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Glasstempo – Like It Was

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“String parts are so deep and atmospheric, love the lower end as well, the bass line alike, so moody. Perfect vocal samples and some synth sequences that are adding to the overall style much needed progression. Perfect chill out song. ”

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Melodiesinfonie – Devoodrifte

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“In music, the presence of the soul is important, and in -Melodiesinfonie- this is in perfect order! When listening, there may be a frantic desire to leave the city somewhere to the distance and spend a couple of nights under the strewn stars of the sky. This will help you with the melody of Chillwave and Dream Pop, as well as the excellent voice of the performer. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“В музыке важно наличие души, и у -Melodiesinfonie- с этим всё в полном порядке! При прослушивании может возникнуть неистовое желание уехать из города куда-нибудь в даль и провести пару ночей под усыпанными звёздами небом. В этом вам поможет мелодия Chillwave и Dream Pop, а так же прекрасный голос исполнителя.”

Zurich based producer, multi instrumentalist, singer and composer Melodiesinfonie returns with the third single of his upcoming album, which will be out in late June 2022. Devoodrifte is a happy and dreamy composition with smooth psyche delic elements. The Swiss German lyrics are translated: If I may say something, it would be nice if you‘re here with me, close your eyes and let‘s space out. Let‘s go on a colorful trip with Melodiesinfonie.

Citrus Avenue – Julia’s Toes (Spotify)

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“The bright acoustic guitar sounds and the meditative xylophone melody are waiting for us. Beautiful patterns, westering percussion and acoustic arrangement aiming to please the ears. -Julia's Toes- is exclusively positive, in a way that brings real and sincere emotions.”

“Яркие звуки акустической гитары и медитативная мелодия ксилофона. Красивые ямы, западающая в голову перкуссия, радует наличие акустики в аранжировке. -Julia's Toes- вызывает исключительно положительные, такие настоящие и искренние эмоции.”

Anthon Jean-Paul – Nitedrive (Retro 80’s Music) (Spotify)

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“Nostalgic, sentimental, original retro music for your time travelling experience. The happy memories from the past return to renew your life. Hit the play button, close your eyes and live your dream with "Anthon Jean-Paul".”

Nitedrive (Retro 80's Music)' is a vapourware / synthwave track by Anthon Jean-Paul. Hi latest single channels the feelings of nostalgia by tapping into the retro sounds of the 80's. Picture yourself on a long drive down Miami Beach or in a throwback video game of the classic era in music.

Anthon Jean-Paul is a French / Swiss composer who hovers on the fine line on beauty and abstraction with his artful compositions. His initial releases have combined classical music with new age and even avant-garde. Let this maestro's music take you on an outstanding journey through space and time.

MV Dusk Crisis – Your life will never be the same (Video)

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“Unexpected trip to the past with “Mv”! An excellent oportunity for the retro-maniacs, emulating the ’80s synthesizers with inspiration from old video games. Very valuable work that brings back our nostalgic moments.”


“Your Life will never be the same” is the first single by Mv based on the cyberpunk retro-futuristic graphic novel DUSK CRISIS. It is based in the sense of hope and dreams in the midst of despairing circumstances, which encourages the listener to face its life like an adventure to live rather than a problem to sort out.


Manuel David Vasquez, also dubbed as Mv among his friends and followers, is a fantastic musician, songwriter, and artist. While he lives in Melbourne, Australia, he was born and lived a significant part of his life in Colombia. Earlier as a child, he learned to play the violin when he was hardly five years old. Later as he grew older, he learned to play guitar and piano as well. Ideally, he mastered these instruments during his teenage years. But he understood the need to transition and that it was a crucial time to bring some significant change in life to make his work known. He decided to pack up and leave Colombia and migrated to Australia .

He is also an avid reader of Sci-Fi and CyberPunk and on a lazy day. Hence, he has recently started working on a Graphic Novel, Dusk Crisis. He has also combined Synthwave music that complements the genre of the novel.

In addition to these hobbies he pursues, Mv likes to travel and visits the historic and landmarks of each country. While touring new countries, he also explores history and culture of the music and observes the contemporary shift in music trends.

Amongst his all-time favorite artists are Gloria Estefan & Miami sound machine, Al Jarreau, Giorgio Moroder, Luis Miguel, Juan Luis Guerra & 440, Vangelis, and Eros Ramazzotti. His modest personality, cheerful demeanor, soul-stirring voice, and creative music assures he has a long way to go, and he will captivate his audiences with his work.

