“Different DNA is the melodic synthwave rhythms with the light, nostalgic charm of the beloved 80s. Single Crazy Double Life for true connoisseurs.”

“Different DNA - это мелодичные ритмы synthwave с лёгким, ностальгическим шармом любимых 80-х. Сингл Crazy Double Life для настоящих ценителей.”

The song has two meanings. When it was created the idea was that it's about super agent that lives a double life and his/her problems in personal relations. But when the song had been recorded it's appeared that it's about ordinary people who lives their double lives and suffer of it. Which is absolutely common nowaday

Different DNA

Based in Milano, Different DNA is a completely brand new project. It is 100% unique as the music combines the legendary 80’s vibe of Thompson Twins, Pet Shop Boys, A-HA etc with a modern sound that can remind you the best works of TheWeeknd, Timberlake, Hurts

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 1, 2021

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