Jo-El Sii – Abracadabra (Spotify)

“Exuberant vocals from -Jo-EL Sii-, with character and timbre with a convincing feed that plays a primary role. Ceativity with diversity and a song that you will be attached surely as listener if you are lover of genres of Blues & Afrobeats!”

“Безусловная сила в голосе -Jo-El Sii-, поскольку его характер и тембр с убедительной подачей играют первостепенную роль. Автору огромное спасибо за такое неожиданное творчество. К ознакомлению каждому любителю жанров Blues & Afrobeats обязательно!”

Joel Fofie, professionally known as JO-EL SII, is an Afrobeat and highlife singer/songwriter signed to DKA Money Music. He hails from the city of Accra in Ghana, where he expresses his musical/lyrical talents expressed in his love of music from early childhood. Being inspired by legendary artists, like Daassebre Dwamena, Kojo Antwi, and others, JO-EL Sii aspires to carve out a niche for his brand and fans globally.

YK, MaMan – Gombula (Spotify)

“Oh, yes, -Gombula- is charming with my elements when the favorite rhythmic figure of AFROBEATS & POP push you into a state of trance and you are immersed in a special one world. In particular, we want to highlight the chorus, which will sound in your head a very long period.”

“О, да, -Gombula- очаровывает своей стихией, когда любимый ритмический рисунок afrobeats & pop вводит в состояние транса и ты погружаешься в особый, ни на что не похожий мир. В особенности хочется выделить припев, который будет звучать в вашей голове очень длительный период.”

Gombula' is an Arabic word that means ‘bomb’ which goes onto express how the woman explained in the song is the bomb. It was created by two Sudanese artists; YK based in the UK and MaMan based in the heart of Sudan, Khartoum. These two have been experienced in creating music for many years and have established fairly decent fanbases.

Padi [Official Visualizer] (Video)

“Light Afro-Pop beauty, which gives emphasis to the element of friendship in our personal relations. “Padi” is the person you trust, admire, share beautiful moments with… This is the feeling that comes from these lyrics and full of positive energy sounds.”

Artist shared his source of inspiration behind this song with Nagamag:

“Padi” is what “Buddy” is to an American, on the streets of Nigeria. it is a slang that connotes close friendship and fondness.

I feel being best friends is a key ingredient in romantic relationships so I wrote this song to celebrate that and i hope this will become a steady track for those who already have such friendship and also for those who aspire to such status.

Echezona, JPRiZM – Big Chop (Spotify)

“-Big Chop- possess a whole palette of emotions. The Rhythms of Afrobeats participate in the beat, while the song gives very bright and memorable feelings. Its melodic chorus can make you listen on repeat and probably sing it from day after day!”

“-Big Chop- заставляет переживать целую палитру эмоций. Ритмы Afrobeats учащают пульс, песня даёт очень яркие и запоминающиеся чувства, а мелодичный припев хочется повторять и повторять, напевая его раз за разом и изо дня в день!”

This song celebrates women of all backgrounds who confidently look good and feel confident in their own unique ways. Big Chop is an expression which refers to stylizing one's hair in a way that the individual loves and embraces and the song voices support for all sorts of individual expression.

Luddy Dave – GAT ME SINGING (Spotify)

“-Gat Me Singing- dropped all possible stereotypes and sounds as original, beautiful, clinging and very sensual musical work. Beautiful couplets, sensual chorus, excellent -Lucky David- solo and a pacifying atmosphere to the depths of your soul!”

“-GAT ME SINGING- отбросил все возможные стереотипы и слушается как оригинальное, красивое, цепляющее и очень чувственное музыкальное произведение. Красивые куплеты, чувственный припев, отличное соло -Lucky David- и умиротворяющая атмосфера до глубины души!”

Luddy Dave whose real name is David Lucky Oguns, is a Nigerian recording artiste, singer, songwriter, and performer. He is from Edo state in Nigeria's oil-rich Niger-Delta region. The young and energetic performer was born in the late 80s and grew up in the ancient city of Ibadan. His style of music is AfroHybrid, a blend of several Afro genres. Luddy Dave was introduced to music at a young age and began experimenting with songwriting. He wrote several soul touching songs about events happening around him at the time.

Eminel – Slide (Spotify)

“Listen to this pleasant story from "Eminel" and get away from everyday's madness. Hot like Summer heat Afro-fusion creation. Let the beat guide you through those rocking lyrics and prepare to party.”

"Slide", the dance hall flavored ditty, filled with syrup lines that serenade girls and keeps the party rocking.