The imaginary of DUSK CRISIS depicts the darkest environment for the main character of the story. Still, he has to endure the pain and frustration in order to accomplish his core purpose in life.


Sulkin’ Raven – Okay, for Real This Time (Spotify)

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“Brand new and very emotional chilling work from Sulkin' Raven. An electronic music producer who combines the ambient sounds for passive listening with the grooves for the active ear.”

Artist shared with us few words about this song:

"When I wrote this EP back in 2016, it was the first time I set out to release music on my own without any collaborators. I had worked with my band members or worked with filmmakers on musical projects in the past but never solely by myself, so this was a new adventure for me. At the time, I was still very unsure how to capture the sound in my head, and what I ended up releasing wasn't very representative of what I wanted at the time. I didn't know who I was as an independent artist, and I lacked the skills to manifest the sounds in my head without others' help. Following my first EP's release, I continued to experiment and develop as an artist, leading to better and better music from Sulkin' Raven. Now I feel like I have found myself as a craftsman, a composer, and an artist. Because I was so unsure of myself when releasing my first EP, I never promoted the songs much because I knew deep down they weren't me, and they weren't representative of the sounds that were in my heart. Now I've re-made, re-shaped, and re-released the EP, bringing it up to my current standard for my music. Now it’s a release I'm truly proud of and something I feel excited to share with everyone in the world. Okay, for Real This Time represented how I felt then, and it is how I feel right now with this new version of this old track"

Sulkin' Raven is the brain child of Kevin De Nicolo. Combining elements of synthwave, chiptune, psych-rock, and ambient music. Kevin performs live stream jams on

Ape Suit – Beat 4 (Spotify)

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“If the music can be called aesthetic, then this is Ape Suit. Delight in every beat. Nostalgic and surreal sound You Are Going to Die and Everything is Ok is 24 minutes of pleasure that will seem like eternity to you.”

“Если музыку можно назвать эстетичной, то это Ape Suit. Наслаждение в каждой доле. Ностальгические и сюрреалистическое звучание You Are Going to Die and Everything is Ok это 24 минуты удовольствия, которые покажутся вам вечностью.”

You may feel a sense of melancholy from the title, You Are Going To Die And Everything Is OK, and you would be correct, except that it also provides a sense of warmth, soft and tender hope and chilled out vibes for your soul. Whether it’s a cold day snuggle, an early morning sunrise with a brisk breeze, a springtime celebration or a stoned days in sweltering heat, somehow this EP will still find a way to fit that exact moment.

Mart Avi – Feather (Video)

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“With his tickling sound minimalism, like a Feather teasing your ears, and delightful dreaming warm vocals spreading around like rain drops in the leaves, Mart Avi creates a top dream pop song showcasing his sound design skills. In top of all that this wonderful video captures perfect the overall floating atmosphere here.”

Bouncing through filters of sultry ambient pop and futuristic funk, Estonian avant-pop auteur and electronic producer Mart Avi floats into the limelight with new single ‘Feather’, taken from his forthcoming LP “Vega Never Sets”.

Combining a sense of wonder with a sensual sheen, ‘Feather’ seems to emerge from a soaring daydream. Yet Mart Avi is in his most alert state here as he dissolves syncopated beats, post-digital timbres and short-circuited croons into a lighter-than-air now-pop ballad. “Like a sheet of paper folded into a cylinder holds up to dozens of kilograms, and animated characters defy gravity, ‘Feather’ presents its physique in a gentle manner,” he says.

Accompanying the main track are two alternative versions with warped phasing as well as “an ocular version” – that is, a video made using the game creation system ‘Dreams’ on PlayStation 4. Created by Avi and Ivar Murd, the visual saturates the single’s elusive charge with surrealist horizons, serene vistas, and encounters with Jungian dream figures.

Avi has been busy creating more hyperkinetic realms for us to drift into, just like a feather. The single is a taster of what can be expected when the full LP “Vega Never Sets” lands on 27th November via Porridge Bullet.

Avant-pop auteur and electronic music producer Mart Avi has carved an “outernational” musical space for himself – something akin to a sonic spider spinning puzzles on the World Wide Web with each new project. His highly acclaimed work includes both solo and band albums as well as some weirdly wonderful pop tunes in collaboration with Ajukaja, the reverend of Estonia’s adventurous underground. His records have been awarded with the Best Electronic Album and Album of the Year critics wins in his homeland whilst his live performances have been acknowledged for their theatricality and inventiveness.

“Unlike with a lot of conceptronica, Mart Avi’s thoughtful thoughts don’t get in the way of the seduction effect.“ – Simon Reynolds

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