Xenia Gargali, Periklis Biskinis – To Komodino (Spotify)

“Fabulous, warm and melodic song, whose rhythmic tango awakens the most intimate and sincere feelings. -To Komodino- can be compared with a slice of bitter chocolate or old, everlasting brandy. Real dance and holiday for soul and body!”

“Сказочная, тёплая и мелодичная песня, чьё ритмичное танго пробуждает самые сокровенные и искренние чувства. -To Komodino- можно сравнить с долькой горького шоколада или старым, многолетним коньяком. Настоящий танец и праздник для души и тела!”


The nightstand is a kaleidoscope of moments and phases of our life on which we rest our thoughts and dreams, and in its drawers we keep our memories.

The nightstand reminds us to feel fullness and gratitude for the now without waiting for the ... ideal condition.

The "restless artistic rooms" in which singers, actors, musicians, dancers express themselves freely come together to lean on the same nightstand.

- –

Το κομοδίνο είναι ένα καλειδοσκόπιο στιγμών και φάσεων της ζωής μας που πάνω του ακουμπάμε τις σκέψεις και τα όνειρα μας, και στα συρτάρια του φυλάμε τις αναμνήσεις μας.

Το κομοδίνο μας θυμίζει να νιώθουμε πληρότητα κι ευγνωμοσύνη για το τώρα χωρίς να περιμένουμε την... ιδανική συνθήκη.

Τα «ανήσυχα καλλιτεχνικά δωμάτια» στα οποία τραγουδιστές ηθοποιοί μουσικοί χορεύτριες εκφράζονται ελεύθερα ενώνονται για να ακουμπήσουν όλοι στο ίδιο κομοδίνο.


Jocéan – Komorebi (Spotify)

“"Komorebi" sticks out and can easily steal your impression from the first seconds. Cinematic piece based on wood flute, combined with light background sounds. The ultimate relaxing creation for a unique trip into soothing magic.”


This is an original handpan piece from album called "Enough Light to Navigate". JOCÉAN partner performed his wood flute to make this track something completely unique. A track to transport and relax the listener.


Olivero – Souvenir De Viena (Video)

“As soon as you include -souvenir de vien, then you immediately feel the taste of an amazing musical pattern, whose virtuoso game captures and does not let go to the very end! Stunning energy that does not allow to make another breath, so you will not have a chance to translate your breath to the last second!”

“Как только вы включаете -Souvenir De Vien-, то сразу ощущаете вкус удивительного музыкального рисунка, виртуозная игра которой захватывает и не отпускает до самого конца! Потрясающая энергетика, которая не даёт сделать очередной вдох, так что у вас не будет шанса перевести дыхание до последней секунды!”


A very exciting Latin/Flamenco Song , included Drums, Bass and saxophone. original melodies, changing of speed/intensity/emotional moods

Follow Olivero:
Instagram: www.instagram.com/olivero__flamenco/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OliveroFlamenco
Official Site: oliveromusic.com/

Manu Francois – Fire Love (Spotify)

“Manu Francois delivers a nice surprise. An hymn to the power of love with plenty of electronic and acoustic sounds. Personal style at an out-of-the-ordinary single, where the strong kick and percussion waves are in absolute balance with lyrics of passion.”


New Zealand-based recording artist, Manu Francois, drops his amazing new track entitled, "Fire Love". The well produced track takes music to a whole other level. Manu Francois rides the beat perfectly as he drops fire-filled lyrics on his verses; "There's nothing wrong with the truth, and it will always be appreciated / And if you love someone, you love someone, then it wants to be articulated". Fire Love is a beautiful example of what Tribal Pop should sound like; as Manu Francois fully delivers on this gorgeous track and as always, leaves us wanting more.

Manu Francios Social Media:

Dean Evenson, Scott Huckabay, Burke Mulvany – Across the Valley (Spotify)

“It breaks down in very old trees, it grows under bare feet on desirable grass, and from the water in the early morning mosquitoes grow. -Across the Valley- literally a living book in your hands, traveling on a page that dissolves in your eyes with all the great music.”

“Расступаются в стороны тени вековых деревьев, тает под босыми ногами пожелтевшая трава, а от воды ранним утром поднимаются комары. -Across the Valley- словно ожившая книга в ваших руках, путешествуя по страницам которой растворяешься в лучах обволакивающей тебя со всех сторон музыки.”


This is a beautiful track from Mountain Meadow Meditation with a beautiful mix of nature sounds, flute and quintessential relaxing feel of Dean Evenson.


Biskinis Mantras – GAIA | Official Music Video (4K) (Video)

“There are a lot of genres included in Gaia, the spiffingly awesome track by Biskinis Mantras. It is Jazzy, Funky, & Dubby, it has elements of Rock, Afro Rock. It has an Eastern vibe & a Psychedleic flavour too. This track is like a musical birthday present that includes all of your favourites in one package.”


Gaia is an instrumental track.

Gaia is a genre of a mixed Psychedelic Eastern Afro-Rock style.

The main theme is written at a Byzantine scale and the second theme is at a Dorian scale which is one of the Ancient Greek scales.

The mood is a mystical dance and a different style of meditation

Gaia is the sound of the 3rd Ray,

Gaia is the vibration of the personality of the earth.


Jai Uttal – After The Fire (Shiva’s Lullaby) (Spotify)

“-After The Fire (Shiva's Lullaby) is a way to break out of the storm hugs and push off from the impending sea puchin. Music sends your consciousness to your possessions, beyond the limits of reality and will contemplate with you unshakable and such majestic horizons in our immense universe.”

