Goya – Dilli (Spotify)

“Melodic, experimental work with artistic images. Variety of field records blended with Asian vocals. A realistic picture eventually appears in front of the listener, where music plot and symbolism appear on its canvas.”

“Мелодичная, экспериментальная работа, в которой прослеживаются художественные образы. Разнообразие полевых записей, восточный вокал красиво ложится на душу и в итоге перед слушателем реалистичная картина, на полотне которой отображены музыкальный сюжет и символизм. ”


Artist shared few words about this song:

"Everything you hear in this track has been created using the sounds recorded in Delhi, no musical instruments have been used.

Dilli is a track that came about as a part of - 'Sounds of the City', a collaborative initiative between Berklee College of Music & MAP Bangalore where one music producer was chosen from 4 metropolitan cities each to compose a track by using sounds of their city.

When I stepped out to record, I realized Delhi is not just one thing or one sound but rather a diverse collection of it. Delhi is noisy, crowded, fast, and yet, serene and peaceful at certain time and places. I wanted to showcase this aspect through my track.

I went to locations such as Chandni Chowk, Nizammuddin Railway Station, Ghats of Yamuna, Lodhi Garden, some of the oldest restaurants, Bangla Sahib, Jama Masjid and several other unique places to record the rich and diverse sounds the city had to offer." - Goya


Zhen Chen, Liang Wang, Howard Wall, Lin Ma, Elmira Darvarova, David Gebe – Arrival – song by Zhen Chen, Liang Wang, Howard Wall, Lin Ma, Elmira Darvarova, David Geber | Spotify (Spotify)

“An orchard of cherry blossoms with white egrets walking in synchronicity. This rich composure of various instruments embraces the energy it expresses very well. ”


U.S. immigrants live in the dualities of cultures and identities. ON & BETWEEN is a musical exploration of the dualities and the accompanying anticipation, agony, pride and compromise – poignantly capturing the states of mind of an immigrant on the journey of home-seeking and assimilation.

Award winning composer Zhen Chen explores new possibilities by weaving traditional Chinese music instruments and folk tone with piano and Western style chamber music. A sweeping and at times epic recording, ON & BETWEEN is a masterstroke of sophisticated storytelling performed by a stellar ensemble of musicians.

Played by Lin Ma, the solo instrument and protagonist on this recording is the pipa (Chinese Lute), a traditional musical instrument with more than two thousand years of history. Collaborating artists include Grammy-nominees Cho-Liang Lin and Elmira Darvarova (violin), Manhattan School of Music’s David Geber (cello), the New York Philharmonic’s Liang Wang (oboe) and Howard Wall (French horn), MET Orchestra’s Shenghua Hu (violin) and Milan Milisavljević (viola). Jazz musicians Braxton Cook (saxophone) and Curtis Nowosad (drums) add yet another dimension to this multilayered recording.

ON & BETWEEN’s first track, “Arrival,” deftly references the “Going Home” theme from the second movement of Dvorak’s New World Symphony to display the solemn respect and sense of promise the United States places in the hearts of new immigrants. The rolling piano figures and long cello phrases combine render a scene of the gradual landing of an airplane and the beginning of new life and discovery.

“Lost in the Midtown” bursts forth with inspired personification of each instrument as they create a tango inspired arrangement depicting an immigrant’s fight against social institutions. The monotony of the cello represents a cold, harsh institutional structure, while the pipa displays an immigrant’s sense of stress and panic in navigating political bureaucracy. The music contracts into a vertigo like quiet section spreading out into a rapid glissando articulating depression, anguish, and helplessness.

As the recording unfolds, we discover love at first sight (“Encounter”), the NYC nightlife (“Cocktails”), and a jazzy stroll through the city on “Walk on the Fifth” displaying our protagonist’s increased comfort in their new home.

ON & BETWEEN’s concluding track, “Harmony,” revisits the opening “Going Home” motif. This time, played on the pipa, the foreign becomes familiar. Subtly showing the immigrant’s adoption of their new home while bringing the entire recording to a wholly satisfying and affirming close.

Jai Uttal – After The Fire (Shiva’s Lullaby) (Spotify)

“-After The Fire (Shiva's Lullaby) is a way to break out of the storm hugs and push off from the impending sea puchin. Music sends your consciousness to your possessions, beyond the limits of reality and will contemplate with you unshakable and such majestic horizons in our immense universe.”

“-After The Fire (Shiva's Lullaby)- способ вырваться из объятий шторма и оттолкнуться от надвигающейся морской пучины. Музыка отправляет ваше сознание в свои владения, за пределы реальности и будет созерцать вместе с вами непоколебимые и такие величественные горизонты нашей необъятной вселенной.”


