“We may feel trapped in a world of negative things and unpleasant circumstances, but this isn’t so true. In fact, the good aspects of life outnumber the bad ones. All you have to do is “open your eyes and fly across the sunrise” with the Funk sounds of “.Fen”.”

“Open Your Eyes” is a funk pop song that .fen wrote during the first lockdown in 2020. With funk arrangements, bouncy bass, guitar gimmicks, brass, gospel backing vocals, Rhodes and synthesizers, this song describes life of people who would have liked to do something else of their life

Fen got her start in the music industry at a young age playing to audiences around the country during the early days of the Brony Phenomenon. Drawing on their years of drum, bass, and guitar instruction, as well as classical vocal training, and inspired by this burgeoning worldwide creative community, they began to compose, produce, and release a wide body of work in a variety genres and styles.

Fen would later find herself in the Berklee College of Music, precisely the environment needed to spark a new burst of inspiration, both musically and emotionally. Through her Berklee education, Fen further developed a wide breadth of expertise covering composition, arranging, production, engineering, studio production, and live event production.

Due to the American music industry seemingly being hindered by silos and gaps between newer “on the ground” composers, engineers, producers, and event coordinators, Fen’s goal is to work within the industry as a facilitator of creative interaction and ingenuity. In a time where many say specialization is the sure path to success, Fen has realized that their versatility and comfort across musical disciplines can allow them to act as a catalyst for creation and foster greater accessibility to the means of music production for emerging artists.

As a composer, this attitude has manifest as a heavily polystylistic musical tendency, a collaborative spirit, and a diverse and prolific body of work. For Fen, the most exciting part of the creative process is finding and exploring new intersections between seemingly conflicting musical techniques and schools of thought. From pop to avant-garde, from acoustic to electronic, from familiar forms to generative composition; all act as facets of a singular musical spectrum through which Fen wishes to travel and document.

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April 16, 2021

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