“-After The Fire (Shiva's Lullaby)- способ вырваться из объятий шторма и оттолкнуться от надвигающейся морской пучины. Музыка отправляет ваше сознание в свои владения, за пределы реальности и будет созерцать вместе с вами непоколебимые и такие величественные горизонты нашей необъятной вселенной.”


Noted for his heartfelt renditions and upbeat barn burners of classic Kirtans (Sanskrit chants from ancient India), Jai Uttal, who has just passed his 70th birthday, and was part of the successful Chant For India event that raised over 100,000 USD for COVID relief in Mother India, is excited to announce tomorrow’s release of his new single, “After the Fire (Shiva’s Lullaby).” The song is available in all audio formats at ffm.to/afterthefire.

“After the Fire (Shiva’s Lullaby)” is the first single release from Jai’s upcoming album, Let Me Burn, that will be coming out on August 4. For the last year and half the world has been in a cocoon, inwardly burning, waiting for the chrysalis to fall away. As we enter the summer months and our hearts begin to emerge, ready to fly, and feeling the global need for a healing and nurturing sonic balm, Jai decided to make his first single release from Let Me Burn this deeply meditative piece.

Jai describes the song as, “Concealed in the vast glaciers of Mount Kailash, after the fires of destruction, even Lord Shiva sleeps. With Mahadev’s head in Parvati’s lap, dreadlocks askew, the divine Goddess intones to her beloved the sacred five syllable mantra ‘Na Ma Shi Va Ya’, and peace shrouds the universes.”

Jai sang and played guitar and harmonium on the song, with keyboards, engineering, and mixing handled by his longtime collaborator and producer, Marin music scene stalwart Ben Leinbach.

With COVID-19, the intense fires of Northern California and the social and political strife of the last year or so, Jai notes, “2020 was a year full of challenges, but it has also been a year of deep healing, personal growth and more intimate family interaction. It’s also been a time of deeply connecting with my extended family and greater Bhakti community. I’ve been doing weekly live stream concerts and Kirtans, that have been a great point of focus for myself in terms of preparing and creating new songs and practicing my older songs, as well as bringing our extended Bhakti family and community together over Zoom. The pandemic has also pushed us to create online Kirtan Camps. These events have been greatly appreciated, and have enabled people from all over the world, who would never have been able to attend a Kirtan Camp in person, to join us. The recent loosening of restrictions and the recent opportunity to give back to India, a country that has given me so much, have given me hope that 2021 will be a vast improvement over last year.”


Greek Brothers, Giota Papadopoulos – Touto To Mina (Spotify)

“According to the composite construction and music from -TouTo to Mina-, it is strongly allocated on a general background, which distinguishes this work from many others. Very pleased with the solo in the loss of stunning emotional promise. The composition itself sounds very fresh and balanced.”

“По композиционному построению и музыке -Touto To Mina- сильно выделяется на общем фоне, что отличает эту работу от многих других. Очень порадовало соло в проигрыше, потрясающий эмоциональный посыл. Сама по себе композиция звучит очень свежо и сбалансировано.”



Based in England, Greek Brothers began as a function band, building a strong local following performing Greek folk music at weddings, summer festivals and local bars throughout the UK, as well as in Germany and Greece.

Recently unable to perform live due to Covid, the band turned to recording, working on a selection of their favourite Greek folk songs, as well as original material.

Their aim is to combine traditional Greek music and contemporary Western sounds in equal parts, drawing on both their Greek and British influences to create works that are simultaneously old and new, Eastern and Western. The song “Touto To Mina” is the band’s first attempt at this.

The vocals of the track are provided by 23-year-old German based singer, Giota Papadopoulou.
A close friend of the band, they performed together often and have plans for further recording collaborations.

Seven LC – ONE DAY (Spotify)

“-One day- is a colorful work performed at the highest level! The artist's promise is not only decorated with a pleasant mix, but also with simple, memorable melody that clings and shakes!”

“Стилистически -ONE DAY- представляет собой колоритную работу исполненную на высочайшем уровне! Авторский посыл оформлен приятной аранжировкой, простой, но запоминающейся мелодией, которая цепляет и раскачивает!”


It's a song for us to remember to always enjoy life without forgetting the people you care about the most


Richard Ford – Orfafardo – radio edit (Spotify)

“A real laid back track full of emotional jazz improvisation. The material is so well developed that helps to structure the flow of incoming positive energy, which is emitted by a bright rainbow when listening to -Orfafardo-.”

“Настоящий релаксатор, насыщенный эмоциональной джазовой импровизацией. Материал настолько хорошо проработан, что помогает структурировать потоки входящего позитива, который излучается яркой радугой при прослушивании -Orfafardo-.”


As an accomplished composer, producer, and bassist, as an Emmy-winning music editor, and executive music producer for film, L.A.-based Brit-transplant Richard Ford humbly maintains a resume of impressive accolades. He has worked with many Oscar-winning filmmakers on such films as Sideways, Argo, and Hidden Figures and, all this as a kind of second career after spending his early adult life as bass player for British music icons like Joe Jackson, Bram Tchaikovsky, and revered guitarist Bill Nelson. Basso Profondissimo 2, the album "Orfafardo" comes from, marks Richard's continued return to his bass-playing roots:

“I began to feel as though my music mojo was tapped at the end of the workday and didn’t have the energy or patience to be creative working on my own music. So, a couple of years ago I decided to take the basses out of the closet, and made it my mission to take some time away from film work to write my own material …I haven’t stopped since! After I finished the first Basso Profondissimo project, the muse of inspiration was still there, and I kept writing for what would become my next album, BP2.”

More info: dogranchmusicpr.com/richardford/

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