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Olisae – Mahasani (Spotify)

“The variety found in the track -mahasani- embodies the whole depth and complexity of -olisae- talent. For sure, the song is unique as part of his genre. Beautiful couplers crossing into powerful chorus... an excellent experiment in vocal processing.”

“Разнообразие в треке -Mahasani- воплощает всю глубину и сложность таланта -Olisae-, потому что песня уникальна в рамках своего жанра. Красивые куплеты пересекающие в мощный припев, отличный эксперимент в обработке вокала. ”

Mahasani is a deeply personal song about the connection Olisae has with his lover. The title is taken from the Lakota language with its etymological meaning 'My Other Skin'. Olisae exposes intimate inner thoughts on the sacred rituals of both their affection and sexual connection. The tracks plays like a visual work of art.

The mononymous Nigerian artist known to his fans as Olisae is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter, producer whose style spans Afropop, dancehall, and Hip-hop.

Chimzy – Formula (Spotify)

“A song that welcomes Summer with some cool sensation of Afro-pop. Enjoy the rich percusion background driven by the lyrical words of "Chimzy". Rise the volume level of your sound system, sit back and relax!”

Nice summer time grove. Will definitely make you feel good

Tukuleur, Adiouza – Taamunaala – Radio Edit (Spotify)

“-Taamunaala- pleases not only with its rhythm and wave components, but also with a sense of reasonableness. Amazing work and bewitching vocal skills from -Tukuleur & Adiouza-. The composition shimmer with guitar solos and multifaceted percussion, creating a harmony of sounds. The real magic is here.”

“-Taamunaala- радует не только своей ритмикой и интонационной составляющей, но и смысловой продуманностью. Потрясающая работа и завораживающее вокальное мастерство дуэта -Tukuleur и Adiouza-. Композиция, в которой переливаются гитарные соло и многогранная перкуссия, образуя гармонию звуков. Настоящая магия.”

Influenced by his African roots, Oumar Sall is the founder of the Afro-Pop band Tukuleur. He is the lead singer, songwriter and producer, in addition to the founder of the Adunaworld Record Label. Oumar's music is a unique blend of African and urban influences, as well as soul, pop and hip-hop music. The melodies are sung in a number of languages, including Fulani, French, English, Wolof and other West African languages. The new release, TAAMUNAALA Feat Adiouza - is a prelude to the release of their full album scheduled for spring 2021. TAAMUNAALA is a modern duet featuring the beautiful Senegalese voice of Adiouza.

Chxqs, Duktorsett – Ana (Spotify)

“Confident, serene afrobeats and rare spirits add a single charm to excessive emotionality on single -Ana- The track being heard in one breath easy, music that immerse oneself in energy.”

“Уверенный, спокойный afrobeats и редкие срывы на излишнюю эмоциональность придают синглу -Ana- особенный шарм. Трек слушается на одном дыхание, музыкальным сопровождением можно только наслаждаться и утопать в его энергетике.”

Kobi Jonz – DADA (Video)

“Rhythmic work, whose musical structure is immediately captivating and does not let you go until the last second. -DADA-; brilliant and expressive song, like a bright star in your collection.”

“Ритмичное произведение, чья музыкальная структура мгновенно заводит и не отпускает до последних секунд. -DADA- блестящая и выразительная песня, как яркая звезда в вашей коллекции.”

DADA meaning ‘good’ envelopes the idea of “manifesting into reality” characterized by the poetic image of a woman. A metaphorical representation of actions and reactions solidifies the ethic of doing good and receiving good.

Kobi Jonz, best describes himself as making “conscious dance music”, feel-good music that reinforces a positive message. Moving to the United States from Lagos, Nigeria, Kobi did not so much discover music, he says, as music discovered him. His passion ignited by his force to bring his dreams to life fueled his music career.

His sound is full of life, spirit, and an energy that keeps you coming back for more. With influences like Fela Kuti, Bob Marley, Sade Adu, Damian Marley, and Burna Boy, Kobi’s music brings out in his listeners a vigor that can only be described as lust for life, hope, love, and self-motivation, wrapped in a zesty hip vibe that is fresh and genre-defying.

