“So comfortable and pleasant sound that you immediately pay attention to the distinctive feature of this track - it haunts your mind, even after repeated listening. The radical character of the sound, the beautiful R & B vocal -adem Dalipi- and just a magnificent guitar solo! ”

“Настолько комфортный и приятный звук, что сразу же обращаешь внимание на отличительную черту этого трека — его невозможно выкинуть из головы даже после неоднократного прослушивания. Радикальный характер звучания, прекрасный R&B вокал -Adem Dalipi- и просто великолепное соло гитары!”

Today American Idol alum and Chicago local Adem Dalipi has released his eagerly anticipated EP: After the Party. In addition to Dalipi’s recent works “Empty Promises,” “Nothing I Wouldn’t Do,” and “Call You Mine,” the talented young popstar adds two new tracks - “Circles” and title-song “After the Party” to his sophomore release. In After the Party, Dalipi is delivering to the world a heartfelt toast to the mantra he lives by “when words fail, music speaks.” These songs for a soul lost to love are now available to listen across streaming platforms everywhere.

Adem Dalipi’s After the Party EP puts on display the wide range of musical ability that old fans and new can expect out of the young singer-songwriter and producer. Through Dalipi’s mellow melodies, listeners can experience the highs and lows of love lyrically and sonically. Between “Nothing I Wouldn’t Do”’s take on jazz-pop and “Circles” taste of RnB, the young artist has crafted an album with the mindset of the unsettled inner emotions after a ‘party.’

As a songwriter, Dalipi is constantly reviewing and reconstructing, pushing himself towards growth. The blues undertones heard throughout the five pieces in the After the Party EP can be attributed to Dalipi’s self-taught musicianship. About pushing himself and creating this EP experience Dalipi states:

“‘After the Party' is an EP that collects the 3 songs I've released over the past year, along with two other singles "Circles" and "After the Party". This EP has been a long process to get out with COVID changing up the game of the industry, but that allowed me to go back to the drawing board and restrategize the release, and I'm really excited to drop the full project.” - Adem Dalipi

Adem Dalipi is a blues-influenced Pop/RnB artist and producer, in the style of John Mayer, Charlie Puth, and Shawn Mendes, and recently became a Yamaha Guitar Ambassador. After attending the 2015 Chicago Blues Fest, Dalipi became enthralled with the blues and was particularly moved by Buddy Guy’s rain-soaked yet blistering performance. After the set, Dalipi took it upon himself to study the blues genre and some of the greats.

In 2019, he caught the attention of a producer from American Idol and was invited to audition for the long-running television series. Dalipi impressed the judges throughout the audition process and was even awarded the Golden Ticket to Hollywood week, where he met other artists and performed in front of Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry.

Dalipi’s talent and vision have landed him features on, the Daily Herald, Good Day Stateline, Chicago SoundCheck, and was even a Featured Artist on the Chicago Music Guide, just to name a few. More recently, his song “Sixth St.” was spun on WCGO radio 95.9, and his music has received airplay on Chicago’s Radio Station WLUW 88.7 and Rockfords “#1 Hit Music Station” 97ZOK.

The After the Party EP is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 16, 2022

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