“There is something attractive in this music. Something otherworldly, but at the same time such a native and familiar. The fantastic energy of Indie Folk and Pop, with a very warm vocal, a melody of an acoustic guitar and a pleasant whistle against a background. The state of serenity of being is provided to you! (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Есть нечто притягательное в этой музыке. Нечто потустороннее, но одновременно такое родное и знакомое. Фантастическая энергетика indie folk и pop, с очень тёплым вокалом, мелодией акустической гитары и приятным посвистыванием на фоне. Состояние безмятежности бытия вам обеспечено!”



A band born out of a friendship, Alpha Mare is an Indie-Folk duo featuring the surprising songwriting and acrobatic vocals of Izé Yeng Goodfriend, paired with the rich, driving multi-instrumentation of Andrew Fowler (bass, electric guitar, keys, drums, and percussion). Alpha Mare's debut album, The Colt of the Virgin, was recorded on the Hawaiian island of Maui in the upper foothills of the mountain Haleakalā, in a friend's living room, mostly over the course of several sleepless weeks. The album is marked by a jagged elegance and a wide emotional breadth. From the choral uplift of "Guts" and "Could It Be You There" to the pared down, scratchy intensity of "Pollen" and "Rocking Horse", The Colt of the Virgin is 37 minutes of spiritual adventure. Stand out track is "Packing Heat".