“This track sounds dreamy and deep. Recalls the warm summer evening atmosphere. Full of experiences and specific images that memory recall and resonated in every listener. Memories That brings nostalgia and makes -MALIBLU- very catchy for that reason. Heartwarming music with energy and originality.”

“Трек звучит мечтательно и глубоко. Напоминает атмосферу тёплого летнего вечера. Он полон переживаний и специфических образов, которые найдут отклик в любом слушателе. Это мгновение меланхоличности делает -MALIBLU- цепляющим. Музыка, в которой есть энергия, оригинальность, смысл и сердце.”

“Maliblu is a place you go to when everyone is telling you that you’ve got it all; your Instagram shows you ‘living your best life’, but inside yourself you’re still unhappy.”

Casey Sana’s MALIBLU is a concept that takes one of the most beautiful places on earth and turns it into a backdrop of sadness. Sana had this to say when asked about the choice of the songs location:

“You couldn’t imagine anyone being depressed in a place like Malibu, I mean you’d have everything if you lived there, right? But I’m sure there are people that are unhappy, so I wanted to use the song as a metaphor for those people who appear to have everything on the surface, but are secretly hurting behind their smile.”

The bridge of the song includes the lyrics ‘when you’re living in this western spell, where you lose yourself, just to gain the world’

“The western spell is that ‘things’ make you happy, and because we believe this, we chase these material things at all costs; the cost of happiness, friendship, health and so on, then we get these things just to realise that it doesn’t make us any happier of fulfilled. it’s crazy!”

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 11, 2021

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