“Ashleigh Bankx and her new song Angel is a recipe for cocktail lovers. Very emotional and sensitive composition in the romantic genre of music soul. Soulful vocals, a breath of dry wine and light improvisation for your mood.”

“Ashleigh Bankx – коктейль для влюблённых, а её новая песня Angel – рецепт. Очень эмоциональная и чувствительная композиция в романтическом музыкальном жанре soul. Душевный вокал, словно глоток сухого вина и лёгкая импровизация для вашего настроения.”

Rising UK Singer Ashleigh Bankx Unveils Debut Single “Angel”


London-based artist Ashleigh Bankx is the latest singer to emerge from the UK’s resurgent soul/R&B scene, and she’s making a huge statement at the top of the year with the release of “Angel”. The independent artist’s first official release, “Angel” is an impassioned love song that arrives with accompanying Lutch Media-directed visuals to set the mood. Inspired by the likes of Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone and Rihanna, as well as music from her Zimbabwean roots, Ashleigh brings a much-revered throwback neo-soul sound of yesteryear, with a unique, modern twist.

“Angel” begins with an empowering voiceover sample from Nina Simone that leads perfectly into the rest of the song. Ashleigh says: “‘Angel’ is about self-liberation, understanding and valuing yourself through past experiences with relationships and society. The song is about black love and centres around the concept of self-love, self-confidence, self-pride and the unity of and journey between two lovers. I want the listener to determine what mood and emotion they feel when they listen to the song.”

“Angel” shines a light firmly on Ashleigh’s impressive lyricism and her emotive, soul-drenched voice, which provides the perfect vessel for her music’s exploration of the love and pain we as people experience in our everyday lives and relationships. With her first release of the year now uncovered and an EP series also in the works, Ashleigh Bankx is set to make a big impact and will surely be one to watch out for in 2021.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 20, 2021

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