“Not your best day? in bad mood? I got your back, or better ELAN LEON does, with this positive mood pop song.
A wide, top in clarity mix and well crafted layering which let vocal performance to breath, make this pop song your new addition to your music to smile playlist.”

“I Got your Back” is Elan Leon’s first single as a solo artist. It’s an Indie Electronic Pop song written, produced, performed, mixed, and even mastered by the artist himself. It has a positive chilled vibe and it’s a sort of introduction to his style. Using a mix of organic and electronic samples, hints of piano, and a clear voice, it resembles the sound of artists like Walk The Moon, Jason Mraz, and some sonority from producers such as Illenium or Zedd

The lyrics, written by Elan Leon as well, describe a fairly common experience of true friendship with someone.

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Reviewed by Nagamag on 
January 6, 2021

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