The Holy Knives – Always Gone (Spotify)

The Holy Knives – Always Gone (Spotify)Spotify

Always Gone is a trip hop influenced love ballad with vocals in the style of Leonard Cohen. The song is the title track of our forthcoming EP, the other 3 songs to be released as singles once a month followed by a collaborative remix of track Always Gone by Jamie Hince of The Kills. The song was released today 1/17 and was premiered by Impose Magazine, who said “pensive guitar chords, simmering synths and Kody’s mesmerizing baritone conjure dreamy, transfixing vibes that would feel right at home at the Roadhouse from Twin Peaks.”

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Mocean, Kirsa Moonlight – Dear Me (Spotify)

Mocean, Kirsa Moonlight – Dear Me

Mocean’s new single Dear Me – a sincere song about self-esteem and the the thousand doubts that go with it

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Silona – Course of Life (Video)

Silona – Course of Life

This is essential and timeless, the warm vocals and harmonies tickles your senses

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TonyModi – Dabbler in life (feat.Lola) (Video)

TonyModi – Dabbler in life (feat.Lola) [Dirty Lust Album – Out 16-6-2016]

An ethereal warm vocals triphop track from Tonymodi

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LI:EVE – This Is A War (Video)

LI:EVE – This Is A War

Warm vocals and deep emotional harmonies here

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Drift – Resonativ (Video)

Drift – Resonativ

Calm and gentle, a song to fall in love

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TonyModi – A thousand wishes feat Lola (Video)

TonyModi – A thousand wishes feat Lola

Whenever i see you in pain,
I need to hear your wands,
I could turn the sun into rain,

Or simply cleave the ground,
Forget all you might think…

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Resonativ – Drift (Spotify)

Resonativ – Drift

An ethereal vocal electro pop chill anthem

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The Dreamless Sleep – Breathe Colour feat. Britt Warner (Video)

The Dreamless Sleep – Breathe Colour feat. Britt Warner

This is a winner from first seconds, the warm voice and the arrangement here steal fast your attention and on 03:14 blows your mind

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