Snatam Kaur – Har Jas Gaavoh

“The very day came when it was time to thank your heart, which helped you make the right choice on the life path. It is tired, and this music was created in order to meditate on the ocean and listen to how your soul resonates with the outside world. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Наступил тот самый день, когда пришло время отблагодарить своё сердце, которое помогало вам делать правильный выбор на жизненном пути. Оно устало, а эта музыка создана для того, чтобы медитировать на берегу океана и слушать, как ваша душа резонирует с окружающим миром.”

“Har Jas Gaavoh” is from beloved Kundalini Yoga songstress Snatam Kaur’s new album, Nirankaar. The crystal-clear vocals of the internationally known star of spiritual music delivers devotional mantra interwoven with moving guitar and tabla. Sung in Sikh traditional kirtan style, “Har Jas Gaavoh” speaks to opening one’s heart with the virtues and gifts of chanting God’s Name and how doing so provides an opportunity to calibrate with the energy and compassion of the Divine.

The mantra in the chorus tunes into the seed energy of God — the inner-flow of grace — empowering the courage to hear the Divine and live in that truth, especially in the face of challenges. “Har Jas Gaavoh” is one of eight tracks on Nirankaar, and is a collaboration with producer Ram Dass on piano and vocals, Grecco Buratto on guitar and vocals, and features Sukhmani on tabla and vocals.

Huia x Sean Richards – Punakaiki, Eyes Shine

“Connected with the bright Sun and the infinity of the ocean, this Drum & Bass track will travel you in exotic places. A collaborative production where soft vocals contradict with fast breaks in the most balanced way. Interesting result from experienced artists.”

Coast after Coast, Bay after Bay

Tūāuri, Kīkorangi, Valley and Sea

Up with the Sun, Ride with the Moon

Running the Road down. No one to hide from now’

“‘Punakaiki’ is a tribute to a memory and to one of Aotearoa’s iconic spots on the West Coast of Te Wai Pounamu, South Island, close to Seans home of Whakatū, Nelson.

This waiata was penned by Huia after a sporadic 2 day trip, organised by the Sweet Mix Kids, for a crew of new friends to journey to Māwhera (Greymouth) and wind back through the stunning passes, over valleys and sea.

Their last stop was at Punakaiki aka ‘Pancake rocks’. With bright blue skies to light the way, the group of 30 wandered through nikau and punga groves, to visit what Huia refers to as ‘our rocky ancestors’, ‘ngā tīpuna kohatu’.

Written bilingually, in te reo Māori and english, Huia and Sean feel this is the natural state of Aotearoa and its people. With the smooth stream of Sean's high-level musicianship, combined with Huia’s lyrical wairua (energy), ‘Punakaiki’ came to be and is another te ro Māori Dnb tune produced at Kog Studio.

‘Punakaiki’ is also a banger of DnB tune!

A tribute to Aotūroa, our living heritage, ‘Punakaiki’ is a liquid DNB tune, however, Huia and Sean offer it as another step in the evolution of musicianship for te ao Māori and a link asset to the restorative language process happening around the world.

Both Sean and Huia have a full music journey happening in 2022. Sean is releasing new tunes and performing all the time as well as co-writing, Huia is music educating with Paige Julia and Ed Zuccholo and keeping the MPGNZ cranking… they also have a new tune coming out in June for Matariki, a remix of Huia’s song ‘Tui Tuia’ which is also another liquid DNB te reo Māori waiata.

The Tuff Lions – Dis Ya Time

“For all its technicality and virtuosity of the musicians, the track is full of bold musical moves. Once again, revealing the entire potential of the reggae genre -the tuff lions- Pays attention. This is good, strong, sensual music, with a beautiful and very kind atmosphere. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“При всей своей техничности и виртуозности музыкантов трек полон смелых музыкальных ходов. В очередной раз, раскрывая весь потенциал жанра Reggae -The Tuff Lions- обращает на себя внимание. Это хорошая, крепкая, чувственная музыка, с прекрасной и очень доброй атмосферой.”

With this brandnew, The Tuff Lions released in music their positions of the current situation of the world.

A powerful Reggae music carried by a crystalline voice and a striking melody. Dis Ya Time,new single to share in early 2022 which is still affected by this Covid 19 and all the lies around.

Splendid – Push

“All you need is to click on the playback button and become part of this track. Music is like a strawberry jam, its taste can practically feel on your lips. The body pulsates to the beat of the melody, a slight trembling is felt in the legs, and the tips of the fingers are numb from the vocals. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Всё, что вам нужно, это нажать на кнопку воспроизведения и стать частью этого трека. Музыка словно клубничный джем, её вкус практически можно почувствовать на своих губах. Тело пульсирует в такт мелодии, в ногах ощущается лёгкая дрожь, а кончики пальцев немеют от вокала.”

Synapson x David Walters – An Rev

“The melody organically exists within the framework of musical reality invented by composers. Positive and rhythmic wyb contributes to a complete immersion in the musical canvas. This music carries an exceptionally positive charge of energy. What else do you need from music? (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Мелодия органично существует в рамках придуманной композиторами музыкальной реальности. Позитивный и ритмичный вайб способствует полному погружению в музыкальное полотно. Это музыка несёт исключительно позитивный заряд энергии. А что ещё нужно от музыки?”

Multiplatinum French producer Synapson collab with long time friends David Walters. David is a French multi-instrumentist and singer from the Caraïbe, and after a magical moment in the studio where David improvised, both Synapson and David decided to work together on what seemed to them like a really special song. David gives Synapson electro beats an afro-Caribbean touch that fits perfectly into Synapson’s universe and to the ambient feeling of this beginning of summer.