Noted for his heartfelt renditions and upbeat barn burners of classic Kirtans (Sanskrit chants from ancient India), Jai Uttal, who has just passed his 70th birthday, and was part of the successful Chant For India event that raised over 100,000 USD for COVID relief in Mother India, is excited to announce tomorrow’s release of his new single, “After the Fire (Shiva’s Lullaby).” The song is available in all audio formats at ffm.to/afterthefire.

“After the Fire (Shiva’s Lullaby)” is the first single release from Jai’s upcoming album, Let Me Burn, that will be coming out on August 4. For the last year and half the world has been in a cocoon, inwardly burning, waiting for the chrysalis to fall away. As we enter the summer months and our hearts begin to emerge, ready to fly, and feeling the global need for a healing and nurturing sonic balm, Jai decided to make his first single release from Let Me Burn this deeply meditative piece.

Jai describes the song as, “Concealed in the vast glaciers of Mount Kailash, after the fires of destruction, even Lord Shiva sleeps. With Mahadev’s head in Parvati’s lap, dreadlocks askew, the divine Goddess intones to her beloved the sacred five syllable mantra ‘Na Ma Shi Va Ya’, and peace shrouds the universes.”

Jai sang and played guitar and harmonium on the song, with keyboards, engineering, and mixing handled by his longtime collaborator and producer, Marin music scene stalwart Ben Leinbach.

With COVID-19, the intense fires of Northern California and the social and political strife of the last year or so, Jai notes, “2020 was a year full of challenges, but it has also been a year of deep healing, personal growth and more intimate family interaction. It’s also been a time of deeply connecting with my extended family and greater Bhakti community. I’ve been doing weekly live stream concerts and Kirtans, that have been a great point of focus for myself in terms of preparing and creating new songs and practicing my older songs, as well as bringing our extended Bhakti family and community together over Zoom. The pandemic has also pushed us to create online Kirtan Camps. These events have been greatly appreciated, and have enabled people from all over the world, who would never have been able to attend a Kirtan Camp in person, to join us. The recent loosening of restrictions and the recent opportunity to give back to India, a country that has given me so much, have given me hope that 2021 will be a vast improvement over last year.”


Hold This – Rushil | Abi Sampa (Video)

“There are so many superb elements to this song that it’s difficult to know where to begin, or what to praise first. The multi-lingual vocals are tailored as finely as a Saville Row suite, Rushil’s lead vocal seamlessly blending with the sumptuous vocals of Abi Sampra and the orchestration. The piano and Indian percussion instruments also joining to reach the anthem-like crescendo and exotic fade out. ”


Bursting back onto the scene in 2021 with an exquisitely addictive new single that expertly combines his empowered attitude, bold lyricism, and stunning vocals with an immaculately bright, catchy sound, Rushil is set to take over playlists worldwide with the release of his latest single ‘Hold This’ featuring Abi Sampa. Having recently signed a sync deal with Coca Cola Pakistan and featured on Nitin Sawhney’s new record, Rushil’s new single is as shocking as it is soulful; he’s never been one to hold back when it comes to his music, and ‘Hold This’ reveals the confident performer he’s become over the years.

It’s hard to place Rushil into a box. The London-based singer’s ability to sew subtle strands of his Indian heritage into the melancholic sincerity of his songwriting has set him apart and placed him in an entirely new category of writers.

After spending his early years in India, Rushil grew up in Cyprus where he signed his first record deal at 16. He then went on to study at the University of Oxford which is where he first encountered Indian Classical Music. It was here that Rushil began seeking a sound that could embrace the entirety of his heritage. Drawing on influences such as Bon Iver and Damien Rice, Rushil sought to expand upon their styles by including elements of Indian Classical and Sufi instrumentation.


“Glory In the Meeting House” – Sandeep Das and Mike Block (Video)

“I almost don’t know what to say about this wonderful, joyous uplifting piece of music except maybe “Wow! That was genuinely mind blowing!.” A cello played like a fiddle? Accompanied by tabla? How could that possibly work? Well work it did and then some! Apparently, a traditional Appalachian fiddle tune that to my ears, also had a distinctive Irish & Indian feel. A masterclass by Mike Block & Sandeep Das. I could almost taste the moonshine & I’m getting the album for sure.”


GRAMMY-winning cellist Mike Block and GRAMMY-winning tablaist Sandeep Das have released “Glory In The Meeting House,” their first single from their upcoming album, Where The Soul Never Dies, due out June 11 release via Bright Shiny Things.

