“Soft vocals, guitar, scorching bass and drums. Such a modest bouquet of instruments sounds very solid and one-sided. Strong song with excellent performance.”

“Мягкий вокал, гитара, обжигающий бас и ударные. Такой скромный букет инструментов звучит очень цельно и однопланово. Крепкий материал и прекрасное исполнение.”

Dennis Ellsworth closes the loop on landmark Bound By Love Series, with Wolves Not Far, sharing ten portraits of fatherhood and life amid the struggle to find peace in this world.

“The future is grim on this one,” said Ellsworth (he/him). “Wolves Not Far has a few tributes on it, but largely deals with troubles and threats. The reality is that I strive to cast positive light onto the messy world, which all feels like a confusing dream right now. Darkness comes at the close of each day, but the light returns if we nurture our world and ourselves within it.”

“Let’s see how long it takes until it’s too late / let’s see how long it goes,” the songwriter muses on focus track, “Rainy Slope,” which mourns a lack of political leadership and accountability. “Thought you knew it all but I guess you don’t / and now you’re hanging on to a rainy slope.”

Inspired by graffiti Ellsworth would pass on morning walks with his daughter Esme, Wolves Not Far balances a fear of the unknown (“Dusk Over Everything” & “Wolves Not Far”) and human selfishness (“Cut Corners” & “Rainy Slope”) with expressions of devotion (“Sweet You” & “Honey Sky”) and tributes to heroes near and far (“DH Money” & “What’s Left?”).

Wolves Not Far marks the third and final installment in Ellsworth’s Bound By Love Series, which reconsiders the status quo of how artists release music, while sharing a staggering 32 new songs across 3 albums and 3 EPs.

“Bandcamp has gone above and beyond for artists during this precarious time, and as such, the full length albums will only be available there, in CD, LP, and digital formats,” said Ellsworth. “That said, streaming fans shouldn’t feel left out. As a companion to each full length album release on Bandcamp, we’ll be releasing a sampler EP to streaming services. If you want to hear and support the full project, you know where to find it. Everybody wins."

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
May 5, 2021

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