“Deftick Psydub new delivery. Balanced pattern progression, which guarantee the satisfaction even of the most demanding listener. Characteristic leads, strong pads and airy effects can justify the success of “Defchord”. So raise the volume level and forget everything else for the following seven minutes.”

DEFTICK is a Techno/Electro/Experimental project by Rafael Wiederkehr (Suncollector) and André Huwiler (DJ Dex) from Switzerland. With their combined skills, they drive us through a world of powerful-groovy soundscapes – always very well balanced to activate our mind and feet.

After playing at psytrance parties for more than 20 years and creating more and more songs in the studio that didn’t fit into the concept, they decided to start the side project DEFTICK.

This is where all the songs that have been created over the years find their place.

The result is a sound that doesn’t like to fit into concepts. From Techno over Electro up to Downtempo everything is represented.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
March 18, 2021

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