“-Believe (Following US)- is a piece that you need to listen many times to fully absorb its depth of music and subtlety of sound plexuses. The sound is built in such a way that it is diverted in the head and cause a desire to listen many times. Cheerful Tropical House, with positive vocals too!”

“-Believe (Following Us)- надо слушать множество раз, чтобы полноценно впитать всю глубину музыки и тонкость множества звуковых сплетений. Звук построен таким образом, что зацикливается в голове и его хочется послушать множество раз. Жизнерадостный Tropical House, с позитивным вокалом!”


"Believe (Following Us)" is an upbeat pop song portraying the importance of believing in oneself. The single features a variety of different instruments and electronic sounds, including vocoder, electric guitar, piano, and unique synths. Between the instrumentation, powerful lyrics, and Duvy's smooth vocals, "Believe (Following Us)" offers an original and radio-ready sound. The hope for this song is to inspire the masses to believe. Believe in yourself. Believe in others. Believe that anything is possible.