“We need unity of body and soul to plunge headlong into something integral and spiritual. The track -On to You- can push us to our unthinkable limit boundaries. This is something incredible. The core of this work is the electronics, modestly reminding that this is our time, this is our music.”

“Каждый так или иначе окунаясь с головой в нечто цельное и духовное хочет единства души и тела. Трек -On to You- раздвигает все немыслимые границы. Это что-то невероятное. Фабула этого произведения скромно напоминая нам – это электроника, это наше время, это наша музыка.”

On to you takes you on a musical journey created by Nicolas Saad’s mesmerizing piano and Shawn’s vocal finds a way to ride that melody. Together they transport you to a deep reflective musical state.

The imagery of ON TO YOU demanded something special and Thomas Concordia and Rainer Hosch did not disappoint . These 2 incredible visual artists have a pedigree ranging from Valentino to Nespresso. Their vision captivates and captures the pure essence Nico and Shawn intended and allows you to truly feel the energy of ON TO YOU…

The song travels through the weight of your mentality when you know you didn’t win didn’t create it didn’t play fair and someone else suffered for your actions .. you may feel like the king or Queen initially but soon you will be the pawn . You will not get the gold but rather slip into the fold . Your kingdom will be full of nothing and your power will be removed at every level .. if you have every tried to fake something you understand and if you haven’t you will know why you shouldn’t .. This is ON TO YOU !!!

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 1, 2021

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