George Perris x George Dalaras – Kardia Koita (Video)

“In this profoundly impactful song of a mesmerizing deep nostalgia. George Perris as lead voice , where also George Dalaras contributes as back vocals, both with their abundant, exuberant vocal capabilities, through a nimble, infinitely melodic flow of harmonies please us with another contemplative song. Already sounds as classic. ”

Popular song written by 2 legends of Greek music, lyricist Lina Nikolakopoulou and composer Evanthia Reboutsika. Performed by Greece’s leading international artist of his generation, George Perris, this song is a duet with another iconic Greek performer, George Dalaras.

The song is the theme song from the commercially successful tv series “Aggeliki”, airing on Alpha Tv in Greece

Sapra – Always on My Mind (Video)

“An Indian artist release dedicated to the ultimate feeling of love. The love we should always keep alive for a better life, the basic ingredient for inseparable souls. Happy song made for the Valentine’s day, but can always play in your mind.”

Solo world music artist Sapra shares his creative artistry and unique vision in the highly innovative and illustrious new music video “Always on My Mind.” The music video powerfully brings to life Sapra’s emotive lyrical flow and Parinita Sharma’s complimentary ethereal Bollywood style vocals. It tells a timeless love story through our brave protagonist, Sapra’s kaleidoscopic lens. Sapra takes us on a “Eternal Sunshine” type of science fiction fueled journey to a foreign land where he is a prisoner facing a fifty-year sentence. The correctional facility proceeds to wipe Sapra’s memory clean while his brain, soul, and spirit go through an emotional journey of self-reflection.

The highly cinematic music video powerfully plays with the universal concepts of long-lost love and destiny. A talented filmmaker and actor, Sapra enlists his specials effects team for a stunning visual spectacular. The music video was a one-year labor of love produced with zero outside funding or support. Amassing millions of online streams across multiple social media channels, Sapra is becoming known for his unique and singular flavor of world music with an accent of Bollywood style pop flair that combines more contemporary sounds such as hip-hop with global flavors.

Sapra, a gifted and groundbreaking rapper from New Delhi, India, does not shy away from pushing boundaries through his music. Sapra has a distinctive style where he artfully weaves together the beats of Hip-Hop and the unique rhythms of Bollywood music. Yet, much of his power also lies in the seamless way his lyricism comments on profoundly relevant social issues, as we see in his latest release title “Haiwan.” During Sapra’s time in Los Angeles, CA, he’s witnessed the effects of living in an era of post-COVID-19 and addresses how this disease “is not our choice, it has become the condition of man.” His song highlights the greater political failings from leaders all throughout the world, including the U.S. and China, in their response to COVID-19 by addressing that in this “nightmare” has devastated much of humanity and calls to action a need to come from a place of higher love.

Sapra’s love of music developed at a young age. Growing up playing the tablas and performing onstage, Sapra knew that music was one of greatest callings. In India, he’s worked as an owner of Beyond Exclamation Theatre, a live events company in India, and has travelled throughout India for international theatre festivals, earning him past accolades for his work. Sapra has also been the producer and director of countless music videos. He eventually decided to move to the United States to study film at New York Film Academy (NYFA) & acting at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA where he was first able to make real traction with his music. He currently also performs as the leader actor in “Mystic India World Tour”, a tour that shares the vast diversity and range of Indian culture. He’s earned an award as “Best Performer.”

Some of his greatest inspirations include Kendrick Lamar, Punjabi MC and Andrea Bocelli. His greatest hopes include creating awareness amongst the youth of our generation about issues such as sex education, global poverty, drug abuse, body shaming, climate change, the fight for equality and female empowerment. His previous song “Coco”, released through T-Series, has garnered over a million views on YouTube to date and his previous track “High on Love” showcases Sapra’s versatility as an artist. His greatest achievement is that his music, art and breadth of work are a testament to him wanting to share his cultural roots with the world in hopes of fostering unity through diversity.