His lens into music is one energized by influence, as he sees music as a way to better people. This fresh perspective is Kobi’s way to spread the word that self-sufficiency in pursuit of one’s dreams is possible.

BurrLin – Chale! [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] (Video)

“-Chale -! A dancing and at the same time relaxing song in which the rhythm, movement and music are skillfully combined in a single unit. Various elements of reggae, moderate pace and focus on the mix prove this song a hit!”

“-Chale!- это танцевальная и одновременно релаксационная песня, в которой ритм, танец и музыка искусно объединены в единое целое. Ритмические элементы reggae, умеренный темп и акцент на аккомпанементе сделали этот трек хитом! ”

BurrLin pulls from his Ghanaian heritage to deliver a feel good, warm, radio friendly afrobeats inspired hit single, Chale! off of his debut ep, Growth Zone

Davy Sage, Bolu Ajibade – Controlling (Spotify)

“A bright, danceable, rhythmic single -Controlling-. Multi-instrumentalist -Davy Sage- mixed such popular genres as afro beats, hip hop and RnB, which affected the final result and dilute our playlists with such fundamental track!”

“Яркий, танцевальный, ритмичные сингл -Controlling-. Мульти-инструменталист -Davy Sage- смешал такие популярные жанры, как highlife, fuji, hip hop и RnB, что повлияло на конечный результат и разбавил наши плейлисты таким фундаментальным треком!”

Davy Sage is a dance-pop and R&B recording artist and songwriter from Regina, SK Canada. His music achievements to date have been hard won and he’s primed for new successes to come.

Raised in Nigeria, Davy now lives in Canada where he’s pursuing his music career. His Afro-centric voice with his unique music style is a mix between hit Dance and Afro-Pop and R&B, a growing international genre brought to prominence by artists like Akon, Omi, P-Square and Fuse ODG. A prolific songwriter, Davy’s music also has a knack for making female listeners swoon; as can be heard in his sultry song ‘High’, whilst also being able to fill the dance floor with fist pumping songs like ‘Waiting for you’ – The title track from his current EP.

Club DJs have long known what to expect when Davy grabs the mic, it’s only a matter of time before new listeners learn what his fans already know. Davy kicked off 2017 in style with the release of 2 singles ‘Celebrate’ and ‘Tonight’, which has seen success on Radio across Canada.

Since moving to Canada Davy has gain media attention and he’s been featured on Canadian Medias from CTV, Global TV, CBC Radio, and other radio stations in Canada, blogs and online magazines.

YouTube: Davy Sage (OfficalDavysage TV)
SnapChat: sagecalli

Abel Ray – Last Exit to Transkei (edit) (Spotify)

“Are you into Electro sound? Here comes a groovy release with the seal of Abel Ray; a Dj and producer in the scene. Select "Last Exit to Transkei" to offer some African sparks for your ears. Let the higher bpm lift your feet from the gound and start the dance!”

Eclectic electronica from Marrakesh, channelling the antecedents of contemporary North African culture.

'Last Exit' has been played by Lauren Laverne and Mary-Anne Hobbs at BBC 6Music, and is the first track from Abel's Labyrinth EP set for release this spring on PRAH Recordings.

The EP is a work of entirely modern construction, and yet it owes its origins to the ages. Programmed and produced to carry emotional weight and melodic reward in a digital age, here are the threads of a culture lost and found; spiritual, material, imagined, remembered, and mythologized.

"This EP came out of a book I read" explains Abel who was born in Casablanca and lives in Marrakesh, "the civilization of Amazigh culture, it was a maze, a maze of how people can be merged into each other and still keep the colors and sounds alive along thousands of years, an authenticity kept being modernized, and it will still be. ”

This conception of a cultural maze, an expanding sphere of colors and sounds, picked up and put down, built and borrowed, timeless and modern is an abstract for Abel Ray’s four track Labyrinth EP.

