“Borey is the project of the young St. Petersburg producer , and his new track 'Hyperborea' is an amazing symbiosis of classical chillwave and experimental idm. This work is a vivid example of how crystal clear sound and harmonious synth-wave melodies are intertwined with rare inclusions of field recordings, vibration of strings and live, mesmerizing guitar.”

“Проект молодого петербургского продюсера Borey, чья музыка являет собой удивительный симбиоз классического chillwave и экспериментального idm, выпустил в свет свой новый трек 'Hyperborea'. Данная работа яркий пример того, как кристальный, чистый звук и гармоничные мелодии synth-wave, переплетаются с редкими вкраплениями полевых записей, вибрацией струн и живой, завораживающей гитары.”

Borey - the producer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia presented his second single - Hyperborea.

Continuing to delve into ancient Greek mythology, this time Borey decides to voice the story of Hyperborea, a mysterious Northern country, the ancestral home of mankind, where groves and forests were people's dwelling, where they did not know what is disease and strife.

Even death came to the Hyperboreans as a release from the satiety of life, and, having experienced all the pleasures, they threw themselves into the sea, but at will could be reborn after death.

Having replaced the synth-wave aesthetic with an acoustic sound saturated with live instruments and various percussion and glitches, Borey steps on the ground of ethno-fusion and significantly expands the boundaries of his own creativity.

Hyperborea is a musical eclecticism in which you can hear both dub and art rock, atmospheric soundscapes and analog synthesis. Special attention should also be paid to the string section, which adds even more dreaminess and cinematography to the composition.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
December 6, 2020

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