His early training as an actor, director and producer has allowed him to create unique music videos that incorporate engaging and cinematic imagery that allow the onlooker to be entertained while also reflecting on the state of the human condition. In Sapra’s video “Haiwan,” his video portrays the vast diversity of the human race and how universal our struggles truly are. Ultimately, the message is our most binding component is our inherent humanity and that our lives are deeply interconnected with one another. Ultimately, the central message echoed in the song is that are destiny lies in our hands and we must find a united way forward through love.

Sapra’s future looks bright as his hope is to travel the world and continue to make his inspiring music and hopes to shoot amazing video content. He’s currently experimenting with the idea of creating Indian Reggaeton and is currently working on three projects, a song about female empowerment, another about sex education consent awareness and another romantic love song.

Topium feat. Djenmbi u0026 Klod Kiavué – Bo bay lanmen (Video)

“As soon as you turn on the track Bo bay lanmen you will immediately hear the full beauty of jazz, which introducing two musicians Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier and Jonathan Gagné. Their joint project Topium – it is pure improvisation, which will reveal to you the worlds of their soundscapes and hypnotic rhythm.”

“Как только вы включите трек Bo bay lanmen вы сразу же услышите всю красоту джаза, с которым нас знакомят два музыканта и исполнителя Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier и Jonathan Gagné. Их совместный проект Topium – это чистая импровизация, которая раскроет перед вами миры их звуковых ландшафтов и гипнотического ритма.”

Bo Bay Lanmen, which means “lend a hand,” and its accompanying music video, was made in collaboration with GEG/MusjoMusicRecords and produced by Guadeloupe’s Akadanfilm company, revealing the fruitful and authentic creative process experienced through Gwo Ka traditions and culture. This exceptional artistic alliance between Guadeloupean Creole and canadians musicians led to the creation of the new and exciting rhythms of Electro-Ka.

Topium emerged in 2016, from the meeting between multi-instrumentalist, Jérôme Dupuis-Cloutier, and drummer-programmer, Jonathan Gagné. Together the duo explores and blends house with various elements of jazz. Since its inception, the group has had several releases that include music videos. Their music has found captive audiences in many festivals worldwide, including on the island of Réunion, in Cape Verde, Mexico, and Tokyo.

Jacques-Marie Basses (aka Djenmbi) is an accomplished and innovative singer-songwriter and keyboardist. He has earned the title of “Gwo Ka Keyboard Master”. Klod Kiavué is a well-known Gwo Ka percussionist who has performed all over the world, most notably with the American saxophonist and jazzman, David Murray. Basses and Kiavué are among Guadeloupe’s finest in the Gwo Ka music scene.

Once I Told You – Madhara (Video)

“- Before its over, let me give you all that’s mine – Madhara speaks to us in her composition Once i told you. The melody of live, jazz elements with a combination of styles such as funk and soul absorbs an ocean of emotions with each new and new wave.”

“- Before its over, let me give you all that’s mine – говорит с нами Madhara в своей композиции Once i told you. Мелодия живых, джазовых элементов с сочетанием таких стилей, как фанк и соул, поглощает океаном эмоций каждой новой и новой волной. ”

Madhara releases a brand new single along with a brand new video!

Swimming with dolphins in Pipa , showering in abundant waterfalls in Chapada, dancing through the carnaval nights in Olinda, meeting the love of my life…

This song is inspired by travels in Brazil. These authentic home videos are shot in Santa Tereza, following another lovestory. What is yours?

PHIZBARZ – Control (Video)

“Control is a new exclusive from Phizbarz, in which the rhythmic works of the afrobeats and afro-pop genres are vividly traced. Dedicated to connoisseurs and lovers of this creativity.”

“Control новый эксклюзив от Phizbarz, в котором ярко прослеживаются ритмичные произведения жанров afrobeats и afro-pop. Ценителям и любителям данного творчества посвящается.”

Control is an afrocentric RNB song consisting of dreamy pads and flutes for listeners pleasure. Control was produced by phizbarz.

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