At the height of their collective power the Amazigh civilization ranged across north Africa to southern Europe, it conquered and was humbled, it absorbed and it overcame, it has dissolved and yet it precipitates throughout our world. Today the Amazigh are over 50million people, large minority populations in Morocco, Algeria, Libya, across Africa and Europe, a culture at once ancient and contemporary.

Born in Casablanca, living in Marrakesh. Abel's journey through electronic music began at an early age, he started making music at the age of 14. He is a music producer, DJ, sound designer and label boss, having created half team of Aberton Records, with Italian producer Nicolo Berton in 2014 , and Medina Recordswith his friend Ibrahim Ettalabi in 2018.

Topium feat. Djenmbi u0026 Klod Kiavué – Bo bay lanmen (Video)

“As soon as you turn on the track Bo bay lanmen you will immediately hear the full beauty of jazz, which introducing two musicians Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier and Jonathan Gagné. Their joint project Topium – it is pure improvisation, which will reveal to you the worlds of their soundscapes and hypnotic rhythm.”

“Как только вы включите трек Bo bay lanmen вы сразу же услышите всю красоту джаза, с которым нас знакомят два музыканта и исполнителя Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier и Jonathan Gagné. Их совместный проект Topium – это чистая импровизация, которая раскроет перед вами миры их звуковых ландшафтов и гипнотического ритма.”

Bo Bay Lanmen, which means “lend a hand,” and its accompanying music video, was made in collaboration with GEG/MusjoMusicRecords and produced by Guadeloupe’s Akadanfilm company, revealing the fruitful and authentic creative process experienced through Gwo Ka traditions and culture. This exceptional artistic alliance between Guadeloupean Creole and canadians musicians led to the creation of the new and exciting rhythms of Electro-Ka.

Topium emerged in 2016, from the meeting between multi-instrumentalist, Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier, and drummer-programmer, Jonathan Gagné. Together the duo explores and blends house with various elements of jazz. Since its inception, the group has had several releases that include music videos. Their music has found captive audiences in many festivals worldwide, including on the island of Réunion, in Cape Verde, Mexico, and Tokyo.

Jacques-Marie Basses (aka Djenmbi) is an accomplished and innovative singer-songwriter and keyboardist. He has earned the title of “Gwo Ka Keyboard Master”. Klod Kiavué is a well-known Gwo Ka percussionist who has performed all over the world, most notably with the American saxophonist and jazzman, David Murray. Basses and Kiavué are among Guadeloupe’s finest in the Gwo Ka music scene.

GLISZ – Himba (Video)

“A very interesting symbiosis of rhythm polyrhythmy and vocal images. The new work from the Italian duo GLISZ – Himba will remain a favorite in your collection for a long time.”

“Очень интересный симбиоз полиритмии ритма и вокальных образов. Новая работа от итальянского дуэта GLISZ – Himba надолго останется фаворитом в вашей коллекции.”

After “Hunt”, “Himba” is the second lo-fi release by Glisz that comes out this year. The track is a mystical journey dominated by percussion which reminds of tribal sounds.

Glisz is an Italian duo born in 2019, characterized by a fusion between electronic and downtempo sounds. Their debut EP, “Bloom EP”, has been well received by the audience, reaching almost 100k streams in the first six months.

Glisz is a newcomer Italian duo born in 2019, characterized by a fusion between electronic and downtempo sounds. After years spent producing for several music projects, the duo makes its official debut with “Bloom EP”. Azhar, Keraal, Organica and Shadows are the four tracks composing the Ep. Common features characterize them such as the ambient sound and the sense of restless energy, transmitted in different ways. The combination of these contrasting details creates a fascinating final result. These tracks will bring you into another dimension, an abstract journey through the essence of music.

Glisz started their musical career in an electronic band which reached the MTV New Generation Artist in 2015. Thanks to this recognition, they spread their music in different clubs and events, worked with international artists and got in touch with music gurus, such as Dave Isaac, Francis Buckley, Crookers, Adam Kagan, who taught them a lot about mixing, mastering and music production.

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