“Dance Yourself Clean and Michael Medrano with the support of the Lights & Music Collective introduce us to the new work of Sugar, which has managed to create an interesting resonance in the soul of everyone who hears it again and again. Indie Electronic's melodic vocals and light beats are a cocktail for your mood!”

“Dance Yourself Clean и Michael Medrano при поддержке Lights & Music Collective знакомят нас с новой работой Sugar, у которой получилось создать интересный резонанс в душе каждого, кто услышит её вновь и вновь. Мелодичный вокал и лёгкие ритмы Indie Electronic - коктейль для вашего настроения!”

Since 2013 Dance Yourself Clean had spent nearly every single weekend throwing parties across North America. With the pandemic the boys have turned their entire focus onto the party's transformation into a juggernaut music project. In the first full year since the project was created, 2020 brought in over 2.3 million streams on Spotify alone. With their new single "Sugar" set to release on NYE at 12am EST it looks like they're setting the scene for what may be a massive year of releases and collaborations. DYC had this to say about "Sugar", "Normally we'd be spending NYE with our friends and DYC family somewhere... Maybe Los Angeles at Teragram Ballroom or NYC at Baby's All Right. It kills us that we won't be able to be together this year celebrating. Setting "Sugar's" release date for midnight on the east coast and 9pm on the west coast is our way of being together with our DYC family across the nation. It may seem silly, but it means something to us and hopefully them too."

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
January 6, 2021

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