Altamotion – Parallel Fortunes

Altamotion – Parallel Fortunes (Spotify)

The fourth single from Altamotion is a downtempo soundscape drenched in lush swirling synths and 80's nostalgia. This track combines elements of synthpop, synthwave, electro and post-rock using a mix of vintage and modern synths, sparse vocals, laid back electronic drums and post-rock inspired guitar lines.

About Altamotion:
Altamotion are a duo from Brighton. They blend 80's synths, sparkling guitars and electronics to create something nostalgic and unique. This new project sees them simplifying and focusing their efforts to explore different ideas and sounds influenced by M83 / LCD Soundsystem / The Knife / Stranger Things / Poolside FM


Reviewed by Nagamag on 
June 9, 2020

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