“There is such an expression - an amazing one. Joseph Shabason and his composition The Fellowship directly refers to him. An unpretentious, light and madly soulful work.”

“Есть такое выражение - удивительное рядом. Joseph Shabason и его композиция The Fellowship непосредственно относится к нему. Незатейливое, лёгкое и до безумия душевное произведение.”

Florejan Verschueren (°1978) lives in Belgium together with his wife and their four children. He has been passionate about music ever since he was knee-high to a grashopper, and has been roaming the city and Belgium with numerous musical projects, in different styles.

At home he finds peace in his music room. The grand piano - a gift from his granddad to his father - adds a dash of grandeur to the room. This is Florejan’s musical sanctuary, a place that allows him to submerge himself into reverie. The trees outside follow the rhythm of the seasons, and set the pace at which Florejan composes new music. Harmony and balance. This has led to 'Piano Piano', an album that embraces rest and contemplation. It is process of growth, part of the cycle of life. It should not surprise anyone that the working title for 'Piano Piano' was 'WINTER', a season that breathes resourcing and reflection.

Florejan has stripped every composition to the bone, to the bare essence of the song. It has been an exercise in letting go and a quest for finding beauty and purity. Seemingly easy listening, the melodies conceal a profound richness. Each song is a trip, telling a story with many layers.

Who else but illustrator Sassafras De Bruyn could provide this album with the right images? It was a match made in heaven: beautiful drawings as a perfect answer to the multi-layered music.

'Piano Piano' is a very personal record and shows a part of Florejan that not many people have already discovered. The album will be released end of november 2019

Reviewed by Nagamag on 
February 8, 2021

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