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111 – See You Again (Spotify)

111 – See You Again (Spotify)

Nadja, Singer & Songwriter of 111, wrote 'See you again' for her best friend who passed when she was 18 years old. At that time she had no emotional tools to deal with the overwhelming pain and it almost tore her apart. Because of all the pain, for a long time she wasn't really able to feel the deep, beyond-lifetime connection between him and her. Now she does feel it and from this exact place comes this song!

Few words about 111:

With 111, Nadja and her producer pick up the idea of 'healing music' with its scientifically proven benefits and translating it into a new sound aesthetic for a wider audience: No eso -cliché, but a fresh, organic ambient -electro-sound that gives the listener a feeling of relaxation and warmth. A lot of the songs are presented in 432 hz instead of the usual 440 hz pop-songs are presented in. Studies prove, that this frequency has more relaxing and empowering effects because it matches the natural vibration of the human body. 111 combines instruments from different musical traditions which are known for their touching and relaxing sounds, for example the monochord. The lyrics sometimes embed mantras from different religions which are known for their strengthening and healing effects, and are always positive and empowering.

With their new approach and understanding of ‚healing music‘, 111 brings together artists from all genres and all over the world, who also believe in the positive effects of rhythm, sound and voice! For example, for their song ‚protected‘ Nadja worked together with award-winning L.A.-based producer Robot Koch, with whom she also wrote the newest track 'See you again'. The successful Berlin-based producer-duo 'Dasmo & Mania' didi the production!

Marcus Arch – Carnivore (Spotify)

Marcus Arch – Carnivore (Spotify)

We all have things we fight against. Sometimes they’re just in our heads, and sometimes they’re really out there. Either way the fight is always real.

Carnivore came about while experimenting with various sounds and samples on Logic. The opening rhythmic hook laid down the foundation which then further evolved. The song revolves around the idea of fighting a shadowy figure, real or imagined. The animistic vocal hook represents the primal struggle that we face - against the worst part of the human nature, or against a real life predator out to get us. The first half of the song is more subdued, giving an impression of quiet resistance, that becomes a much bigger fight or struggle, that in the end finishes with a blow - did I kill the Carnivore? Or was I killed?

Few words about Marcus Arch:
Australian Indie-Rock Trio Marcus Arch took their folk beginnings and fused them with elements of electro-rock, synth-pop and thick harmonies, landing with a dynamic musical experience.

Thoughtful lyrical compositions and reflections delivered in punchy pop-choruses reflects the analogue/digital crossover that is the basis of Marcus Arch. Earthy, yet covered in the pizazz of the electro-age, Marcus Arch takes you back and forward through a musical escapade that indelibly disrupts.


George van Wetering – New Kid (piano version) (Video)

This year George is set to make his solo debut, starting with the release of his piano ballad “New Kid”, featuring artist Kristeen Young, mixed by the legendary producer Tony Visconti.

“You have to be a conscious artist to mess with the rules, and George van Wetering’s music embodies a free spirit that finds harmony with disparate elements and a pattern without a formula. This is music of the Non-Conformist. Here, the dark and the light intertwine to make some really great tracks with great electronic elements.” George van Wetering, Dutch singer and songwriter, was once part of the growing roster of foreign acts released by Chinese record company Modern Sky. In the US and the Netherlands, his albums were released by Zip Records / Sony. George has toured extensively across China, the Netherlands, Canada and the USA. “Taking cues from artists across the cultural spectrum, this is the industrial goth band before the EDM cult of personality took over”. George and his band gained a large following in China while also gaining traction in North America. He also frequently participated in China’s growing music festivals, including performances at the Strawberry Music Festival, World Expo in Shanghai, and the Modern Sky Festival in Beijing. Highlights of his shows in North America were performances at SXSW, NXNE, CMJ and the Sled Island Festival (Canada) at which the show was considered the highlight of the festival.

Nagamag ranking on Feedspot

Nagamag ranking on Feedspot


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We are very happy to announce that we have been selected and ranked at 126th place of Feedspot music blogs ranking (

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Ada Morghe – Water Lilies (Video)

When you are an actress, a scriptwriter, a children’s author and a jazz singer, not to mention a mother, a friend, a lover and plenty else besides, how do you describe yourself? As Ada Morghe, Alexandra Helmig has the answer. Don’t put her in a box.

Today Ada Morghe releases the second single ‘Water Lilies’ from her new album ‘Box’ which follows on the 14thAugust. Listen HERE: ‘Water Lilies’ is a track influenced from her teen years when she moved to Paris at 19 and lived the bohemian dream of reading Sartre while hanging out in the cafes of the Left Bank, smoking Gitanes and wearing a lot of black. A soulful jazz glide and one of the most romantic songs on the new album, with something of the spirit of the great Chanson singers Edith Piaf and Juliette Greco. Watch the new video HERE.

“A long time ago I had a love story that was body-driven, a chemical romance,” she says of the song’s inspiration. “It should have led to something more, but it was too destructive. That kind of love affair is addictive, I guess. I had the image of water lilies on the ground — something that is doomed.”

The new album was launched by the release of first single ‘Oh My Love’ – watch the official video HERE. Elsewhere, ‘Box’ stretches from the tight, upbeat funk of ‘Wake Up’ to the melancholic elegance of ‘Rainy Day’, or the jazz seduction of ‘Sugar Lips’, a perfect vehicle for the warmth and smokiness of her voice. Another highlight, ‘Don’t You Put Me In A Box’, was co-written with a kindred spirit in the shape of Andrew Roachford (‘Cuddly Toy’). Ending with the beautiful ‘Demons’, an orchestral epic with shades of Scott Walker and a message of self-acceptance, ‘Box’marks a true coming of age.

Alexandra’s career in music began in earnest three years ago, after she wrote and starred in a play, then a film, called ‘Mother Bee’. A pun in its German title, Frau Mutter Tier, refers to an overprotective mother. Having been encouraged to also write songs for the film, those compositions fell into the hands of former Prince collaborator Hans-Martin Buff and just six week later, Alexandra found herself recording at Abbey Road. That ultimately putAlexandra in the relatively unusual position of releasing her debut album ‘Pictures’ in her 40s, which has gained over a 1 million streams across DSPs.

For someone who cannot be put in a box, how does Alexandra feel about being labelled as a jazz singer of verve, passion and elegance?

“Music makes sense to me because everything is in there,” she replies. “There is the writer, the musician, the performer. And this album is about where I am now.” As Box demonstrates so gracefully, Alexandra, as Ada Morghe, is in a very good place indeed

Panicwhenyourecalm – Endless Monotony: Is There Light in the Dark? (Spotify)

Panicwhenyourecalm – Endless Monotony: Is There Light in the Dark? (Spotify)

USA producer "personPanicwhenyourecalm" with his track "Endless Montony: Is Ther Light In The Dark?" a long downtempo chillout/lounge track with continues layering changes and wonderful production to laid back, flirts with dark and light moods, bring a wonderful final result to the listener, even if that comes through its 9min but the whole listening trip worth it!

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