Emmanuel Mathew who goes by the stage name Eminel is an Afro-fusion artiste with a plethora of musical influences. He infuses these influences in his songs. When he is not doing this vocally, you find some glimpse in his random poignant posts on social media.

If Eminel says he is from the street or Zanga (shout out to Durella), please believe him. You feel the street vibes in his sonic delivery. No, swear words, just a dude representing the underappreciated part of the society. He is proud of this.

In January 2021, the Yaba College of Technology student released his second single which was titled 9 AM. A feel-good and mellow tune that screams self-appraisals.

9 AM was a step up from Turn Up which was released in October 2020. On Turn Up, you have Eminel on a cruise mode, enjoying a lavi da local lifestyle while he urges the fans (girls) to come along for a good time.

On 9 AM, a more matured and well-calculated was on the mic, dropping the lines while the drum roll and guitar collide with the piano chop for a good outing.

Afrobeat exponent Fela once said Music was a weapon, Eminel must have considered this as he got featured on a track titled Change by Gucci Pre, alongside Deblon Tee

He was also featured on a track titled Enemies by Chris Jay

While we are unsure on what Eminel has in stuck for us as the year goes on, one thing is certain with the two previously released single, Eminel is full of prospects, he is the dude the industry has been waiting for.

Seven LC – ONE DAY (Spotify)

“-One day- is a colorful work performed at the highest level! The artist's promise is not only decorated with a pleasant mix, but also with simple, memorable melody that clings and shakes!”

“Стилистически -ONE DAY- представляет собой колоритную работу исполненную на высочайшем уровне! Авторский посыл оформлен приятной аранжировкой, простой, но запоминающейся мелодией, которая цепляет и раскачивает!”

It's a song for us to remember to always enjoy life without forgetting the people you care about the most

Matthew “M.D.” McCoy – Thankful (Spotify)

“-Thankful- is a special idea of Retro soul track. It shows sense, load and focus, as well as jazz splashes in the overall sound canvas to create an impressive mood. The result sounds atmospheric and very interesting too.”

“От retro soul до hip-hop создают особую идею трека -Thankful-. Её смысловая нагрузка и направленность, а также джазовые вкрапления в общем звуковом полотне создают впечатляющее настроение. Всё это вместе звучит атмосферно и слушается очень интересно.”

This song is born of struggle, disappointment, self care and love, self determination and faith in Jah/Yahweh in spite of what seems to be. As well as carrying a spirit of gratitude, even when facing uncertainty.

Matthew MD McCoy is what happens when roots reggae and hip-hop meet a professor of theology. Much like his tresses, he represents the intertwining of faith that liberates, rebelling against willful ignorance and injustice.

Matthew Taught at Fisk University and Tennessee State University between 2001-2019. He stood in his authenticity by showing students that is was possible to mix academic astuteness with artistic disposition. He is an educator; scholar; musician; producer; songwriter; emcee; artist, and an active member of his community that has worked with and encouraged youth in various outreach programs throughout Nashville, Tennessee. His is also the leader of the band MD and Cobalt Blue who present a dynamic blend of reggae, hip-hop and soul.

What you hear most often from MD as an emcee are honest, creative and reflective lyrics. In his production you'll hear sample free live music, real instruments, that 95% of the time he is playing. You will hear horn lines commissioned from his peers and band mates and a creativity that is influenced by all of life while embracing his own unique articulation. The music has it's own vibe. Peace and Love, always.

Olisae – Mahasani (Spotify)

“The variety found in the track -mahasani- embodies the whole depth and complexity of -olisae- talent. For sure, the song is unique as part of his genre. Beautiful couplers crossing into powerful chorus... an excellent experiment in vocal processing.”

“Разнообразие в треке -Mahasani- воплощает всю глубину и сложность таланта -Olisae-, потому что песня уникальна в рамках своего жанра. Красивые куплеты пересекающие в мощный припев, отличный эксперимент в обработке вокала. ”

Mahasani is a deeply personal song about the connection Olisae has with his lover. The title is taken from the Lakota language with its etymological meaning 'My Other Skin'. Olisae exposes intimate inner thoughts on the sacred rituals of both their affection and sexual connection. The tracks plays like a visual work of art.

The mononymous Nigerian artist known to his fans as Olisae is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter, producer whose style spans Afropop, dancehall, and Hip-hop.

Chimzy – Formula (Spotify)

“A song that welcomes Summer with some cool sensation of Afro-pop. Enjoy the rich percusion background driven by the lyrical words of "Chimzy". Rise the volume level of your sound system, sit back and relax!”

Nice summer time grove. Will definitely make you feel good

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