Mister Drê-D – POUKI

“Such tracks need to be listened to at maximum volume in order to completely feel how the music makes your way under your skin and you become its whole. Just incredible depths of vocals, the rhythms of World Music, Afrobeats and the charm of the Neo-Soul genre. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Такие треки нужно слушать на максимальной громкости, чтобы полностью ощутить, как музыка пробирается вам под кожу и вы становитесь её целым. Просто невероятной глубины вокал, ритмы World Music, Afrobeats и очарование жанра Neo-Soul.”


Taken from his album " Tounen nan rasin " released last November, the Canadian singer of Haitian origin Mister Drê-D, in his suave voice, presents " Pouki ", a new version of the song " Why " in English and Creole.

This fusion between the two languages is a good representation of the diversity and crossbreeding of urban music today. " Pouki " is an afrosoul piece in the same vein as what is currently being done in Afro-Nigerian urban music with Caribbean influences in the sounds.

"Pouki" (meaning "why" in english) is about an artist who loves his art, but gets caught up in the whirlwind of the music industry to the point of compromising his soul for a bit of recognition and glory.

This master piece written by Mister Drê-D, composed by Noel Mpiaza, mixed and mastered by Maxime Philippe is just in time for spring. Indeed, the images of the clip shot by PeeZee transports us to a tropical landscape where bewitching, sensual and groovy rhythms will warm up your atmosphere as a prelude to the summer season.

Distributed by Distrokid, " Pouki " is now available on all digital platforms. The artist has also concocted a Spotify playlist that accompanies this piece where we find some songs that embrace this musical lineage.

Small Island Big Song – Sarbon

“"Sarbon" is a passionate song with a clear message against the destructive human nature. Original Acoustic sound of African style, which can leave its sign in your mind. The sea is our life source and we must protect it!”


Artist said about this song:

"In July 2020 when the MV Wakashio ran aground on our coral reef, the hearts of all Mauritians broke along with the tank. Sarbon means (coal), and I wrote this song thinking of this moment when a ship changed our daily life. This event brought a lot of despair for our lagoons, already affected by climate change and over tourism, we were seeing our paradise burning. Sarbon is a tribute to all the people who were on the spot for months, sewing sugarcane bags, donating their hair to absorb the oil and saving as much as we can our precious marine park and the eastern coastline. To the fishermans and sea lovers, to the dolphins, victims of the tragedy. It’s a song for all the creatures on land and underwater that were mourning. The ocean is, for me, the real holy water of this world, blessing us with oxygen, food, peacefulness and wonder. I can’t imagine my life being away from the sea for too long. Being islanders, the ocean is the sound of our childhood, our mother and our greatest resource. Stop turning the holy crystal water to a water as black as coal, this is what we are shouting out to the world. "


Franz Von – Her Frequency

“Fresh jazzy beats laced with lyrical fire. He steps up to the plate with this Jam. Keeping it natural with that classic vibe feel to it. We love the sweet female vocals that set the mood building up in the background. ”


Franz Von unveils the new video for ‘Her Frequency’ which, like the single itself, is a collaborative artistic work across the Channel. Visual creative teams exchanged ideas between Marseille and Sheffield and captured a performance of praise and gratitude to the infinite power of the universe.


French artist Cynthia Bahy delivers a beautiful and captivating vocal performance from Le Bunker des Calanques in Marseilles, whilst Franz oscillates between city centre Sheffield and the Peak District. Franz Von’s debut EP ‘People Di Powa’ will be released on 20th May 2022 via Firebelly Records.

The track features Marseille-based artist Cynthia Bahy who delivers a beautiful and captivating vocal performance, the result is an exploration of lively, dynamic, and contemporary sounds fusing golden-era hip-hop with jazz. A production collaboration connecting two scenes – Marseille based producer Labo Klandestino and Sheffield based Tom Excell (Nubiyan Twist / Onipa) – the track started life in Labo’s studio in France and was then reinterpreted back in Excell’s Sheffield studio. A flow of ideas and inspirations passed between creative minds and spaces.

Having already gained momentum with the 2021 drop ‘Power Be You’, which was swiftly followed through with a live version earlier this year, has already received support from BBC Introducing Sheffield and Amazing Radio who handed him a one-off show, as well as Naga Mag, Word Is Bond, Groovin’ Mood, and more.

Echezona – Ride

-Automatic Translation with Google Translate-
-EChezona- created a truly bright and energetic track in the Tropical Afrobeats genre and practically flies in your temples for four minutes! It is so effectively worked and honed to shine, which allowed him to take a worthy place in the collections of many listeners.”

“-Echezona- создал по-настоящему яркий и энергичный трек в жанре Tropical Afrobeats и практически пульсирует в ваших висках на протяжение четырёх минут! Он настолько эффектно проработан и отточен до блеска, что позволило ему занять достойное место в коллекциях многих слушателей.”


