“True love as a variety of beloved wine is never bored, like chamber jazz music. The melody is like an insidious predator that slowly creeps up from the back and makes you by surprise. At this moment, you realize that you are in his power and there is no way back. Very deep, wayward and just high -quality jazz. For you. (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Настоящая любовь как сорт любимого вина — никогда не надоест, как и камерная джазовая музыка. Мелодия словно коварный хищник, который медленно подкрадывается со спины и застаёт вас врасплох. В этот момент вы осознаёте, что находитесь в его власти и назад пути нет. Очень глубокий, своенравный и просто качественный джаз. Для вас.”


This record is the first single from Al Strongs sophomore album Love Stronger and features guitarist Mark Whitfield. The record was created with the essence of black lovers and the ups and downs of relationships. The record plays well on cold rainy days but also compliments the mind of a thinker and anyone that enjoys background music.


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