“Music and vocals competently merge into a single musical stream, blurring all the boundaries that interfere with plunging into the atmosphere of Indie Folk. Melodic, exciting and light track for a good mood in a cozy company of friends” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Музыка и вокал грамотно сливаются в единый музыкальный поток, размывая все границы, которые мешают погрузиться в атмосферу Indie Folk. Мелодичный, захватывающий и лёгкий трек для хорошего настроения в уютной компании друзей”


"Smoke Rose Up" is a surreal & traditional 7/4 bar country folk song about Moses, gold in the mud and the importance of following your gut feeling. The sound is a cross between Bill Callahan & Gillian Welch. At the end of the song Hendrix's weapon bearer Mitch Mitchell reappears in the form of drummer Conny Städe (First Aid Kit). As usual with Blind Lake, the recording of the song was an intuitive and fun process.