The song is a rhythmic Afropop/RnB fusion mid-tempo ballad, sung in English and the African language Igbo. The song is about self-worth and acceptance, inspired by parting ways with an ungrateful lover. The overall musical vibe is chill, with rich harmonies and melody, like watching an ocean sunset.


NIN3S – Khokhoba Feat. Toshi

“”NIN3S” calls us on an intense journey through time via his new Trip-Hop single. Unique and affectionate vocals in the Xhosa language, balanced mix of smooth sounds and semantic clip. All proving the authenticity and talent of the artists.”



‘Khokhoba’ is the third single taken from Hopeyard, the debut album from classically trained studio wizard, composer and pianist NIN3S released now on Dorado Records.

Undoubtedly one of the album’s most affecting tracks, it features the powerful, compelling vocals of South African songstress, writer, poet and musician, Toshi Tikolo. Toshi co-wrote the track with NIN3S and sings in her native South African tongue; Xhosa.

Hailing her as “one of the most sonorous voices of Africa’s electronic music scene,” Mixmag last year listed her among their ‘Top African Women Shaping Dance Music.’ She has worked with a who’s who list in the genre including Black Coffee and David Morales. Here though, Toshi’s rich vocals ring out, quivering with raw emotion adding heart and depth to an epic, uplifting track that combines a mesmerising melody and NIN3S deceptively simple piano motifs.

Meaning ‘getting old’, ’Khokhoba’ is dedicated to Toshi’s grandmother who raised her and persuaded her to sing in church at the age of 6. It speaks of a yearning and love for her role model and inspiration who is growing old and frail. Toshi has been writing songs since a young child, and through her storytelling captures her life’s stories in her powerful lyrics. Like NIN3S, she was classically trained, turned to jazz, yet found her voice through poetry and folk music.

Toshi said “The song is dedicated to my grandmother, how gracefully she’s aging, the suffering she went through in all her living years, raising her kids as a single parent.”

Accompanying the track is an astonishing video that is an emotive masterpiece. The sands of time are a theme running throughout – we see grains of sand dancing in the atmospheric, golden light around a graceful young face. The sands shift in rhythm and tempo as the song reaches its crescendo with soaring vocals, yet as the sands starts to fade, so the face ages in a dimming light, but her inner glow remains undimmed.



“"ANMWEY" is a real challenge and invites everyone to start moving in its crazy, emotional dance. Afrobeats loaded with the power to cheer up and ignite the crowd! Live, feel the energy and dance.”

“Ритмичный трек бросает настоящий вызов и приглашает всех желающих начать движение в этом сумасшедшем, эмоциональном танце! Жанр Afrobeats в очередной раз показывает, как нужно заводить и зажигать толпу! Двигайся! Танцуй! Живи!”


Franz Von – Her Frequency ft Cynthia Bahy

“This rhythmic Hip-Hop with beautiful Jazz Fusion inserts, instantly captures your attention and tunes to its own sound frequency. Melodic synth sounds and vocals form the core of the whole track. Strong lyrics and old school atmosphere.”

“Ритмичный Hip-Hop с красивыми вставками Jazz Fusion мгновенно захватывает ваше внимание и настраивает на свою звуковую частоту. Мелодичные звуки синтезаторов и работа с вокалом закладывают основу для всего трека. Сильная лирика в текстах и олдскульная атмосфера.”


FlexFab & Ziller Bas – Haha! Haha!

“A fresh take on African flavored Electronica. Bringing its full potential of rich beats and quick rhymes. fast-paced build ups that are dissolved by some sweet deep bass. Lots of energy here it was hard to sit still, makes you want to move. ”


Another single from the new album "MUGOGO!" by FlexFab & Ziller Bas, the club banger "Haha! Haha!", out today!

About the album:

Electronic/bass producer FlexFab and Kenyan rapper Ziller Bas storm into 2022 with their highly anticipated debut album “MUGOGO!”.

The “MUGOGO!” album contains 22 tracks, a very rich album that highlights FlexFab’s bewitched-hybrid bass sound signature and genre-bending production style, while Ziller Bas raps in his very own dialect called “Sweng Flow”; a combination of English, Swahili and his native language the Kigiriama. “MUGOGO!” is an ambitious album that unifies different cultures and influences into the unique musical territory that FlexFab & Ziller Bas occupy.

Watch the video: youtu.be/jUdonsdgiVw

Album stream links: link.flexfabmusic.com/MUGOGO

Tim Lyre – Present

“Balancing between dynamism and peaceful mood, "Tim Lyre" reveals a new chapter in the scene of Afro-fusion. Catchy atmospheric sound elements followed by a strong drum part and the artist's delicate vocals which reveal something personal.”


