Bob Blankemeier – Taking Flight Again

Bob Blankemeier – Taking Flight Again (Spotify)

A more experimental instrumental hip hop sound structure, flirting with world music but not missing the right groove and solid production with right selection of drums that definately will make you move.

Few words about Bob Blankemeier:

Bob Blankemeier is a NYC based cinematographer and music producer. Growing up Bob's mother worked as a news anchor and father a lobsterman. He was taught a skill set of self employment and exposed to film making at an early age. As a teenager Bob discovered BMX bike riding and began creating films centered around the sport. These films expanded his interest in creating larger projects and eventually pursuing a film degree at Temple University. After graduating Temple, Bob moved to NYC to work in the film industry. After many years of working and learning in the lighting department, Bob now works full time as cinematographer. He continues to ride BMX bikes and create films within the sport

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
June 1, 2020

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