Emilya ndMe -Taxi Driver//Official Lyric video

This song is about escaping from the daily routine to renew yourself somewhere else. Lauretta Grechi said: “I imagined a conversation with a taxi driver during a taxi ride explain him that I’d like to reach a new, special place where to live and spend my life leaving doubts, past and old loves affairs back”. Once you hit play the shine music layering lights all the shades you may had and the sweet voice of Lauretta Grechi and wonderful lyrics keeps your interest on making this “taxi drive” a good journey for the listener fullfilling his expectations to the end.

Few words about the artist:
Lauretta Grechi Galeno aka Emilya ndMe is an Indie rock, Electro-Pop song writer from Genoa

In love with music since an early age, Emilya ndMe initially approaches Jazz music (which she will never abandon) and Swing music. A musical journey full of experiences such as:

Participation in the Lunezia Award as song writer at the age of 20 and musical collaborations with the world of theater since summer 2016.

The sounds are straddling Indie rock and Electro Pop music international, crushing the eye to Trip Hop, to Downtempo and Glitch. The influences are multiple and revolve around the musical experiences of Emilya ndMe like Daughter, Florence and the Machine, Metric, Garbage, Jack White, Portishead without ever forgetting the cultural background coming from genres like Jazz, Swing and Grunge Rock.
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Reviewed by Nagamag on 
June 29, 2020

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