“As we, the audience, are living into a situation, -Eyal Zusman- is able to analyze it, to creatively interpret and convey to us in the form of the stunning creations, like here in song -The wind has already blown-. Indescribable beauty in the wrapper of experimental folk and expressive vocals.”

“Пока мы, слушатели, просто проживаем ситуацию, -Eyal Zusman- сумел её проанализировать, творчески осмыслить и передать нам в виде такого потрясающего творения, как -The wind has already blown-. Неописуемая красота в обёртке из экспериментального фолка и выразительного вокала.”

When the river of life dries up and you try to figure out what is left of this short existence, you crave to keep believing in something, insisting on faith in God, at the end you might replace the body with a new shape, in hope to meet again in another dimension.

We are proud to present the second song from the new album by Eyal Zusman and Amir Lev - The Journey to the warmer lands. This is a collaboration between two Israeli artists, who created an album with live warm sounds, an oriental Galilee touch and Mediterranean rhythms.

Amir Lev has been creating music for over 30 years, releasing extraordinary solo albums and canonic songs, which he performs in unforgettable performances. Lev is a music producer, an excellent guitarist, and an exciting songwriter.

Eyal Zusman is an actor, director, and screenwriter. He has won several awards in the arts and culture sphere and this is his first music album.

All the songs in the album 'The Journey to the warmer lands’ were composed jointly by Lev and Zusman, inspired by the tracks of the French musician DJ WORAKLS.

The album was recorded live with acoustic instruments and live vocals.

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
April 20, 2021

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