“‘Glory in the Meeting House;’ is a traditional Appalachian fiddle tune, learned via Kentucky fiddler Luther Strong, who recorded it for Alan Lomax in 1937. In addition to adapting the fiddle melody for the cello, I changed the tuning of my instrument to create low drone strings in the key of E, to broaden the rhythmic texture surrounding the melody. This track also marks the the first time in Sandeep Das’ career that he has experimented with using two separate Tabla’s tuned to different pitches, creating an untraditional percussive texture with multiple pitches. The energy of the piece captures the spontaneity and friendship Sandeep and I feel, as we learned from each other’s musical traditions.” — Mike Block


Sonia Barcelona, Spxtrm – Heart Station Remix – Remix (Spotify)

“Sonia Barcelona with the new single heart Station Remix on Cuddlefish imprints brings a fresh ethnic pop air to the nagamag office. Through a lush layering, light groove and hookiest qualities of vocal performers you get the right upbeat mood fixer to start up your day! ”



Dubbydubich – Crimean Connection – Rode Bozhe Zhito (Spotify)

“Crystal clear instrumental indie creation for your chilling break. The absolute mystic wave of an other dimension. An elixir to clean your mind from useless thoughts and negative energy. Listen carefully in full length!”


Based on a Ukrainian native folk song and spiced with an electronic world fusion.

Dubbydubich is a Crimean based producer and musician, observing a world of an electronic world fusion phenomena.
Part and influencer of Crimean Connection, Gelatinos and a Suatkan Studio, independent indie label.

Sapra – Always on My Mind (Video)

“An Indian artist release dedicated to the ultimate feeling of love. The love we should always keep alive for a better life, the basic ingredient for inseparable souls. Happy song made for the Valentine’s day, but can always play in your mind.”


Solo world music artist Sapra shares his creative artistry and unique vision in the highly innovative and illustrious new music video “Always on My Mind.” The music video powerfully brings to life Sapra’s emotive lyrical flow and Parinita Sharma’s complimentary ethereal Bollywood style vocals. It tells a timeless love story through our brave protagonist, Sapra’s kaleidoscopic lens. Sapra takes us on a “Eternal Sunshine” type of science fiction fueled journey to a foreign land where he is a prisoner facing a fifty-year sentence. The correctional facility proceeds to wipe Sapra’s memory clean while his brain, soul, and spirit go through an emotional journey of self-reflection.

The highly cinematic music video powerfully plays with the universal concepts of long-lost love and destiny. A talented filmmaker and actor, Sapra enlists his specials effects team for a stunning visual spectacular. The music video was a one-year labor of love produced with zero outside funding or support. Amassing millions of online streams across multiple social media channels, Sapra is becoming known for his unique and singular flavor of world music with an accent of Bollywood style pop flair that combines more contemporary sounds such as hip-hop with global flavors.

Sapra, a gifted and groundbreaking rapper from New Delhi, India, does not shy away from pushing boundaries through his music. Sapra has a distinctive style where he artfully weaves together the beats of Hip-Hop and the unique rhythms of Bollywood music. Yet, much of his power also lies in the seamless way his lyricism comments on profoundly relevant social issues, as we see in his latest release title “Haiwan.” During Sapra’s time in Los Angeles, CA, he’s witnessed the effects of living in an era of post-COVID-19 and addresses how this disease “is not our choice, it has become the condition of man.” His song highlights the greater political failings from leaders all throughout the world, including the U.S. and China, in their response to COVID-19 by addressing that in this “nightmare” has devastated much of humanity and calls to action a need to come from a place of higher love.

Sapra’s love of music developed at a young age. Growing up playing the tablas and performing onstage, Sapra knew that music was one of greatest callings. In India, he’s worked as an owner of Beyond Exclamation Theatre, a live events company in India, and has travelled throughout India for international theatre festivals, earning him past accolades for his work. Sapra has also been the producer and director of countless music videos. He eventually decided to move to the United States to study film at New York Film Academy (NYFA) & acting at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA where he was first able to make real traction with his music. He currently also performs as the leader actor in “Mystic India World Tour”, a tour that shares the vast diversity and range of Indian culture. He’s earned an award as “Best Performer.”

Some of his greatest inspirations include Kendrick Lamar, Punjabi MC and Andrea Bocelli. His greatest hopes include creating awareness amongst the youth of our generation about issues such as sex education, global poverty, drug abuse, body shaming, climate change, the fight for equality and female empowerment. His previous song “Coco”, released through T-Series, has garnered over a million views on YouTube to date and his previous track “High on Love” showcases Sapra’s versatility as an artist. His greatest achievement is that his music, art and breadth of work are a testament to him wanting to share his cultural roots with the world in hopes of fostering unity through diversity.

His early training as an actor, director and producer has allowed him to create unique music videos that incorporate engaging and cinematic imagery that allow the onlooker to be entertained while also reflecting on the state of the human condition. In Sapra’s video “Haiwan,” his video portrays the vast diversity of the human race and how universal our struggles truly are. Ultimately, the message is our most binding component is our inherent humanity and that our lives are deeply interconnected with one another. Ultimately, the central message echoed in the song is that are destiny lies in our hands and we must find a united way forward through love.

Sapra’s future looks bright as his hope is to travel the world and continue to make his inspiring music and hopes to shoot amazing video content. He’s currently experimenting with the idea of creating Indian Reggaeton and is currently working on three projects, a song about female empowerment, another about sex education consent awareness and another romantic love song.

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