“Feel the charm of the vocal performance in the work of -Too Late In The Day-. Beautiful piano improvisation, notes of Jazz and the warm atmosphere of late evening.”

“Чарующая слух вокальная экспрессия в произведение -Too Late In The Day-. Красивая фортепианная импровизация, лады с блюзовыми нотами и атмосфера тёплого, позднего вечера.”

BONGARD is a new, Berlin based Singer/Songwriter. Rooted in pop music and the ever perceptible lightness of jazz, his clear and multi-faceted voice combines tonal brilliance with expressive storytelling. The line-up featuring a jazz trio (piano, double bass, drums), his music transports you to an evening in a New York jazz bar, or straight into the lush soundtrack of a Hollywood movie - all the while never losing its subtlety. His songs celebrate life in powerful clarity, exploring the juxtapositions between melancholy, longing, joy, sadness and serenity. Inspired by artists such as Norah Jones, Jamie Cullum, Mel Tormé and Adele, as well as the songs of the Great American Songbook, BONGARD always remains true to himself. It is this simplicity which makes his music so recognisable. ​BONGARD had his first stage performance at the age of 9 and can look back on many years of international experience as a singer and actor. He toured Canada, China, Colombia and America, performed with renowned big bands and orchestras - such as the WDR Radio Orchestra -, sang at Radio City Music Hall and the Yankee Stadium in New York City, as well as in numerous TV - and radio shows. Finally, his path led him to meet songwriting team Perrin Manzer Allen and Sandi Strmljan of Streamlyne Music as well as Allen Glass in London (Aretha Franklin), with whom he developed and wrote the songs for his first EP Prologue. 2021 kicks off with the release of his first single TOO LATE IN THE DAY.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 8, 2021

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