with the album in Italy and Israel, and returned to the studio to begin working on their next project. After backpacking in India, Neil moved to Brooklyn, New York. Their second album with Aviv, ‘Love is a Ripple on a Lake’, was completed over the course of a year and a half.
The album reflects the dawn of a new chapter in their life, and revolves around the themes of acceptance and freedom, ego, and falling in love. Neil continues to use music to express the changes and life transitions they go through; letting go of their orthodox religious education, deepening their understanding of love and of themselves, and moving towards a new form of spirituality.
‘Love is a Ripple on a Lake’ is released this Spring.

Sulkin’ Raven – Oxygen (Spotify)

Sulkin’ Raven – Oxygen


Los Angeles based producer and vocalist Sulkin’ Raven has tapped into a brilliant blend of lush, atmospheric synths with Gameboy-created beats on “Oxygen”. The final edition in a series of singles released over the past year, the spacey cut marks a point of deep maturation for Sulkin’ Raven as he meditates on the notion that “retreating to your comfort zone can leave you feeling suffocated from isolation.” It also comes equipped with his first music video, featuring choreographed dance and an analogue television installation piece from Slim Reaper.

VIUS – Neon Dream (Spotify)

VIUS – Neon Dream


When people encounter the word "Cyberpunk," they tend to imagine a vast sprawling metropolis with towering skyscrapers, neon signs glowing from every angle, and an entire society dominated by the technological advancements of its time. These are the kind of scenes that inspired this track.

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