“While -Connor Garvey- so beautifully and generously tells you your story, enjoy his sweet voice, instrumental melody, which is made in a minimalist style and enjoy a pleasant repose that surrounds you from all sides.” (Automatically Translated with Google Translate)

“Пока -Connor Garvey- так красиво и великодушно повествует вам свою историю, насладитесь его сладким голосом, инструментальной мелодией, которая выполнена в минималистическом стиле и насладитесь приятным упокоением обступающим вас со всех сторон.”


Reminiscent of John Denver in its genuine, earnest sincerity and adept lyricism, Connor writes about longing and loneliness missing the person you love."I was lonely but realized my loneliness was a fortunate kind. Not everybody’s loneliness comes from the same place. I was lonely because I had someone to miss that I was going to be able to return to. This filled me with a great sense of appreciation and that launched me into writing my deepest love song to date."