Hotly tipped and an integral part of the alté renaissance in Afro-influenced music, Tim Lyre welcomes the release of his highly anticipated album Worry < (Worry Less). africori.to/worryless

A 9-track fusion of diverse and organic splendour, the album goes further into his fascinating soundscape that leans into neo-soul, trip-hop, afrobeat and downtempo, bringing with it a whole new moment for afrobeats.

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Tim Lyre is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist that has carved a top tier niche of his own with his genre-bending sounds. Growing up in a musical household, Lyre studied classical music from the young age of 10; learning how to play the piano and read music. It wasn’t until he got older that he was exposed to sounds including highlife, afrobeats, jazz, R&B, neo-soul and gospel, which ignited his own desire to explore sounds deeper and interpret them in his own way, leading to his current soundscape.

Having already gained a strong following throughout Nigeria, Ghana and South Africa his international reach is becoming undeniable as his music transcends borders and cultures the world over. Being a master of each craft in the musical process, Tim’s talents have allowed him to be involved with every stage of the creation process. Worry < consists of 9 refreshing tracks, all demonstrating the diverse musical approach the talented artist is capable of. Opening the collection, the album begins with ‘Organic’ featuring rapper Tena Tempo. Soothing vocals sit on a lo-fi, vibrant instrumental as the duo discuss elements of the party life and their penchant for the real things in life. Playing with tempos, vibes and sounds, the introductory track is the perfect entrée to the myriad of moments that the listener will be blessed with throughout the albums musical journey. Leading in to ‘Present’, the door opens on deep afrobeat percussion with a Latin inspired melody as influence is drawn from basement and afrobeat styles to create an unorthodox style that is packed with depth and musicality. Flexing his lyrical ability, Tim Lyre exposes a unique, melodic flow and seasoned adlibs that add layers to the record as he touches on his rebellion against the norm and rejoices at rising up alongside his crew. Next in line is previously released, and highly acclaimed single ‘Real’, the track that earned him titles including a “quiet powerhouse” by the likes of GUAP Magazine and earned a premiere with Native Mag. The love song explores the “emotional nuances between two people in a relationship or situation-ship as it were.” culturecustodian.com/tim-lyre-real/

Leading into the centre of the collection, ‘Syzygy’ is offered up next. Featuring DAP The Contract, the insightful R&B ensemble discusses deep, spiritualistic concepts and effortlessly ebbs and flows between a mid-tempo bop to a slow paced, sensual sway, topped with layers of addictive harmonies. ‘Hubris’ sits centrally to the tracklisting and is the latest track released in the run up to the albums grand unveiling. With each track bringing variation and a refreshing sense of wonder to the overall collection, ‘Hubris’ draws on Greek mythology and hears Tim play on the title’s theme of excessive pride and arrogance. Built over a laid-back and atmospheric production he features UK rapper Lex Amor.

As the second half of the album gets underway, ‘General’ brings with it a strong reggae element running centrally through the track. Teaming up with MOJO to talk about being a leader in his area, the patois and differing flows sit atop tropical beats as we continue to be fed unique and refreshingly unpredictable musical moments.

‘Highlife’ sees a collaboration with Prettyboy DO and Lady DonLi. The single released late 2021 and came to fruition after Tim worked with Prettyboy DO on his ‘Wildfire’ album. Filled to the brim with energetic percussion and a dance ready melody, the track is “a groovy mid-tempo track that sets the mood for waist-whining fests and celebrations”. For the penultimate track, Tim Lyre ups the tempo for the bouncy ‘Primetime’ featuring July Drama and Kobla – an anthem that can easily be heard soundtracking summer days and clubs worldwide. As the final song comes to pass, ‘Spanish Lime’ is a meaningful end to a spectacular musical journey. The heartfelt love ballad, displays Tim’s exquisite vocal ability, capturing emotion, soul and stirring sentiment that is a bow to the crowd as he leaves the stage.

Having gained international recognition and support from the gatekeepers of Black Music, including BBC Radio 1Xtra, Native Mag, Triller, Guap Mag, Worldwide FM, Rinse FM, Culture Custodian and beyond, Tim Lyre is a custodian and driving force in an exciting era for afrobeats and afro centric music. Accumulating an ever-growing fan base that’s stretched over several projects including his 2020 EP ‘K.A.P’ with guest features from Shalom Dubas and Mafeni, plus his critically acclaimed project ‘Senpai’ with stand-out singles ‘Fakogbe’ and ‘Hurricane’ alongside MOJO, the release of Worry < marks a whole new era for Tim Lyre. Fearlessly interpreting and twisting styles into his own expression of music, the release of Worry < is a celebration of creativity and talent that will undoubtedly continue to exceed the expectations of both present and new followers. Stay up to date with Tim Lyre for news on his upcoming album by following his socials. www.instagram.com/timlyre/


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