Intentional prayers – Yair Levi & Shai Tsabari

“Listen to singing -yar levi & shai tsabari- as if to enrich your soul with a sacred elixir, the road to which only music knows. The ethnic motive, the instrumental component, immersion in the atmosphere is simply amazing. Music that emerges a new world inside you. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Слушать пение -Yair Levi & Shai Tsabari- словно обогащать свою душу священным эликсиром, дорогу к которому знает лишь музыка. Этнический мотив, инструментальная составляющая, погружение в атмосферу просто потрясающее. Музыка, которая зарождает новый мир внутри вас.”

artists said about this song:

"I remember that since I started composing songs, my grandmother - Ziona (yes, the same grandmother for whom I created 'Rafa Na') would ask me to try composing songs from the Yemenite songbook (Diwan). She had an old book in her library and she always said to me - "We, the Yemenis know how to speak the Hebrew language correctly - why not try it?"

. It always seemed to me not the time.

After she passed away I opened the ancient book that was in her library and in front of my eyes a treasure was discovered, trove of songs. The melody and lyrics I added came out of my heart so fast it was like a last will she left me.

In the song I was privileged to host a singer and creator so beloved and talented Shai Tsabari who sang the lyrics in the traditional Yemeni pronunciation.

"Intentional Prayers" - those Jews from Yemen who preserved the ancient Hebrew language for thousands of years and this is one of the strengths and great importance they have in the Israeli nation

Grandma, here is what you asked from me, hope you hear"

Elis Lovric – Ku bi more – Version 2017

“Music, which is doomed to become an immortal classic in the genre of lyrical ballad. Angelic vocals – elis lovric- and instrumental music seemed to go down for you from heaven and the gates of paradise are open in front of you. It remains only to take only one step and you are on the way to the highest pleasure. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка, которая обречена стать бессмертной классикой в жанре лирической баллады. Ангельский вокал -Elis Lovric- и инструментальная музыка словно спустились для вас с небес и перед вами открыты врата Рая. Осталось только сделать всего один шаг и вы на пути к наивысшему наслаждению.”

a song about longing.

Deserto Parallax x Adaya – Song Of Fortune

“A lovely song that transfers magic from the distant past in ourdays. Sound based on acoustic instrumentation, emphasizing on guitar and violin chords. The lyrics communicate an important message and more than two voices sing together. Definitely a must to listen.”

Occupy the streets with Deserto Parallax’ „Song of Fortune“

Gather on the streets, people! Let’s be confident!. Is the new song by Deserto Parallax (to be released on the 29. of April) an ode to positive thinking? The people who know the singer Maximilian Tzortzatos and his band, furthermore have seen them live, know the answer to that question.

A colorful and diverse bunch of people in a peaceful parade through the streets of the Lorraine-Quarter in Bern, including Adaya up front, plucking the mandolin. There are groups of kids, women, men, citizens, humans and even some actors and actresses that are known city-wide.

We continue dreaming of freedom, peace and justice.

We will not yield until we have found our fortune.

The folk-song „Song of Fortune“ radiates an aura of Romany music, reminds us of a bard in medieval times or a roadtrip through Ireland. But the topics dealt with in the song are relevant today more than ever and meet the Zeitgeist spot on.

Mit Deserto Parallax auf die Barrikaden “Song of Fortune”

Lasst uns auf die Strasse gehen, voller Leidenschaft und Zuversicht. Die neue Video Single von Deserto Parallax (Release 13.5), eine Hymne an den Positivismus? Durchaus denkbar. Wer den wilden Griechen und Sänger Maximilian Tzortzatos mit seiner Band schon mal Live erlebt hat, kann dies bestätigen. Ein bunter Haufen zieht friedlich durch das Berner Lorraine Quartier, Adaya zupft die Mandoline an vorderster Front. Kinder, Frauen, bekannte Schauspieler/innen ziehen mit. Und während die Löwen brüllen, träumen wir weiter von Freiheit, Frieden und Gerechtigkeit. Nein wir werden nicht von den Barrikaden weichen, bis wir unser Glück gefunden haben.

Der Folk Track „Song of Fortune“ versprüht Gipsy Feeling, erinnert an die mittelalterlichen Minnesänger oder an einen Road Trip durch Irland, spielt aber im Hier und Jetzt und trifft den Nerv der Zeit.

Deserto Parallax – Song of Fortune

Maximilian Spyridon Tzortzatos (Lyrics, Lead Vocals, Guitar and Song)

Federico Bianchi (Lead Guitar and Vocals)

Dominic Gilgen (Double Bass and Vocals

Adaya Lancha Bairacli (Lead Vocals and Mandolin)

Kristina Blaser (Violin)

Bruno Raemy (Accordeon)

Léo S. Braun (Vocals)

André Götte (Lovely Support and live Accordeon)

Recorded and mixed by Lee Shornoz at Caliber Club 2.0, Switzerland

Co-Engineering by André Shornoz and Julien Menth

Mastered by Sebastian Zwahlen at Centraldubs, Berne, Switzerland

Video by Miguel Làzaro Velàzquez

Superwoman: Thomas U. Hostettler

und viele Freunde!!!

Abspann Video

Childrens Chior /Kinderchor: Kids from Kindergarten Burgfeld, Berne, Switzerland

Kindergarten Teacher: Tina Trummer






Nando Griffiths – Temperature

“The track is able to cause a strong emotional shock, because -Nando Griffiths - put all his love into it. The leading vocals leisurely follow the rhythm of reggae, and the melody slowly but confidently sways on its warm waves. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Трек способен вызвать сильное эмоциональное потрясение, ведь -Nando Griffiths- вложил в него всю свою любовь. Лидирующий вокал неторопливо идёт вслед за ритмом Reggae, а мелодия медленно, но уверенно покачивает на своих тёплых волнах.”

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