“Whispering vocals about the struggle most of us have to face in this life, carefully mixed with peaceful acoustic melodies. A philosophical approach of how stronger can become if we pass through difficulties and choose to stand up and fight. Quality music with food for thought too.”

Aarktica’s “Delicate Waltz of Shadows” is a journey through pain, loss, healing, and growth, and captures the non-linear nature of forgiveness in the face of adversity. “I remember, when you were kind / just like yesterday of another lifetime / and the love still flows,” sings Aarktica’s Jon DeRosa, making peace with complicated emotions. A gentle acoustic strum accompanied by subtle electronic soundscapes, the song showcases Aarktica’s prowess in bridging meditative folk and starry-eyed ambient. “The album is about this idea that once we acknowledge certain wounds, weaknesses or unpleasant feelings, and instead of ignoring them, we dive headfirst into the darkness and face everything that is terrifying, there’s at least the possibility (and more so, the likelihood) that we will come out on the other end feeling stronger and more empowered,” says DeRosa on the overall message of his forthcoming album We Will Find The Light, out September 30th via Darla Records.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
September 28, 2022

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